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  1. Nazis, and the schism of their 21'st century manifestations.
  2. Damn white people, and their...
  3. The oil crisis is a fraud perpetuated on the masses for political gain.
  4. again vox is full of shit... and antifa is a steaming pile of human garbage
  5. Stupid Effing Hurricane Thread
  6. Health Insurance
  7. Would anyone bet against Conor?
  8. We Need To Talk About Something Really Serious: sherts
  9. I f*&king HATE cable
  10. EPA Fines Business Owner $1mil for Selling Aftermarket ECUs
  11. The First Hundred Days
  12. The Hyperdrive to Serfdom
  13. The court has ruled that police can execute your dog.
  14. An Old Veteran Remembers . . . .
  15. What's not wrong with anything?
  16. The mercilessly Joemental thread
  17. The US Constitution.
  18. Generation Wuss and related crap
  19. EPA Seeks to Prohibit Conversion of Vehicles Into Racecars
  20. The Six-Figure Price Tag for Selling a $2 Hot Dog
  21. ITT: we complain about political correctness
  22. The most important intellectual-property case in American legal history
  24. Inequality
  25. Nuke Mars!
  26. Obligation
  27. Student loans in the upcoming election
  28. US police kill more in days than other countries do in years
  29. Supreme Court upholds Obamacare Subsidies
  30. A whole 'nother pragmatic look at gun-related violence
  31. Big gun-rights win in TEXAS... Open Carry and Campus Carry
  32. The Braineack Challenge
  33. Political cakes
  34. The warrior police cat is out of control.
  35. Municipalities hate it when you break the law.
  36. To the Moon! (no, really!)
  37. Dakar 2015
  38. Anyone into Cafe Racer Bikes?
  39. Gasoline-powered cars are saving the environment
  40. Typical right-wing-media fearmongering.
  41. Racism in America
  42. E.U. considering law making it illegal to blow yourself
  43. I weep for our future thread
  44. California Parents & Religious Leaders Fight to Make Skin Color Criteria for Teaching
  45. when you accidently decriminalize things, good things happen
  46. Malaysia flight 17
  47. FL Post
  48. Pranking in the hood.
  49. Graduation standards are getting kind of low...
  50. Minimum Wage - Should It Be Raised? How Far?
  52. Pictures of police and soldiers doing policey and soldiery things.
  53. Weed is now legal in OH!!!!
  54. Disturbing Era of Falling Circumcision
  55. Disturbing Era in Public Schools
  56. Interesting conspiracy theory about Malaysian Airlines 370
  57. Definition of Irony: Feinstein and alleged CIA spying
  58. Kaiser in Mumbai, India
  59. Welfare Drug Testing
  60. Venezualan unrest
  61. It's OK to ignore the constitution.
  62. The Wild Wild West
  63. Corvette Museum - Sinkhole swallows 8 vehicles!
  64. Black activitists and politicians force Trader Joe's grocery out:
  65. Guy gives his dog away after she chews a HOLE in his Aston Martin
  66. Federal judge rules on flashing headlight to warn other drivers of a speed trap
  67. Bill Nye and Ken Ham to debate evolution vs. creationism 2/4/14
  68. White House weighs petition to deport Justin Bieber
  69. Dogs Poop in Alignment with Earth's Magnetic Field
  70. DEA struck a deal with the Sinaloa drug cartel
  71. The pro-fear establishment shows its cowardly nature.
  72. Lost member. RIP mx594m.
  73. Fast Food Workers Strike
  74. New mustang: even more slab-sided and small-windowed
  75. Charged with theft, man arrested for plugging car into school’s outlet
  76. Divers find shipwreck survivor underwater 2 days after ship went down
  77. Paul Walker Dead at 40
  78. Who brought the Buster? O'Conner crashes Porche, DEAD
  79. protest against mainstream media
  80. In 2007 one woman may have thwarted WW3.
  81. the Drug War "exception" to the 4th Amendment
  82. POS secret world copyright laws drafted
  83. Obama lies compilation vid
  84. Two planes collide above Wisconsin.
  85. New Zealanders face new cat limit.
  86. How much is your insurance going up?
  87. Government Shutdown
  88. 20 Things I Learned While I Was in North Korea
  89. Record Label Picks Copyright Fight — With The Wrong Guy
  90. Civil Forfeiture seems unfairly administered to me.
  91. Obama: "Raising the debt ceiling does not increase our debt"
  92. WTF war with Syria??!
  93. Cop groups don't like Holder's softening position on marijuana
  94. Two kittens that stopped NYC subway service rescued
  95. ROFL
  96. 2 congressworms parrot the same questions re: copyright
  97. Kid prays to Obama
  98. In This Thread I almost Fully Agree with Farrakhan
  99. CNN tells us about turbos.
  100. Hacker uncovers evidence that put rapists in jail, gets more jail time than rapists
  101. Why is this unfortunate?
  102. Me and my (3) Obamaphones
  103. India and a brief history of military surveillance
  104. Snowden and a brief history of electronic surveillance
  105. A Musicians' Guide to Copyright Math
  106. We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt!
  108. The World is Not as Bad as You Might Think
  109. Be Bro-Choice
  110. What do you do when the Media is no longer a lapdog?
  111. The hero warrior cop is ready to get roided up, rape, and drink and drive
  112. Don't tread on my raisins
  113. NSA Surveillance
  114. Police are trained to overreact, kill you, then lie
  115. Transgender 6 year old?!
  116. Why can't we have nice freeways in CA?
  117. Demonstrations/Protests in Turkey
  118. Investigate Allegations of Corruption?
  119. A lesson in money creation and stylish headwear for JasonC
  120. Immigration Reform Bill
  121. Revenge on thieves- potential legal issues?
  122. All your monies are belong to us
  123. The greatest superstition of the 20th Century
  124. I don't understand how Use Tax works
  125. One thing I've learned from the Cleveland kidnappings
  126. It is illegal to have a party in the USA
  127. FCC Enforces Against Owner of a Well Pump
  128. Gov't spending per household now exceeds median income
  129. Folks be all blowed up in Boston...
  130. obama wants to discorage retirement savings accounts
  131. I guess he's not interested in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms...
  132. Protecting the Second Amendment
  133. Urging Banks to Make Home Loans to Poor Credit
  134. Chinese Hackers
  135. Hooray for hating the French!
  136. Hooray for Pakistan!
  137. A FOX Lies!
  138. Regress!
  139. The SEAL who shot UBL
  140. EPA wants you to blow up your car
  141. How Newegg crushed the “shopping cart” patent and saved online retail
  142. Great Success = Private sector + government?
  143. I wish this guy posted this on here
  144. Forbes article linking antidepressants and murderous violence taken down
  145. North Korea has working rockets :(
  146. Why can't politicians be this cool all the time
  147. The "Fiscal Cliff" exposes myths, misunderstandings and misdirections
  148. Senate increases privacy protection for individuals
  149. Rocket Surgeons vs Plaintiff's Attornies
  150. Interesting article on Bitcoin (the virtual currency)
  151. No more Twinkies for you!
  152. U.S. to Be World’s Top Oil Producer in 5 Years, Report Says
  153. Man tasered while trying to fight house fire
  154. Secede!!!!!!!
  155. What say you Feds?
  156. What did the election do (or not) in your state?
  157. Obama wins...
  158. The End of Global Warming Through Govt Intervention
  159. This just in...
  160. Tax rates, coddling the rich and investors is a tried failed idea.
  161. Radical Ideas for Financial Reform
  162. Voter fraud
  163. Leaked Debate Agreement Shows Both Obama and Romney are Master Debaters
  164. Ridesharing Apps/companies under regulatory attack
  165. TX cops arrest woman for letting kids play outside
  166. Presidumbo Da Bait Poll
  167. Interesting tort case I just came across.
  168. The Icelandic Solution
  169. If the NFL ran google
  170. What Business is Wall Street In?
  171. Cartoons about intellectual property law.
  172. Supply and Demand of Gas(oline)
  173. 9-11
  174. The trouble with democracy...
  175. The President of the United States is an idiot.
  176. MD, you continue to not surprise me
  177. The Republocratic National Convention.
  178. Todd Akin
  179. isidewith.com and the extra parties
  180. Progressive Insurance defends client's killer
  181. How Top Executives Live...
  182. Rant, Anti-Romney
  183. US CO2 emissions at a 20-yr low
  184. Taxes and Stress (USA vs Nordic Nations)
  185. Russian Akula Class nuclear attack sub off US Gulf coast
  186. National Weather Service? Of course we need 45k rounds of .40
  187. California is the next Greece!
  188. What is big government?
  189. Gun Rights: Should you be allowed to own an RPG?
  190. Let’s shatter the myth on Glass-Steagall
  191. Get a job!
  192. Usa! Usa!
  193. Heterosexual Awareness Month
  194. Wow! Thanks, Obamacare!
  195. man jailed in Dubai for 3 poppy seeds from bagel he ate
  196. Couple jailed for dancing on subway platform
  197. Woman jailed for holding up "SPEED TRAP" sign
  198. Congress attacking Pizza Makers!
  199. Rider in Transport Bill taxes all cigarette manufacturers equally
  200. Progress!
  201. Agent Smith
  202. ITT: Nerds Rejoice
  203. You can no longer search for guns or ammo on google shopping
  204. For those people with high blood pressure
  205. American Heros
  206. Source code of voting machines - and potential evidence of voter fraud
  207. Rodney King went scuba diving.
  208. Dream Act?
  209. The solution to all our problems.
  210. Obama uses EPA to shut down coal dependent towns
  211. Media: Fair and Honest
  212. This crap makes me furious! Why isn't this an election issue?
  213. RIP Steven Tyler
  214. Good thing government is here to invest in new technologies for us...
  215. Little Rock Remembered
  216. NJ driver's GF liable because she texted him?
  217. Speak ill of President, go to jail
  218. SpaceX
  219. Who are the 1%?
  220. TSA Conducting Random Searches on US Highways
  221. Woman photographs airport tourist attraction, arrested, files $70M suit
  222. Training for cosmetology longer than for EMT
  223. Carroll Shelby, 1923 - 2012
  224. Bond Vigilantes: Where art thou?!
  225. Austin, TX seizes veteran's home
  226. Whoa homeowner shoots at heavily armed home invaders
  227. OMFG: Extreme voting fraud
  228. Attention, France:
  229. Capitalism vs. Communism
  230. Renewableness
  231. TX, you are still disappointing me.
  232. Obama's accomplishments
  233. 16 signs that people are becoming stupider
  234. Obama to be president for 63 years.
  235. More and more and more f*n surveillance
  236. Marine Sgt. Gary Stein
  237. Hey Blaen
  238. Some video and cop and constitutional blah blah
  239. North Korea.
  240. Why does Major Bloomberg want to kill off the homeless?
  241. Obama likes Metallica more then Megadeth
  242. Joke: A white guy walks into a black neighborhood...
  243. The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism
  244. Let's play: count the holes
  245. Trayvon Martin: What say y'all?
  246. Demand for U.S. Debt Is Not Limitless
  247. Long live Obamacare
  248. On breaking stupid traffic laws
  249. Corruption: USA vs. the 3rd World
  250. The truth is discriminatory (in California, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida & New York)