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I've been doing a little research into Miatas.. I've liked them for quite some time now. My job is great so cash flow wont be an issue. I'm wanting to know for a project car, and a car to also enhance my mechanical skills.. What year ranges are the best to start with? I hear from 93-97 are solid cars... Any input on that?

my goals as far as project? Nothing special at first. Sense like I said, I'm new to mechanical things. But always willing to learn. I've been a computer tech for most of my life. Cars have always been a cool store side window hobby for me.. But now that I have some cash flow, this car seems very appealing.

I also would like to track race it.. not drag racing. I don't want to Auto X as I see a problem with cones... (Lame excuse.. but imma stick to it) Basically I want to get a car to work on. Once it's done I can get rid of my **** tastic Hyundai and move on to a good respectable car like the Miata... Just need a little guidance.. Search tool can only get me so far. :P
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I'd go for a 94-95.
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Well you picked a great base to start with, you will learn a lot working on the Miata. It is a relatively easy to work on car and was engineered well. Your first step is to find a clean 94-97(1.8 engines start in 94) for between 2-4k and buy it. And spend lots of time reading on here
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Find a friend who regularly wrenches on his ride, as well. That will help you in spades.

So long as he's not a bullshitter. Haha
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Start with a 1.8 car. The NB has a better cylinder head, which means more potential for power. If you prefer the looks of the NA, you could always source the later cylinder head and install it on the 1.8 NA motor. You will learn by hard knocks if you do not have that much experience. Do not let that discorage you. We all go through that.

You will know exactly which driving experience you want to use the car once you try it. You maybe suprised how much fun it is even if you think it would suck. Don't knock it until you try it.
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Thank you guys. I'm on my phone ATM, but thank you for the respectful responses. I half way expected the responses to be go fudge yourself newblet!

Anyway, ill take a gander at a 95 and see what I can scoop up after I move into my new apart.
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I'm an early Miata *****. I like the dashes much better, the chassis in lighter, they are significantly cheaper, and much cheaper to insure, but the 1.8 cars require much less work. My 1991 is $43/month and my 1995 is $57/month. You can ususally find a 1.6 $1000 cheaper than a 1.8 around here, and that' justifies it for me. You'll need $700 to budget for a Torsen swap so keep that in mind when you offer.

You should come to a TXMC race or swing by to check out some of the local turbo cars.
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