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Originally Posted by ThePass View Post
Problem I see is that in the event of an off, you want to go straight to avoid the possibility of digging in sideways and flipping. Hustler says the topography makes it bad to go straight off but doesn't add any more detail. Seems to me though that if there's a ditch of something of the sort that is bad for the car head-on, it will be even worse for the car if the car is going sideways because it could cause it to flip. Seems also that if the result had indeed been a flip, a lot more blame would be pointed at the instructor, it's just a matter of luck that he made them go off sidways and did not flip. Without a little more info about the runoff (or lack of) on that corner, hard to say which is better though.

Here's one of my vids that shows the corner better. At around 01:00, the back straight starts and at 01:06 is my braking zone for the corner/off in queston..

I've thought a long time about this one (instructor grabbing the wheel) and read lots of arguments for both sides. Some other forums that this is posted in also have some interesting views.

My attitude is, when I enter an event I take the obligation that bad thngs may happen. If an instructor is in my right seat, then he puts his well being in my hands (huge ***** too, cause I suck out loud at speed).

If an instructor should grab my wheel (just don't touch my junk) in what he believes to be in OUR best interest then so be it. Remember, I chose to enter, and to let him/her ride. **** happens quickly.

BUT, as put forth on another forum, I believe it would be beneficial to have a dialog BEFORE going out and discussing the possibilty of instructor intervention and how to handle it should it happen.

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