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Default DeNOOBING!

Hello people of MT! My very first account for any forum so please bare with me lol. So a little bit about me I am currently 19 used to own a 04 Si then sold it to my friend as his very first manual car. I planned to get a G35 after that but ran into some money issues so I got stuck with a disgusting 99 Mustang which I bought from my uncle for dirt cheap.

Everything ran great it on except the fact that it was auto and handles like crap (did I mention it's also V6 ). Any whom I was tired of people always asking me why I drive a mustang being that I'm Asian I have to drive an import especially ones from Tokyo Drift haha.

I stumble upon the Miata while looking for at S2k and find it very cheap and heard many reviews of it being a handle beast, so I decided to go drive one and instantly fell in love! I picked up myself a 97 Miata with 135k in pretty decent condition and have been driving it for 3 months now, and I'm having the urge to turbocharge it. It will be the very 1st car that I will be doing force induction on.

My power goals are going to be around 200-240hp for DD and some spirited driving, possibly some autoX and track use later on. I've did a lot of searching around on different forums and found this one the best when it comes to people knowing their sh*t lol. As far as I'm concern I should not be fabricating any turbo kit as my first time because things WILL blow up so a pre-fab kit will be my best bet, same thing with tuning I have no idea what I'm doing but I am open to learning new things.

My search came between a FM2 kit with MSPNP2(which is so much cheaper) or with a Hydra as it is backed up with FM support which is very important to me since I will be tackling on this project mostly by myself (I've heard not many shop is as familiar with Hydra system as they are with MS). Even I found that I was only about an hour away from BEGI, after multiple occasions of complaints (which I will not discuss as I'm sure yaw have seen) I would rather avoid any complications as that will kill my first experience in my first turbo build. I've also read that I should start off with MS and wideband on my stock NA so I would learn how to tune with minimal damage, what do you guys think I should go with?

Oh also I've recently moved to San Antonio so if any of you guys are in the area and know of any car meets please let me know as I am still relatively new to the city. Thank you for any input!
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Impressed with your research. the advice you've read is sound: best to start with megasquirt, get it installed and running, THEN do the turbo. The FM2 with MSPNP2 should be a really solid package.

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Thanks! I will do that, so just the MS and wideband o2 sensor is needed nothing else? Will I be keeping the MAF for this or should I switch to MAP
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Welcome, glad you are approaching this well thought out. But don't think you can't tackle this project yourself. They are very simple cars to work on. I went from not knowing how to change anything besides struts and brake pads to rebuilding mine from scratch. Anyone can with patience and google and the ******** on this forum.
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The MS has a MAP built in. The MAF is unneeded and will steal power. You will also need the GM IAT sensor and the wideband O2. That's about it.

Reverent at MS Labs (one of the sponsors here) also builds Megasquirts to most specifications. I assume you have also looked at DIY Autotune (another sponsor here) for your MSPNP2.
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HuesterMX, congrats on signing up at the best site on the web!
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I will contact Reverent for a MS as I see his name a lot around here thank you guys!
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You could also buy Rev's MS3 Basic from Trackspeed directly. They got a colab going on now. I had to wait for mine to ship from Greece, which took nearly a month.

Trackspeed's Rev built MS3 Basic which happens to ship from California, much faster delivery time then, and no Customs BS.
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