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Mine behaved properly at 1.4ms with the DWs. At least part of the problem was that my base tune was working properly at 1.2ms and 7.4 req_fuel for the rx7460's but that was an inaccurate opening time and an inaccurate req_fuel. So the VE table had compensation built into it that was put there by hand tuning the idle cells and by VEAL autotuning the rest of the fueling map. It ran fine because everything had been done to compensate. But then you can't transfer the VE table over to a different injector size without figuring out what opening time and req_fuel settings make it happy. For mine it was going from 7.4/1.2 to 4.8/1.4 that made my VE table almost exactly right.

If my basemap for the 460s had come with an accurate opening time and req_fuel, who knows where it would have ended up.

I wonder if there are any hidden dangers to leaving my opening time and req_fuel where they are if my AFRs are spot on?
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Originally Posted by sixshooter View Post
I wonder if there are any hidden dangers to leaving my opening time and req_fuel where they are if my AFRs are spot on?
Thanks the update and confirmation sixshooter. All I need now is confidence and that's what you're giving me.
Huge newb here so I'm not comfortable answering your question, but if it helps, I'm basically doing what you're doing anyway.
Might have to go log some data and get some accurate times. If I have any luck I'll let you know.
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Originally Posted by frizzles View Post
Thanks Chris for the quick reply. Would you mind telling us how the values were measured before?
Hey Ken, that was the method of collection for the data sheet pictured and previous data sheets.

We did make some improvements to our flow benches that allow us to test for and collect more in-depth data. Right now that is being compiled for our domestic applications as the ECUs for that market are requesting more injector information. This testing and data composition will trickle down into our other injector lines very soon.

To get an idea of what I'm talking about, we do have the new data formats available on the DW site under resources.
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Ooh looks good Chris - thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Managed to get the car to run fine with the info in the datasheet I posted earlier

Idles steady at stoic.
Now it's ready for a dyno tune!
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