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Default need help with maps...

i have my BEGI-S installed and running w/ AEM F/IC and WBo2 used as my electronics but this is my first time getting into tuning fuel maps and im asking if i can get pointers. or even pictures of how yours are laid out.

i tried to set my own, and so far its around 14.7-15.1 during vac cruise (map set at 0 so ecu is in full control) and at 6 psi its reading 13.1. am i supposed to make it run richer???

the transition between vac/boost seems kinda rough so i want to see if anyone has a map they can share.

o2 clamp. i'm given a map for that too and i assume that i'm supposed to tell the ecu that i'm running lean on tip-in to keep it from subtracting fuel?

and... MAF? the f/ic has the option to connect the maf to tune it and its been just a bunch of problems... for a mild boost set-up do i need to even mess with the thing? or can i just disconnect it from the FIC and not bother it?

sorry for the post being a mess... im tired after the 15 hour labor installing the turbo
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Talk to SLOS13 i believe. He's running the FIC successfully. You won't get much in the form of maps elsewhere because you're one of the first to use it in a miata.

13:1 in boost is too lean. You're asking for trouble running that lean, you need to shoot for 12:1 in boost. You can run like 13:1 at 1 psi but it's safer for you to run 12:1 across the board.

The FIC is map based. I see no reason to connect the MAF to the FIC, especially if it causing issues.

You should take a screen shot of your maps, post them using tinypic or whatever you like. Even though not many people here have FICs looking at a map we can sometimes pick out issues just from experience with other ECUs.
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this is the 10th try at a map and i got really really conservative... maybe too much, but im still really scared of blowing something.

its the map of the f/ic through the manifold pressure in PSIa. so just consider 14.7 as 0 or 100kpa. and the fields are in percents.

i came up with this at work and when i was driving it, it was a bit better... cruising is at 14.4-15.1.. but in WOT its at 11-10 ish...

but even from the beginning, when i would start boosting... it feels like as if it would misfire?? or bog?? i dont really know how to put it but its not a smooth pull...
possible causes:
spark plugs too cool??? i put some BKR6E-11 ngk plugs which are a step cooler, and gapped to 33 during the install.
timing??? the timing map is pretty much set to retard 4 degrees as soon as it sees more than 1 psi of boost (its set to 2 at 1)
factory ecu trying to intervene?

i was looking at the wbo2 and it doesnt seem to be very constant. maybe it has something to do w/ the injector pulse?? i was reviewing the datalog and i saw the injectors going from persay 9% to 18% but it would change in length and percent. any explainations???

ooh and whats this OPEN/CLOSE loop supposed to be??? ive read threads about ppl wanting to stay at open loops, my manual said to try and keep it at closed loop as much as possible...

i may be in something way over my head
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