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Default Really loud afterfiring

I searched around about it but couldn't really find out if it is normal or not. I'm running a 2.5" downpipe with a 3" all the way back and a magnaflow muffler. The car is really loud(since catless and resonatorless) and so is the afterfiring. It happens when I let off the gas then hit the gas again. When I coast you hear some gurgling(you could even hear it with the stock exhaust and no turbo), but the moment I tap the gas again it lets out the loudest pop you will ever hear from a miata. It doesn't happen when the car is cold, or all the time when warm. Just kind of whenever it wants to. I'm still running stockish plugs(because I haven't gone wot just yet) and I have no real fuel management...just the timing box and soon to be the fmu. Stock injectors are still all this is without the 315's. Honestly, I think it sounds ******' awesome but if it isn't normal I guess I need to figure it out :-/
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its running rich, really rich.
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Why do so many people insist on installing turbos without the proper mods/ tuning???

I had crazy backfiring, but it was because my injector o ring was leaking on one cylinder causing the fuel in that cylinder not to atomize. That was with 550s while i was trying to tune from the basemap in Megasquirt tho.
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Bandaid mods FTW

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my car does that when I have my launch control on...but you got some issues...get a real engine management.
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My car does the same thing. I just installed my turbo last week. I'm using a vortech 10:1 FMU and 97 miata 265cc brown top injectors. But it only makes that loud pop when I shift at high RPM on second gear.
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I want to propose a rule: If you turbocharge your car without any sort of fuel management whatsoever, and then complain about how it either runs shitty or blows up, you get banned from the ******* forum.
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