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Default cheapest weiso piston set... (noob)

Ok I don't own a miata, wish I did it is rwd. I have a GTR and a messed up piston. I am going to replace it with a weisco set. I have seen them vary from 480ish to FM's 580. Differences?

Also I know that the 99 miata head flows better than the NA head that I am using (will be before was the BP26). Ok from what I know my intake and exhaust manny will bolt right up correct? Then what about camshafts my old ones are hydraulic so I can't use them where do I find a comparable set and how much is this going to set me back? In your opinion is the 99 head worth that much of the effort? If so for what gains. (Please don't just say it flows better).


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FM claim their Wiseco pistons are different (special design tweaks requested by them) than the rest. Not sure about the details/truth.

The exhaust sides are interchangeable, but an intake manifold which bolts to NA head won't bolt to an NB (the intake port spacing/position is different). So, you'll need a different intake manifold for sure.

If you get a used NB Miata head, just geat one with cams - this solves your cams & lifters issues ...

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if you want to go cheap...

supertech for 439
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Ok that only leaves a $40 difference assuming their shipping would be free. Ok now what about the metal difference and thermal expansion. I was curious as to the thermal expansion of one piston to the other, mainly for piston slap when cold. I will still be running the IHI VJ23 turbo 12-15psi around town and 20+ at the track. I would rather spend the money now than be sorry later.

I am not going completely cheap, I am ordering a quaife LSD within a week or two and Lex from clubprotege will be setting up the MS2 for me. If you would like I can tell you everything else I have and get other opinions.

I am sorry I am just looking for a few more people that are running close to the same engine where more of them are boosted. (you guys can get kits and other parts easier)
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Mine were cheap as hell. I posted it in the vendor reviews section... I think it was or something like that
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wiseco vs supertech guys?
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Steve, where do you live? I'm guessing not in the US if you have a GTR. Do you have to pay customs duties on top of shipping?
If you're in Europe Mahle makes a BP piston. And ACL makes a forged BPT piston.

The BPT or GTR intake won't fit a 99+ head, you can modify them to fit but the port angles are off.
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I Live in Oklahoma. I swapped the GTR engine into a 92 ford escort. Here is my current setup....

Stock G series tranny (quaife LSD soon)
Full GTR harness adapted to NA harness
\ 4wire O2
Inj. resistor box
Knock control unit
460cc Injectors (low Imped.)
GTR intake'
IHI VJ23 turbo
255 lpr fuel pump
Manual boost controller
Apexi Turbo Timer
Tokito SR struts
Large Bar and Plate IC generic
2.5" piping
2.5" exhaust, no cat w\flowmaster
8.5mm magnacore Plug wires

No Wideband as of yet, will come soon..

I am looking for pistons to replace the stock ones. GTR Pistons with rings are more expensive than the weisco set, at least as for ppl that I can them them from.

Now which set of forged pistons are worth it. Heat expansion from different materials and what not. I was running this thing on 17-20psi before oops. Also should my injectors have been bigger or what? Is so how big? I am not in the dark completely just looking for answers that are from a different community.

So speedtech? are they worth it? $425
Weisco? $480
JE pistons? even more expensive.

I don't want to have to do this again any time soon.

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If your running more than stock boost without a wideband you are in the dark and pistons won't help much. Buy a wideband before you turn the boost up again ok?
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yeah I knew that.... had one on there when I first set it up was ok. although not being able to monitor it really sucked. Not going to happed again. LOL
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