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Default Request: Maintenance Schedule

I searched but it is extremely difficult to sift through threads with words that are so common. My wife and I are beginning down the path of 'Miata racing.' Safety is of the highest priority to me, which led me to this point. I do plan to learn as much as I can as we go however I want to leverage the knowledge on this forum as best I can for a good head start.

In reading through Savington's thread -​ - I thought many of you may keep a log of "shelf life" for particular maintenance in reference to your car's prepped for different types of racing classes. I do understand there are a lot of variables that will determine specifics, but if any of you have something I could have in order to prepare a starting point I would greatly appreciate it. As we go down this path I want to make sure I do all I can in terms of regular maintenance that can prevent a major accident. I'd rather spend extra money to prevent such an incident rather than cleaning up afterwards.

If there's something like this already available, please PM me where to look and this thread can be closed. Otherwise, I look forward to all of your advice!


Oh, and to build good rapport with everyone - below is a cute picture of a kitten. Enjoy!
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My basic list is:
After/Before each session:
1. Check oil, water (if cool), brake fluid level
2. Check tire pressures
3. Torque Lugs
4. Gas
5. Look for any leaking fluids or unusual smells.

After/Before each day:
1. Check front wheel bearings - change if necessary, usually 2-4 a season
2. Rotate tires (I have RRs, so LF=RR, RF=LR)
3. Check brakes
4. Adjust rear brakes
5. Check suspension for anything loose
+ session stuff

After/Before each weekend
1. Bleed/Flush brake fluid
2. Replace brake pads if close to needing them
3. Fill washer bottle
4. Wash wheels and inspect for cracks
+ session and daily stuff

Every other weekend
1. Oil change (Shafers 20w50)

Every 4th weekend
1. Trans & Diff Fluid
2. Replace plugs

Start of each season
1. Send injectors for clean
2. Replace brake rotors, pads, caliper rebuild, check master
3. Rear uprights with new hubs, bearings & bushings
+ session, daily, and fluids/plugs

Get Dave Wheeler's Spec Miata book, there's a maintenance check list in there too.

I do 7-8 three day NASA weekends (TnT+Sat+Sun) a year, plus 10 trackdays a year, so 35ish total days.

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