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Originally Posted by Joe Perez View Post
Could well be.

I avoided posting the ISC Delrin Bushings on the basis that I have no personal experience at all with Delrin suspension parts, and have heard anecdotally that they can be needlessly harsh on daily-driver cars. Didn't realize at the time that this was, in fact, because racecar.

Based on that, I tend to agree. The ISC delrin bushings are available in the US, and may very well be more reliable in a race application.

What are your thoughts on ISC's recommendation that their bushings be placed in the upper, rather than the lower front arm?
I use the ISC offset bushings for some time in upper front in a street car/trackday car and it feels fine. Maybe if they where on the lower arm it would feel harder. I can recomend them.
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Craig, Emilio mentioned in another thread 949 will be releasing offset bushings in the near future. Potentially up to -4 on stock control arms.

Edit: although the ISC bushings aren't terribly expensive, and they're available now.
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I had -4.5* in the front of my car without any aftermarket arms or bushings.

I think extending the LCA is the best option available outside of simple bushings, but you might have to source inner tie rods or make your own spherical outer tie rods.
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Wow. -2.5 is the max for my NB2.
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Originally Posted by Savington View Post
A 5mm wheel spacer would solve any clearance problems created by offset UCA bushings.
I have the offset UCA bushings from these guys and 15x9 6ULs.

Miata Suspension

The wheel hits the A-arm at full lock one way, but not the other. This is because my steering rack isn't centered properly (I took it apart once and must have put it back a spline or two offset) and I've been too lazy to fix it. Realistically, it's not an issue because the 6ULs have Hoosier A6s on them, I basically only use full lock while parallel parking, and there's not much call for that at an autox.

And yes, 5mm spacers should fix it.

-3.5 front camber works nicely with A6s on my car.

One other minor issue with them is that the FM silicone compressor-to-intercooler hose wants to occupy the same space as the washers on the now-offset UCA pivot point. Left alone, the washer will rub a hole in the silicone, but this is fixed with a couple of zip ties.

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