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Default Bought an M45 supercharged donor car and want to swap it over to mine

Hey all, so I'm pretty happy to say that I ended up scoring a really good deal on a running 1992 Miata that has a jackson racing M45 supercharger kit on it. I have been trying to decide which route to take for a while now, I work at turbo by Garrett and I know everyone at work is going to give me a bunch of crap for deciding to go this route, but whatever I don't care, I'm getting what I feel is a very good deal. The car runs and has tons of goodies, mine is just way cleaner so I'm going to strip it and sell it.

Onto the supercharger. By the looks of it, everything is there. The kit is complete and has mostly all of the original parts on it, I have been searching to try to recover some pieces that might not be original, but I don't think it really matter, it's just kind of an aesthetic thing for me. The car currently has a Voodoo Box and a J&S knock sensor for electronics, and I have been trying to decide whether or not I should keep them until I can pick up a megasquirt, or if I should sell them and get either the original AFPR from the kit, or the Begi AFPR, and run the car like that until megasquirt.

When I test drove the donor car it didn't feel like what I expected, but during later inspection, I noticed a huge vacuum leak. and I don't know how good the whole car is really put together. My biggest dilemma though right now is fuel delivery, and figuring out what other supporting mods would be a smart idea before I just slap it all on and ruin something.

Any info to help a noob on the forums would be much appreciated, I kind of expect to get flamed pretty hard because I'm a long time lurker, and I see what goes on here hahaha.


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Nah, you're questioning the setup and know you need to eventually end up with a MS, so you're a good noob so far.

Sounds like you'll have to go through the entire setup to make sure it's installed correctly. With only having experience with BEGI's AAFPR and Greddy's AFPR, I'd say that FM's Voodoo box is the newer, "better" technology. I believe it alters injector pulse widths rather than increasing fuel pressure.

Since you have to go through the entire setup, you're basically justifying a supercharger setup because you have the supercharger and bracket. If it's like any other JR setup I've seen, it's probably a few years old, and all the filters, rubber connectors, etc need a going through.

Do yourself a huge favor, sell everything as a package deal for ~$1000, buy FM's $750 DIY turbo setup, grab one of those garrett turbos off the shelf at work, and be in the same place you are now, except with a turbo instead of a supercharger.

Fab up an intercooler setup, throw in RX-8 injectors or TSE's new 625 injectors, a MSPNP, oil feed, oil drain, and you'll be boosted the right way.
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If I worked at Garrett there is no way I wouldn't be running a turbo... by garrett.

I imagine you would get a pretty good deal no? Curly's advice is 100% correct. Heck, if you want fast spool get a GT2554 and max out a little over 200hp. If you want higher, get a 2560. DONE.
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Well, the turbo I'm not worried about, it's all the parts that go along with it hahaha. Manifold, DP, IC w/piping, megasquirt, oil pan modifications for oil drain, etc. etc.

I don't mind all of this, but it's my daily and my motorcyle is down right now lol. I just wanted to do a weekend job, but Realistically I want to put a turbo in it haha but yeah... I'm basically getting low pro headlights, all power doors/windows/cruise control, oil filter relocation kit, and a bunch of other little pieces that my car would love to have for basically free. The donor is a good running car, mine just has way more work to it and the body is a lot cleaner lol.

But if the general consensus is to sell the kit and just go the superior way, then I might just have to post the kit up as soon as it's out of the car. Everything works, I drove it and all, but it felt sluggish. I found tons of vacuum issues and little things here and there that will be easy to fix, and based on what I have seen the kits go for, I think I could generate a decent pool of cash to go with an FM kit or something along the lines of that.

My biggest issue is that I don't want anything that is "cheap".... And FM parts aren't necessarily on the cheap side haha. But I will definitely take your guys advice, Turbocharger master race. lol thanks for the quick responses


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you could have installed it by now in the two hours between you first and last post.
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I'm at work :|
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