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Default How to bypass starter interlock

Hey all,

Just bolted in a MSM 6 speed in place of my automatic trans and have hit a bit of an issue. I'm trying to crank the motor but with the auto box out of the car it will not let me. The car has a range position switch which is wired the same way as the clutch interlock on the manuals. Since I am having an issue figuring out these schematics I was wondering if anyone can help me.

I have isolated the connector that has the safety switch in it; but don't know what it is looking for in regards to a signal. There are 2 connections that are in place which appear to need to be shorted together but I wanted to see if anyone here knows for sure. (I don't want to short anything out)

Does anyone know what signal the controller is looking for? Is it as simple as closing the circuit or do I need to show it +12V or ground?

Anyhow, if anyone can help... it would be great. I'm dying to take this car out for a long drive!

From what I can gather, is it truly as easy as shorting out the "A-02" connector pins B/L and B/R? What's more is if I wanted to get my manual trans nuteral safety switch wired in... would I simply wire it up to the two aforementioned pins?

transmission connector diagram.pdf
automatic trans wiring diagram.pdf
loction diagram showing color of connectors automatic.pdf

Hope someone can help me make sense of this. I'm just getting blurry eyed looking all of this up and need a sanity check!

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