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Originally Posted by turbofan View Post
Ah. Now I understand. Thanks for the explanation I had never followed it at all, because stupidcharger.

I get the CARB thing though, and the appeal that a CARB legal kit has. I remember reading some stuff in your thread EO2K, I'll have to review it because it seems like it was a LONG time ago. Didn't that happen like... 2 years ago?
Yep, this has been going on since before I started that thread. I spent like $3,300 on the kit that 949 delivered on April 15 2011 and I didn't have a working product until some time in March or April of 2012 when KW finally "revised" my mounting plate. I bought 3+ sets of "proprietary" fixed idlers and auto tensioners from KW in that time, only to find out they were OTS parts with massive (think 3-4x amazon prices) and probably close to 15 belts. Not to mention what was most likely hundreds of hours of my time ragewrenching the thing on and off the car over and over again. (I'm still not convinced the belt tension on my kit is within the "design envelope" that the Rotrex company has set forth in their technical documentation, but I don't have any way to test that. All I know is its now damn ******* tight.)

So after not admitting fault and selling me parts to bandaid their failure for a year and then the hackjob "warranty fix" to my mount, I'm pretty much done with Kraftwerks.

I did 4,000 miles on the kit between April and August of 2012 including back-to-back trackdays at MRLS and 1 event at ThunderHill. I got trailered home the last 200 miles from THill after my ignition harness melted and grounded out on my EGR tube (my harness was all floppy from repeated molested removing and reinstalling the powercard thing, so that's debatably my fault) so I /RAGEQUIT the rotrex while troubleshooting.

I also got called a liar on m.net when I called out the GA/S2/KW rep for having promised a CARB cert for the Gen 1 kits.

Related note: While looking for a new DD I stumbled across a manual trans 06 Civic, so I contacted Jackson Racing and told them I had a fucked up Miata kit from Kraftwerks, but I was looking to buy a Civic. They offered to sell me a R18 kit without the rotrex parts at an appropriate discount should I decide to buy the Civic and boost it. With a CARB EO. How ******* awesome is that?

I personally think the Rotrex fits well in its niche in the market. At the risk of starting a turbo vs rotrex debate, I'll say this: a 2554 or 2560 turbo will be fun as **** on a DD with all the low end but its just not in its efficiency range on a racetrack, and that means a bitchload of heat. The rotrex is unimpressive under 4k, especially on the street, but really shines above that where you spend your time at the track running 20-30 minute HPDE sessions between 4k and redline. You are going to have to step up to something like Hustlers Disco Potato build or a 287x with an .8x A/R to get back into the rotrex's efficiency range and IATs. Or maybe I can't read a compressor map.

I'm still toying with running my C30-74 unrestricted ont he Miata with the 88mm pulley (should be around 9psi IIRC) for around 200~ish hp worth of stock block safe shennanigans, but I'm just not sure I trust the thing to not come apart on me :(

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Just a tid-bit of info on the Jackson Racing kit for the CR-Z, this info isn't "official" as far as I know, but just fun info.

According to Hondata, the CR-Z they used for the CARB certification of the JR supercharger kit was the cleanest car CARB has EVER tested. Like EVER EVER, OEM or other. That is with the Hondata tune specifically for the CR-Z JR Supercharger kit, which I belive you have to have to be CARB legal.

That should give you a little idea of the difference between Jackson Racing kits and KW/Skunk2 kits. One is highly engineered and thoroughly tested, the other is ???
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I would only go with it if it has a reliable SC, i like the powerband on it too much for a turbo
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Damn G, that's quite a story. That S2k guy you linked to was sure thorough. He seemed all excited that JR and Kraftwerks split, but he was on the Kraftwerks side, RIP JR he said. Dumb.

I'd love a turbo on the FRS, but that kit is tempting. $5k for full bolt-on with tune and everything done? I mean.. that's pretty awesome, IMO. Think it's really plug and play?
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Knowing the Jacksons, its PNP. Jackson Racing is a small outfit that honestly seems to care about their rep. If by chance something happened to be wrong or didn't fit, I bet you they would make it right.
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Originally Posted by Braineack View Post
I am not sure if you intentionally misquoted me or just misread what I wrote.

To clarify, my post was about Project-G - a vendor of the Kraftwerks Rotrex kit. I made zero comment on Kraftwerks as a manufacturer/supplier.

And yes, I was being serious.
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