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Originally Posted by 18psi View Post
Listen dickwart, just sit back and let men talk.
You have proven your asshattery way too many times and not one single person on this forum actually takes your shitstained drivel as credible information because you're a ******* moron.

Get back in the kitchen bitch.

except your "calculations" are way off

I dokn't know wtf you're trying to accomplish bringing afr into this.....You don't need a consistent 30% e85 to replicate gasoline consumption. Unless you're a internet "expert" and really think that its consistent like that and have never tuned a car on e85 before.
The energy content of 1.0 US gallon of ethanol is 76,100 BTU, not 81,800.
Tuning strategies are different for the 2 fuels, and only boosted applications or ones with ultra high compression really take advantage of e85. Not a stock low comp BP. I KNOW you won't back up this stupid *** claim that Leafy and yourself keep trying to make, but I'll let you try:
How about posting said charts you speak of showing a 10% gain in power on a BP motor with n/a bolt ons...internally stock?

We're talking about BP's here. N/a BP's to be specific. Don't be a bitch and speak "generally" like the idiot posting above you.

The motor flows like ***. And isn't high compression or has trick cams. It has nothing to push said extra amounts of e85 (vs gasoline) and air through itself and take advantage of running cooler in the process due to the larger amount of fuel being vaporized.

I have personally tested ramping up the timing to kingdom come on e85 on an n/a engine and the gain was something pathetic like 3hp.

Don't pull a Leafy.
Its the fastest way to losing credibility on here.
Originally Posted by Leafy signature
WPI BS/ME '12 MS/ME '13 WPI FSAE Metal Domination Specialist
Don't worry 18psi, this kid will soon leave the classroom and meet the real world, which will be a sweet slap in the face that he indeed knows jack ****. It's a cute signature, though. Looks pretty on a resume, just not the internet.
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Originally Posted by mgeoffriau View Post
Are you trying to construct an argument that less torque (or less area under the curve, if you prefer) is desirable? I didn't say 200 ft-lbs at 2500 rpm is the end-all be-all. I said it's "pretty slick." It's nifty. Neat. Fun. Enjoyable.
Over in the UK, Honda sold me (via about 4 previous owners) a 2004 2.2 iCtdi Deseasal Turdo Accord, which has about 250 LBft at 2500 Rpm. It has a variable nozzle turbo, and 140 bhp apparently. And smells of truck.

Great on the motorway at an llegal 85 Mph.

You should get a diesel !!!
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