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Default 2001 LS - My excuse for drinking

I had a Miata before, I called her Roxanne. We drove all the way across the US and back across Canada before I killed Roxanne.

I planned to rebuild Roxanne, got a donor shell and everything. Employment mess ensued, and I no longer felt like moving two junk cars across state lines to get one old 1.6 that needed a paint job. So I bought this grandma owned 2001 Miata LS for the princely sum of $3500 and left three Miatas to rot in my parents driveway while I moved to Detroit.

It's cleaaaann. There's some surface rust on zinc plated surfaces such as bolts and nuts which I blame on the fact that it spent a lot of time in Myrtle Beach, but the underbody is minty fresh. The wheels gotta go, gonna get some 6UL's I think.

I got to drive these in the meantime, so I wasn't totally bereft of a Miata.

I finally got the damn thing to Mitchygan after months of waiting. My dad swapped the leaky radiator hose, replaced the thermostat, then I bought a one way ticket and drove it back. Insurance up here is ridiculous, the roads are flat and poorly maintained, and the only good thing about it is the summer weather. This car is basically my friend and I's excuse to drink some wobble sodas and play with dangerous tools on the weekend.

I like to think we've done a pretty good job of getting it back up to snuff. What's been done so far...
  • NA top change - both hardtop and Robbins OEM style softtop moved over. The zippered window is awesome.
  • New water pump, timing belt, OEM coolant hoses, TYC/Amazon radiator, cam and crank seals.
  • Fresh plugs, wires, air filter, PCV valve and gasket
  • All fluids changed out - Rotella T6, Motorcraft Tranny Magic, Mobil1 diff oil, new coolant, and other skookum stuff
  • Crinkle red valvecover, junkyard NA valve cover bolts for extra chrome swag.
  • Polished the headlights. Left one is still foggy, must be inside the lens.
  • I fixed the slow/ broken windows with silicone grease and a paperclip.
  • Fugly pinstripes and fake wood interior trim removed. Someone had really bad taste before me.
I've done some old man M.net stuff too. I've replaced the washer nozzles and cabin light with OEM parts from Mitsubishi and Ford, put some DEI heat shielding on the drivers side of the trans tunnel, bought Moss window bushings, Delrin door bushings off eBay, and greased/lubed all visible seals with silicone.

Last week we had fun making our own master cylinder brace out of the factory shock tower brace.

The brakes feel much improved, but I've got SS brake lines to be delivered this weekend and plan on rebuilding the calipers as well. My next steps are to swap over some more parts off my NA like the FM frame rails, the 1.6 interior, and maybe weld up some fender braces. Also leather seats are gross, anyone got a line on cloth seat covers? Not sure I wanna swap over my Momo Start yet. I'm definitely looking at a steering rack depower and weld, my old Miata had manual steering and it was way more awesome.

Next weekend I should be dodging cones in Toledo, but I'm not so sure I wanna pay the Detroit SCCA fees for tomorrow in Livonia. $50 bucks is a lot to pay for a few minutes of driving and a lot of chasing knocked over cones.

I'd post elsewhere since no trubo, but M.net is... yeah, and clubroadster is full of the kind of people that list their used parts for more than new.
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I enjoyed the read! Although you deserved to be knee capped by not having more info on the Fiata
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The Fiata... It's got turbo chooch straight from the factory. I've only driven the automatic, and I hadn't driven a Miata in months by that point. I was just giggling the whole time behind the wheel.

I have since installed SS brake lines and took it to the 4th NWOR autocross. My first one looks to be the cleanest, so I'll share that video. Sawing at the wheel or no, first place in the novice catagory isn't too bad for my first hard drive in a new car. My '90 never wanted to oversteer, not the case with this car. I had to work hard to keep the tail in line on corner entry - maybe I'm just not used to power steering, or maybe it needs an alignment, or maybe I shouldn't pretend I'm a vehicle dynamics expert after my third autocross.

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