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Default Aquamist - Warning

I'm not one to make posts like this light heartedly, but after my dealings with Richard at Aquamist today I'd like to give some insight into the support or character of the man behind what seems on the face of it like a top class product.

Up until today everything I've seen and every post I read by Richard was very helpful and I felt confident that he could help me out with getting a water/meth set up in my car.

The kit was originally purchased a few years ago (2011 it turns out) to be installed in an s2000 race car. The race car never happened, and it lay in the corner of my best friends workshop until I decided I'd install it on my daily driver car (2014 BMW M135i).

So today I installed the pump, tank, solenoid, routed wires etc and all the necessary jobs in order to get the kit up and running. I did have some questions regarding the integration with my piggyback ECU (JB4) so I thought I'd give Richard a call to get his advice.

I called today and was told the controller box I had (HFS3) would not work with a direct injection engine and I should be looking at buying an HFS4 controller box instead. I said on the phone I found that a bit disappointing, but if needs be I'd purchase a new controller box. Richard advised that if I send him over my serial number he would organise a discount.

So I took a photo of my serial number, and also a picture of documentation in the box which indicated this controller box might work on direct injection engines. I sent both over to Richard, and heres where it all gets a bit strange. Over email he calls me a liar, and suggests I must have planted this piece of paper in the original box. I was a bit bewildered at this point because I had absolutely no reason to lie. I was quite happy to purchase the new controller box (as stated in the email).

What followed was what seemed like a witch hunt to determine 'the truth' and all along insinuating I was lying and had some hidden agenda. I've attached screenshots of the emails so you can see for yourselves what a strange set up this is.

As I said at the beginning of this post - I'm not one to write posts like this, or generally bad mouth anyone - but if I was in the market for a water / meth kit I'd wish I'd seen this before dealing with such a man.

Mods - Not sure if this post is allowed but I feel it's in the general interest of the forum. If not feel free to remove it at your discretion.

The emails read a little strange. In each pic read from the bottom to the top.

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It sounds like there's a lot of confusion, and ya both got irritated. The fact that he flat out ignored your questions about buying the new controller was weird though.
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Those are some paranoid responses by Richard, i dont see what difference it makes who originally purchased the kit or what manual was in the box, which might have been printed later.
All you are asking for is to buy the correct parts to make a used kit work with your car.

I can see his responses being so accusing if you were demanding free replacement parts and claiming the manual says it will work with your car and it doesnt, but you are just asking to PAY for the correct parts to make the kit work.

very weird the way Richard is hung up on the dates of the newer manual.

Call him on the phone and just say "I want to buy the correct parts and pay for them" i am not looking for any free stuff, and i am not implying that the kit i have should work with my car.
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That's a great read from an outside POV, but I can't imagine how frustrating it would be as a customer. You stuck with that way longer than I would have. I think it's time to sell the kit and find something else.
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Some people are ********. Thanks for the warning.
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Was he drunk-posting?
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