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Originally Posted by Braineack View Post
maybe we should just talk about why kindergarteners are getting ipads now?!
So they can cyber of course... A/S/L? DTF?
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Waging war on things only aggravates the issue. WAR ON DRUGS = higher drug usage rates, more money in the hands of criminals, increased law enforcement spending, and more violence BUT moar jobz... WAR ON TERROR = more terrorism, terrorists aren't big schoolyard bullies jealous of our "freedom" (even they can see it's a ******* joke), our meddling in foreign affairs breeds terrorism BUT excessive defense spending's good for the economy right? (HAAaa...) WAR ON POVERTY = a progressive tax rate combined with a 17000 page tax code, countless parasitic losses from the IRS and social worker jobs and welfare awarded to useless individuals who will continue to breed and worsen the issue of poverty. (not to say welfare is completely wrong, just highly abused and poorly implemented, birth control should be distributed simultaneously...)

The fact we have let our government grow to a size more disgustingly enormous than our worthless population further enforces how worthless this indulgent consumerist cesspool of a country has become. But why come how that did happen?! Once your population reaches a certain size and standard of living people simply lack the knowledge and subsequent comprehension of how a nation successfully operates to participate in an open democracy. Politicians with simplistic ideas "that seem like a good idea" gain power and the unforeseen consequences reveal themselves more and more as their effects become more apparent (veteran soldiers being shot 60 times over drugs they didn't possess...)

Even if you could hammer out the ideal laws of a perfect world, it would be far too costly to have well managed, functional, government agencies with employees intelligent enough to effectively implement them. Intelligent human resource is "reserved" (due to cost) for business, law, or technology (btw, technology (since trade advantage and resources can't be changed except by TECHNOLOGY) is the only true measure of a country's potential the rest (aka the gov't) is just how efficiently you harness it) anyway, the most efficient and effective laws are SIMPLE and naturally balancing without entire agencies dedicated to their enforcement (IRS and DEA = WASTE) For example, why is capitalism so effective? It functions naturally on the human condition of self-interest to provide the things people want, the better you provide, the more you make. Is it perfect? Of course not. Is trying to make it perfect with excessively binding policies and large government effective? **** NO. The same principals should be applied in regards to, well, everything. You can't make a perfect world but in order to get closer; small government for needed laws and restrictions, while people are allowed their own self-responsibility for better or worse is far more efficient and far less freedom-limiting. We have let self-responsibility diminish to an unheard of low. People just expect the government to take care of them while they wonder about in some sort of post-modern existentialist daze.
RON PAUL IN 2012!!!

yeah yeah, it's unorganized and sounds crazy, but the points are all absolutely valid and I had to get that rant out so I can get back to working on this car....
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Originally Posted by kotomile View Post

Yeah that was a big word for me too.

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The County Code Enforcers Have been armed, you should be afraid

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