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Default okay, i'm lost.. WHAT do I exactly need?

What do I REALLY need? I've tried searching, searching, and searching some more, and I just end up in infinite loops of confusion...

I know how to solder... I know how to do wiring... But for some reason, MS just confuses the hell out of me with all the options.. My current setup is a 1.6 with a greddy kit at 4psi, with 1.8 injectors and an FMU... It works, but i'm just not comfortable with the fmu... I'm also installing COP's tonight..

What MS do I need to buy? MS1? MS2? MS3? This is a budget build. I don't care about AC, car doesn't have cruise control.. I don't care about boost control. If I REALLY want it, I have an AVCR in my shed...

All I care about is being able to remove my AFM & be able to throw some DSM/Supra injectors in so that I know I have more than enough fuel to stay in the mid 11 AFR's without issue.

What exactly do I need to buy? I don't want to buy an MS3 if an MS1 will do the same thing...
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Sounds like the "ancient" MS1 will serve you well. You need the MS, an IAT sensor, a bung to weld to your intake piping (steel or aluminum, depending on what your piping is made of), and hopefully you already have a wideband.

I'd suggest buying a prebuilt one, but if you're feeling adventurous, you can try making it yourself:

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my writeup is outdated.

ms3x or bust.

90-97 MS3 with MS3X | My Westfield MX5 90-97 MS3 with MS3X |
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Enhanced MS2.
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I have no problem building one... I'll bring it to my office and do it in the lab here...

I assume I will most likely do Standalone vs running it in parallel, so I assume I need the relay control Modkit, yes? And the IAC control kit as well...

Will I need anything different since i'm doing a COP conversion? Or would that only be if I wanted to change the wiring of the COPs to do individual cylinder control?

EDIT: This is why I'm confused... 3 replies all different answers... Why MS3x? That's around... $500 yes?

What does "enhanced" entail for MS2?
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Your cheapest option is the ancient MS1.
Better would be the "Reverent enhanced" MS2 or the MS3/MS3X.
The enhanced MS2 will be the easiest to deal with since Reverent sets it all up for you. The MS1 will be a somewhat steep learning curve since it requires lots of mods. But following Braineacks write-up, you should be quite OK there.

I believe there's also a MSPNP for the 1.6l. Not sure though.

So lowest budget and some decent electronics knowledge an MS1 is probably your solution. Check the for sale area- there's usually some decent-priced, pre-built, used MS1s available.
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The ancient MS1 is perfect for his needs and it is not complicated. I figured mine out and soldered it together in two evenings following brains pictures and DIY's mod guide what? 5 years ago?

You wont need the relay control kit, you will need the IAC kit if you are installing it standalone.

You will need to bring an individual trigger from each cop if doing sequential spark and you will need an MS3x.Otherwise you just wire them in like the regular coils.
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Thanks for the advice guys... what about diy PNP? A friend has one he bought but never finished that I canpickup for a good price.. its a diy PNP v1.5..
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