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Originally Posted by Sean View Post
On a side note the 100k motor decided to take a dump and pinch a ringland yesterday. So the 2jz Miata is coming apart. I'm taking the 2j out and putting in a v8. I have to decide if I want a 6.0l with a 6 speed or a 4.8l with an auto and turbo. If anyone wants the mount set to put a 2jz in their car I'll sell the front crossmember with mounts cheap. So the 2jz Miata is done and its time to move on to something bigger and better.
Price on it? Pm me.
I have a 2jz in the garage and just picked up a monster miata rear end. I was going to start fabbing up mounts next week haha.

*edit just purchased the crossmember i look forward to trying to carry on this 2jz miata madness

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the part out has begun I have started selling off the parts and started looking for LS swap parts the 2jz swap will not be going back in my car. Next step for this car is a 6.0l with heads cam and a 6 speed or a 5.3L turbo with an auto.

Shortpersonbk has purchased my front k member mounts and oil pan and will be carrying on the legacy hopefully with bigger and better results than me. The car was an absolute blast at close to 500whp now I just want to find that number in a more reliable way.
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I was between the 2jz/lq/ls motor debate for a while and did alot of math. The cost to build a aluminum block LS based motor to make 500whp N/A starts to increase REAL quick. Iron block truck motor with a s400 based turbo/th400 would EAT in a miata and when it does nuke its self your talking like $500 for a whole new longblock to drop in.
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