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Default Pre-install check + Questions

I apologize in advance if this topic has been beaten to death, but my google-fu left me with a few questions before I actually install the megasquirt into my car.

Relevant info:
I have a 91 Miata, completely stock. I just finished assembling DIYPNPN76-K.

Through searches across this forum, these are the extra jumpers I have installed:

DB15 -> Boost Out
PA0 -> Boost In
Input 1 out -> PE1
Input 1 in -> 1Q
WLD -> 1J
FLX -> Input 2 out
Input 2 In -> 1V
Fuel Pump ->4O
TPS -> 4L
1N -> VRef
4L -> 4D (using a 1k resistor)

Here are my questions:
1) Should I have a 100 ohm jumper from WLED -> 5v? I read it here, but I suspect that it may be unnecessary with the previous jumpers.

2)Also in regards to the previous: do I still need a jumper from SG->4D if I already have 4L->4D jumped with a 1k resistor? According to Braineack's post, I do need this wire.

I'm going to attempt to get my car running, as is, on batch injection and insure that my setup is stable before I add complexity by converting to sequential injection and dropping in a BP4W. I have already setup the MS to control the VICS solenoid through ALED and use a variable TPS (which will remain unplugged until the motor swap).

I have a 36-1 protege trigger wheel on order from Mazda and (I'm hoping) that once I swap to the other engine that I can switch over to that engine's cam/crank sensor setup. The setup information that I have found (in the Super Important Sticky thread) on this wheel has been conflicting or appears badly outdated and inapplicable to my current board. 3)Can I wire those two sensors to my CAS connector, change the settings in the tune, and have it automagically work? Or will I need to modify the circuit I have already made and base it off a MS for a 99-00?

Thanks in advance!

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