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Originally Posted by urgaynknowit View Post
cjernigan - i have a greddy type s that ill eventually recirc, but its way too cold to stay outside for longer than a few min at a time

reddroptop - ill prob change this setup 100 times until i find somthing that i like lol
Cool, sounds like a plan. Long as it works in the meantime.
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Originally Posted by urgaynknowit View Post
reddroptop - ill prob change this setup 100 times until i find somthing that i like lol
Must be nice to have the $$$. I just don't see the point, If I am going to do it, I will do it once and right. Saves alot more money in the long run.

I have had my setup planned out for over a year now. Only changes have been adding stuff to the list, and replacing items that either are better for the money or that I have found used (or group buy) for cheap.

I never set aside a budget for it, I bought what I could afford, but I know I would have a ton less if I kept buying and reselling what I wasn't sure of.

But then again, you are turbo right now, and I am not.
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money!?!?!? ahahahahah. i have no such thing, it took me weeks to save enough to buy all these parts

but when i say ill change it 100 times, i mean dif bov, front mount and such, new exhaust, dif valve cover color,

changing little things doesnt cost too much, and if u buy things used its even cheaper

btw,, in full, i paid as follows

550 for turbo kit

150 for new manifold, one i got was cracked

200 for cross over setup

200 for front mount setup

thats about 1100,, thats not too much,
i could of saved some by not buying the front mount
but ill use it later on
i saved from the moment i bought
my miata to where i am now,
then blew a bunch at once

and here i am now,

but now i need full exhaust :( and i dont want to spend more for at least a month

so ill rock the stock exhaust for a month or so until i save a smidge more

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Default bov

I feel you, nothing sounds cooler than a bov. On metered air cars like the miata here are two things that work... though plumbing it back on the intake side is really the best option. First off, get a heavier spring. Miata's have great vac pressure so counteracting that with a higher rate spring will work. If you are too broke to do that, and this is pretty ghetto, stretching the spring by hand will effectively increase the rate by a bit. You should get less stalling ... I don't recommend you adjust the idle speed to counter as you are really just making the car run crap. The other thing to consider is that compressor surge on cars running low boost , which yours probably is, isn't a huge factor in longevity.
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Originally Posted by cjernigan View Post
MS, I don't recommend anything else.
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