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Originally Posted by sprayed View Post
the wg setup cant be adapted to the original s4 manifold because 16/18ga material cannot hold the wieght of a wastegate. It breaks right off.
Ahh makes sense. And bracing is out of the question?
I guess I should probably just be asking Corky
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this is where I read it. maybe they changed supplies since then.

I'm not sure if bracing is an option here since the WG seen more strees (frequent heat cycling) than the rest of the manifold, but yes, they could give you a better answer.
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There ya go, I was searching for it too, but on I forgot it was on this board.

Originally Posted by Corky Bell View Post
Aricjm15: You are quite correct, the ebay piece and mine are the same. We made a proto, sent it to a maker in China, received a bunch of nice pieces, then found the same thing for sale on ebay. I have to admit, I was warned.
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Issue put to rest by Corky himself. Guess I'm talking out my *** as usual. Dammit. Had no idea they outsourced overseas like FM. Still say it's a nice collector though.
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Wasn't it decided that the design was actually stolen, and the S4s are actually made in the US?
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I didn't read anything else about this thread, but I can tell you this. I saw this picture in the beginning, as I am sitting at a bar where someone put "Hurt" by Johnny Cash on the jukebox. That picture of your V-band turbo and mani, mixed with this atmosphere, damn near brought a tear to my eye. Thanks. Gotta love the beauty of craftsmanship, but GODDAMN, this is ******* out of hand. I want this more than I could ever have a grasp on it. I guess I'll have to go read the whole thread now.
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We need to start banning the tards who can't stop running their mouths about **** the don't understand and pedophilia.
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