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Toe in on RWD cars is there to allow the tires to come straight because of deflection, the tendency of the tires to push out, against play in the tierods. FWD will pull the tires in due to the torque applied by the drive axles, so they are actually toe out when in spec. This should also tell you that zero toe in the rear, will actually be toe in under power.

This all has to do with reduced tire wear, not the way the steer. Yes it does affect turn in, but it wont make the car steer funny. If the car is "twitchy" it would have to be way off the zero area, but more likely there are other alignment, or wear issues in the suspension.
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Got my new new BFG Rivals on and aligned the car at my work (I work for a dealership) Used old batterys to replicate my weight in the drivers seat

Front camber 2.3
Rear camber 2.0
Caster 4.3

Front Toe - slightly less than 1/16" out per side
Rear Toe - Slightly less than 1/16" In per side

Car feels ******* great, doesnt wander or follow grooves at all, tracks nice and straight. Took the car out for its first Autox, the car felt great im in love with my Rivals
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