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Default ABS hubs inboard vs outboard ring

Hey guys. I have a 2002 Miata. My front hubs have the ABS ring away from the wheel studs. I have a set of hubs I got from a 99 or 2000 Miata that has the ABS ring close to the wheel studs. Did certain years use one or the other?

Next question, I want to replace my hubs...obviously I want to use hubs with the ring away from the wheel studs, but the problem I find is that when I search for the parts, there is no way to tell which one you will get, and going through the threads it seems many people have bought hubs and have had to send them back because of this.

I am not racing the car, its just a daily driver im refreshing, so I would like to use some of the cheaper hubs from Rock Auto.

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This has been discussed a bit on the MSM site. Here is information from one of the Seattle track guys. The whole thread is here:

Wheel Bearing and ABS Gear

From the Mazdaspeed Motorsports Stock parts drilldown;
HUBS by build date;
up to 08/01/2004... NA23-33-04XA
08/01/04 ~02/01/2005...NA23-33-04XB
02/01/2005~... NA23-33-04XC

ABS SENSOR ROTOR by build date;

3 different Hubs; 2 different Sensor Rotors. I ran into this problem last summer. All the online parts stores sent the Hubs, TIMKEN[513155], with the sensor "outboard" not "inboard" as required. Got my local shop to get a NTN hub from WorldParts which had the sensor "inboard" but the outer dia. was @ 0.145" smaller than the stock one. I took the "outboard" sensor off the new TIMKEN and put the stock sensor from the stock hub onto the TIMKEN and it fit/works fine. I think based on the build date of your car,even if you get a Hub with the sensor "inboard" it might not work/or fit due to the ring gear dia. They may have changed the ABS Wheel Speed Sensor on the steering knuckle as I do not see any build date notes regarding the knuckle itself.
On another note, the Timken Hubs ; one had NTN bearings in it and a different inner seal design and the other had Timken bearings and the inner seal was like the stock one.
Due to all the hassle involved it would be well worth the time to Re-Pack the hubs with Red-Line before you install them There's a spec-miata web-page out there that gives a step-by-step. I was able to do it without even removing the inner seal, which is the trickiest part 'cus if you ruin it your screwed.
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Are your bearings and races truly shot or are you looking at this as a preventative maintenance item? You said you are not racing so I would imagine the hubs could do with a repack and give you many more years of service. Check it out: https://www.miataturbo.net/suspensio...ont-hub-75372/

The grease that comes in new hubs is ...not nice. I chose to repack my new hubs with a grease of known quality (Amsoil) and I expect plenty of service life out of the new hubs. My old ones were dirty as hell and quite honestly were probably the ones that were installed in Hiroshima when the car was first assembled. The 120,000 mile races and bearings were in great shape after scraping out the old prettified factory grease so I cleaned and repacked them. Now they live in my track spares box.
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From detroit axle I got the outboard ones once, called them, had them check their boxes, same exact part number comes either way for them so I had them pick two of the right ones out and mail them to me. I've got no ******* clue what the outboard abs ring hubs go to, its for sure not any miata abs system.
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I`ve bought them and received the wrong ones. Had to send them back.

The my MSM has the ring farthest from hub...bought the proper ones from am-autoparts(ebay) and had them check the boxes ahead of time to ensure it matched the pic.
Front Wheel Bearing Hub Left Right Pair Set Kit for Mazda MX 5 Miata ABS | eBay
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My hubs are not shot as it stands, I was just thinking of preventative maintenance since I have the car torn apart. I'll check out the repack....and Detroit axles. Thanks yall.
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