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I've had really good luck with the 420 first in the street MSM and then in the track beast. My tuner specializes in Hydra - mainly for Toyota MR2 builds but he helped Hydra develop the software so he knows it inside and out. I asked him if he would be willing to tune my Adaptronic/Wari and he said sure.

There was a learning curve involved. I was much more familiar with the software and he is a genius with fuel and ignition tables but in the end I got a great tune. The basic fuel and spark map in the load cells are the absolute easiest part of a tune. It doesn't matter what ECU you are using. If the tuner knows what he is doing, that part will be fine.

The magic is in the other 95% of the bullshit that comes with the tune. Are the sensors calibrated correctly? Does the car stumble at idle at certain ambient temperatures? How is the transient throttle? Do you see a voltage dip in certain circumstances that causes other system problems? The list is endless. This is where it really pays to have a tuner/installer that knows the product.

My guy would have taken a week to learn all that stuff for the Adaptronic and would have been fair charging me for it but my tune was on a dedicated track car so I only cared that it started, idled on grid and that the load cells were spot on. All the rest of the details I don't mind tinkering with myself as I go along.

The support for MS is great and it is clearly the favorite for many reasons. Like many things in the consumer world, ask yourself what you need and what you want and buy accordingly. I beta tested a new harness for Travis in '09 so I am pretty well invested with Adaptronic. It works fine for my needs and I understand the software/hardware. If I was starting from scratch would I have a different ECU in the car? Probably, but I'm not so I don't.
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Originally Posted by 18psi View Post
I had no idea how much that mattered until I started trying things others haven't tried before (at that specific time it was running e85, then other things) and boy was it frustrating asking questions that no one had answers to or really dealt with
Been there and figure all out by myself.
I’ve been running E85 since I install E420c three years ago and car has been run great. I’ve been in dyno just once to tune ign map otherwise I’ll do all the tuning by myself on road/track because I don’t trust the f*** incompetent dyno operators. Only time I needed help was when I install the 36-1 trigger wheel. [email protected] helped me with the trigger settings and I got the car running in the same day

My timeattack turbomiata has been kicking *** so well with the old Adaptronic that I ordered another Adaptronic ecu for our team new ’95 miata.
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