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Default Wideband acting ridiculous


/start rant/
I've spent the last week chasing my tail on this god forsaken wideband controller. My problem was this: my gauge, and LogWorks (plugged into the LC-2 via serial) would read one thing, while the AFR gauge in TunerStudio would be bouncing around all over the place. I redid the wiring three ******* times (lineman's splice, solder and heat shrink on every joint) and apparently the Innovate LC-2 is such a delicate little snow flake that you can't have too much wire between it and your ground (the pin on my MS3 Basic specifically for that) or it throws a fit. So, tonight, after a couple hours spent rewiring the thing to sit its *** right on top of the megasquirt, the damn thing was working right. I went around, zip tied and cleaned everything, routed wires pretty and turned the ignition on (didn't start it). What do I see? Fuckall on the AFR gauges, and red blinking light on the LC-2. Brilliant. Recheck everything, and find out that I had hooked in the connector from the controller to the wideband sensor backwards. So I fixed this, and now I get a green light, but it's still broken.
/end rant, start of "please help"/

So what I have is an Innovate LC-2 wired with ground and power coming from my MS3 directly, and output 1 going to the MS3 wideband in. The wideband sensor was calibrated in free air a week ago and is brand new. The 4x2 connector for the sensor was plugged in backwards, power was applied, shut off, and then it was plugged in correctly. Now, LogWorks reads all over the place when the car is running - shoots from 7.4 to 22.5 to 45(?) back to 0 to gray to 14 to 7, etc. What did I break? Will try recalibrating tomorrow.

Edit: Recalibrating fixed it. Sorry everyone for subjecting you to my rant - couple beers after throwing in the towel last night at midnight, etc. Mods can delete...

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We've all had days like this.
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Shocked: another Innovate Sucks because of User Error thread.
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