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Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
RE: Xida vs FCM, I vacillated over this. I don't doubt that the Xidas are much higher performance parts. If I raced the Miata, or even if it were just a weekend toy, then Xidas would be an easy choice. But, I DD the thing about 500 miles/week over all kinds of crappy roads that probably don't even exist in southern Cal. Only Washington state gets more days with rain than we get here. Properly valved Billies just seemed better suited to the task.

It's not a question of ride quality; for all I know Xidas would ride better. OTOH, my observation over the years is that full-race hardware that is designed for maximum possible performance and minimum weight tends to have compromises in other areas. Lifespan in particular. Maybe Xida is an exception, I have no idea, but last night I bought an FCM suspension and Shaikh said it should be ready mid to late August.
The Xidas have a lifetime warranty and are in stock.
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Originally Posted by JasonC SBB View Post
Based on the Xida dyno plots and testing I helped Shaikh with.
So conjecture, not direct personal experience then. Got it.
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I'm not really sure the comparison is meaningful in this sense. As I understand it, Shaikh's FCM shocks are not a single off-the-shelf solution, they're all customized to the buyer. I've driven at least 6 different FCM valving setups (3 on my car, 1 on Shaikh's, 1 on Jason's, 1 on another friend's) and they were all different, albeit not in a way I can easily articulate. In order to make a comparison between the two, you need to define which FCM setup you're comparing against.

I haven't driven a Xida-equipped Miata because I don't know anyone locally who owns one.

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Josh, just replied to you. As I hint on the 'Contact Us' page (which apparently only *some* people read ):

NOTE: For FCM Elite shock valving / rebuild / retune questions, submit a {this is a}consultation form{/hyperlink}
I would have replied faster if you sent a consult form since those get priority.

DaveC, thanks for your order - I enjoyed our conversation yesterday. It's not my intention to turn this into an FCM vs. XIDA thread (which wasn't the topic to begin with...). I'll do my best to not rah-rah *too* much

Three years ago we didn't have a "handle" on designing excellent track setups like we do now. We got some sensors, seat time, and feedback (internal and from customers/advisors) and refined our understanding of what was needed. This influenced our strategies for street/backroad/rally as well so everyone benefitted. I know up to recently it's been assumed that "FCM is great for street but get something else for track." Not any longer, folks!

Of course, as with beer or religion, people sometimes have preferences that no one can change and any attempt to is unwise. What matters to most people is that they're satisfied with their choice. However, I also believe that in certain areas (like accelerometers and shock velocity histograms show you) you CAN objectively measure performance gains. Rinse and repeat for >10 years now. That is what we've done. Observe, model, test, revise, then tailor a suspension to the driver and environment. We build to the driver and vehicle, unique - every time. How does the expression go? "focus on one thing and do it well." I have to give major kudos to JasonC_SBB for his tremendous contributions over the past decade (man, it's been that long!). Of course, he only wanted the best suspension for his Miata years and years ago, so why not help improve the design?

For me, I really enjoy understanding what someone needs their Elite suspension to do and applying all the tools, empirical testing and intuition available to get the best outcome. I love straight-line speed (and Senna will be getting boost this year) but am obsessed with grip and handling.

It's also more than 'trick' parts, but how everything (EVERYTHING) integrates and makes YOU synergize with your ride. For what it's worth, last year I got a call from and sold an FCM bump stop kit to an SCCA Nat'l Champ ax'er who was driving an XIDA-equipped car. For what he needed, it worked better afterward.

We're also now seriously working on active suspension (to be upgradeable across all platforms we support which is essentially anywhere we can fit a Bilstein). I'm also committed to offering an aluminum-bodied shock (also upgradeable from older FCM setups) using some of the 'trick' technology in newer Bilstein shocks and lots of our own wizardry (things like regressive damping behavior...).


PS When we do aluminum bodies, I'm going to make an inverted option for the Miata. Because it just has to be done!
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Originally Posted by emilio700 View Post
So conjecture, not direct personal experience then. Got it.
More like an educated guess.
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