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Yes, because they're all getting the same signal. Advanced computers can do individual cylinder trims, but that's generally used for manifolds that aren't getting quite the same amount of air, are running slightly hotter, and/or have individual widebands. And your MS can't do this.

The magic number is 2% difference. So for a 440 you'd want a range of 431-448. And for 550s you'd want 539-560. Preferably with all of them either on the high end or low end, not all over the place.

You have a difference of 51cc between your "worst" and "best" injector. That's around a 10% difference. I'd say you have some damaged 550s there.
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Thanks for the heads up. Would have been nice for the shop to fill me in, seeing as they promote this service, but I'd imagine most people going in to get this done has an idea of what to expect. Truthfully, I saw anything over 460 being a good thing.

Guess it was worth the $40 to get them tested after all so I knew not to put them in =)
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Originally Posted by schema View Post
Is it essential to have all the injectors running within a very close proximity of each other?

Pardon my confusion, as this is still a learning endeavor on my end. Would having these run in excess of 460 be problematic?
They'll work, but you'll have a bitch of a time getting a steady stoich idle.

I think they're too far gone and you should invest in a new set, sorry.

RX8 yellows are a half decent injector, if you don't mind spending get some EV14's, they're the shnitz.
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if its a ms2\3 you could do cylinder trims on the fuel but you would need either 4 widebands with pressure correction in the exhaust manifold or 4 egt in the exhaust manifold.
Best for your case to just buy new injectors, when I mean new, I mean new ----, spend 200-400 on a new set of good injectors.
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