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  1. My money...
  2. I want to save the planet now
  3. Redistribution of Wealth
  4. US cybers with Iran...
  5. I love Hanna/Barbera Cartoons and their insight
  6. Got an e-mail about this Horrible Disease..
  7. Chanting U-S-A is offensive to Muslims
  8. SNL Skit buried right after it was broadcast
  9. Our new one dollar bill???
  10. The Freakin' Pope
  11. Proof no white people live in DC
  12. How To Truly Take Back America
  13. Change that matters!
  14. starting my own religion
  15. This is just pathetic.
  16. Anyone near Gainesville?
  17. A new age in nuclear power?
  18. Volunteering for a political campaign
  19. Muslim Soldier w/101st Airborne refuses to deploy b.c he is Muslim
  20. Those voices don't speak for the rest of us
  21. Mosque/ "Community Center" near WTC
  22. I can't wait until everyone labeled "GOP" dies of cancer...
  23. Beware of BMWs
  24. chain email I recieved
  25. I'm in your Coffee Shops, pwning your transparency
  26. Mexico Joins Suit Against Arizona's Immigration Law, Citing 'Grave Concerns'
  27. Town in CO bans cycling
  28. Part of Arizona off limits to americans
  29. NAACP needs to get a life!
  30. Media Coverage Toyota/Chrysler/GM & BP
  31. Sign of bleak jobs picture...
  32. Economy
  33. Global Warming - Yes/No - Causes?
  34. What is up with ghetto punks?
  35. Middle age white men, vote republican
  36. What if the Tea Party wasn't a bunch of white people?
  37. Jan Brewer, immigration laws
  38. iPad vs. Obama Pad
  39. Conflict of Interest?
  40. Tax burden - 47% of population pay no fed!
  41. The origins of the modern Tea Party movement - NOT Republican!
  42. Lies, damn lies, and the mass media
  43. tea partiers try to blow people up as thanks for healthcare. classy.
  44. YAY for healthcare!
  45. The Gubment shi**ing on the Constitution....again