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  1. Godless Commie decides to build a catch can...
  2. Freeze plug / block heater
  3. 1.6 VS 1.8 TURBO BUILD
  4. RTV Sealant
  5. Mistake with oil ring expander
  6. BE Oil Pump Worth It?
  7. Upgrade Intake Manifold or hotside parts
  8. Long Bellhousing Bolts
  9. EFR built motor build, 320 HP pump gas limit?
  10. 1.6 Spark Blowout?
  11. Help me avoid immolation
  12. Effects of E15 Rule Change
  13. I bought some fake GT500 injectors, and this is what I learned
  14. Approximitaly what power levels can I expect with my build?
  15. Vics removal
  16. Can I use 79mm wiseco second rings on 78.5mm Supertech pistons?
  17. Rig wastegate open
  18. Performance Head Build
  19. New High Boost/Load Sputter - COP Kit (w/ Logs)
  20. Odd Surging Issue
  21. DW200 issues
  22. [BP4W Head swap] Throttle cable length
  23. VTCS to VICS swap on USDM NB2 - What exactly is needed for this swap?
  24. Ignition advance low compression vs. factory
  25. First Start after engine build - not much luck
  26. Why am I only making 160WHP
  27. Valve Cover won’t seal
  28. Sandwich plate inlet vs outlet
  29. Car going lean above 4000rpm, DW200 failing already?!
  30. Coil 1zzfe
  31. On relieving crankcase pressure, PCVs, catch cans, breathers and whatnot...
  32. Oil squirted from where?
  33. Intermediate rich spikes while driving. Please help!!
  34. Horrible VVT noise, could be oil pump?
  35. 1.8 FMII turbo installed w/ no power
  36. BTDC volume of stock NA8 piston
  37. White spark plugs - AFR seem ok?
  38. First time engine build. Broke college kid that wants to race.
  39. Warmer weather temp issues
  40. Rebuilding my block
  41. Rotella T6 15w40
  42. Oil+ cooling
  43. This almost ended badly... Mobil 1 m1-110a
  44. Cooling Upgrade
  45. Big oil Leak. front of the motor.
  46. id850 enough for mid 3XX whp
  47. BP4W and BP05 heads flow
  48. OE 94 FPR - deleted PRC valve + BOOST - do I need a check valve?
  49. Rear main seal brand?
  50. Smoke from exhaust with no load
  51. Vvt swap post swap performance
  52. Machine shop in central Illinois
  53. Fan Fans and more cooling fans.
  54. Maf cleaned throttle body cleaned now surging idle
  55. Not another catch can thread!
  56. Engine/Turbo Issue
  57. Need a squirrel cage under the hood?
  58. Ecoboost Head on Mazda MZR Block?
  59. Stock fuel pressure NA8 -> AFPR
  60. Lets figure out what happened to my motor
  61. Detonation damage on cylinder and piston
  62. Lifter tick
  63. Correct Installation of VVT Actuator Piston
  64. Weird 1.6 intake manifold
  65. Exhaust Camshaft '01 vs 95
  66. Mega Coilpack Test and Comparison R35, LS1, LQ9, Audi R8 and more
  67. Bp05 head “thickness” measurement.
  68. Rebuilt motor .. now dreading that rings didn't seal .. am I right ?
  69. Cooling upgrade question
  70. Na Alternator pulley conversion
  71. Valves won’t close
  72. Timing belt replacement = no start
  73. Oil consumption issues
  74. Oil Pump Relief Valve Stuck NA6
  75. LS Coil Issues
  76. The new "definitive catch can" thread
  77. Dual fuel pump pressure
  78. Crank case ventilation... I know..
  79. [BP4W Head Swap] Definitive list of parts
  80. VVT or No?
  81. Gas EVERYWHERE troubleshooting
  82. 1.8 Rebuild Questions
  83. Throttle Cable Lenths
  84. 3" Exhaust
  85. 91-95 vs 96-05 Pulley Boss
  86. Need to refresh my motor any good shops ??
  87. Potentially? Contaminated head gasket. Replace or send?
  88. Is it EURO/JDM nb8 FPR?
  89. BPZ3 head on a BP4W block in a NB1
  90. Dying engine. What should I do?
  91. Valve spring drought
  92. 1.8 BP6D/BP4W hybrid build ideas
  93. JDM BPZE Compression Numbers
  94. OE 94 FPR loosely fits into Radium fuel rail
  95. Catch Can PCV Intercept
  96. 2000 Engine swap into 1995, Trigger wheel, Boss Pulley, Crankshaft Pulley confusion!
  97. Cam gear dowel pushed in to far
  98. Brand New NB Turbo Engine Cranks but Won't Fire- Low Compression?
  99. Oil pan baffle
  100. 1.6 Oil feed leak at fitting that goes in the block
  101. I shoved a big ol turbo in, but I still want more
  102. Is this crank still okay?
  103. Hole in rear of oil pan
  104. NA8 motor build with Protege crank review
  105. Efficient Engine Bolt-ons
  106. Mk1 1.8 Cam Angle Sensor - Does it support sequential injection unmodified?
  107. No start weird cranking problem after head gasket replacement
  108. Oil Burn
  109. Budget block build
  110. Regarding the VS-855 or VS-949 valve springs
  111. Wrist Pins and Piston to Wall Clerance
  112. Headgasket
  113. Flow Force Injectors and Flex Fuel Sensor Install
  114. 286whp 205wtq N/A K24 build
  115. Mahle ring end gap for rods only build
  116. Injector Goop
  117. VVT swap idle issue
  118. Can a crankshaft balance be checked?
  119. New DW400 fuel pump poor fitment
  120. Hawley Perfomance EGR/FPR mount line routing
  121. EGTs on track
  122. Blew my new built engine
  123. 7MGTE injectors
  124. Name that expensive noise
  125. Best Coolant Path for Turbo + Reroute + Heater Core Delete
  126. 1994-1995 LS coil Wiring Discussion
  127. found the oil leak
  128. MSM - Built block and upgraded turbo on stock ECU?
  129. cams and the bp4w exhintake
  130. TDR Aluminum Crank Pulley vs ATI Damper
  131. 300-350whp goal build
  132. CEL for EGR Valve
  133. VVT swap from a 1.6 with PS and AC
  134. Good alternatives to VS855 Valve Springs?
  135. Engine randomly hit 2 step while driving, now it runs rich?
  136. LS Coils not working
  137. E85 stock fuel rail?
  138. BP6D OEM valve material
  139. oil pressure fluctuation at high rpm?
  140. Engine Upgrades
  141. Blew the Oil Pump, What's Salvageable?
  142. LTG Ecotec Swap.. A bit of good info
  143. Why aren't miata engines so good for all-motor power?
  144. How do I check piston to valve clearance on VVT engine in limit positions
  145. Machine shop imperfections
  146. 500 miles on new build. Cool to switch to synthetic? Or naw
  147. Overheating/losing coolant issue
  148. MSM boost pressure from manifold?
  149. What happened here? Datalog inside
  150. Loud bov ps
  151. Is my cam timing correct?
  152. Loud ticking 99 1.8 engine - only when warm
  153. 12v source for heavy draw Spal fan
  154. NB oil temp sensor position
  155. Piston wrist pin weirdness
  156. Quick highway pull shows suspicious MAP readings in log.
  157. Help!!!! FM or BEGI
  158. '97 1.8 Na Engine Swap Into '00 1.6 Nb
  159. Which Bolts To Loctite
  160. Square top and BP5A cam = 13rwhp loss
  161. LFX: MV7 Donors?
  162. Borg Warner EFR 6258 .64 or .80?
  163. 280whp+ Borg Warner turbo set up
  164. Overheating. Head gasket/warp issue?
  165. best fix for broken exhaust downpipe bolts?
  166. Help me figure out why my coolant temp is so high
  167. ITT: we figure out affordable/available/appropriate fuel hanger bulkhead connectors
  168. JDM bp5a engine swap...
  169. 1.8 BP5W engine rebuild
  170. Moving on from an old 1.6
  171. 1.8 Rebuild: Piston Sizes + Other General Questions
  172. Used M-tuned reroute or wait for Q-max stock?
  173. EWP with or without coolant re-route
  174. DIY Crank Balancing
  175. PSA: Fluidampr 521001 may have incorrect timing marks
  176. Looking for ballpark starting ignition map for high comp (12.5:1) NA VVT engine
  177. Exhaust Heat Shield
  178. No compression on 2004 MSM BP4W rebuild
  179. Normal looking pistons? 140k miles with pics
  180. Main Bearing Clearances - Interpreting Plastigage
  181. Manley rod little end bushing
  182. BP-4W Build? Thoughts?
  183. New Crank Dampener Option
  184. Damper question.
  185. Detonation on 1 & 4
  186. Please help me determine the debris in my oil pan?
  187. Heater core pondering
  188. Need Help ms3x
  189. Where has my valve lash gone ?
  190. I am disappoint.
  191. New Turbo Manifold Help
  192. Amsoil for a built motor....too many choices
  193. No pcv valve, but catch can instead?
  194. Please stop me from buying shim-under-bucket lifters!!
  195. VVT sticking, running rich
  196. Need casting number for the light 1994-96 1.8L Protege crank
  197. DW300 Question
  198. fan activation without thermoswitch
  199. Intake runner diameter FE3 build.
  200. Why am I stuck on the side of the road?
  201. 3k to 4k rev jump
  202. 3D scans of NB VVT engine stuffs
  203. Oil filter sandwich sensor plate
  204. misfire under load; thoughts?
  205. Why is my miata running hot?
  206. VVT motor lean and die
  207. 8* timing offset built NB
  208. Nb fuel system redo
  209. 04-05 MSM Oil Return Pipe thingy
  210. How to die-grind alloy without trashing the engine?
  211. Terrible idle at stoplight after driving
  212. Stripping a bottom end for rebuild
  213. What's killing my coils?
  214. Flow Force 640 to ID1000 injectors, same adapters?
  215. Which way to plumb the oil cooler system?
  216. LFX Engine Questions
  217. Aeromotive Brushless Fuel Pumps
  218. Emergency Lemons Issue
  219. VVT'ing an NA8 for a First Go at Standalone Tuning
  220. VVT Head removal
  221. Fab9 cop weather seal
  222. Sudden Lean Condition in Boost?
  223. FlowForce 960 Install Results
  224. Stuck at a certain rpm
  225. Las Vegas Engine Builder
  226. Seeking part number for 4 pin ignition connector
  227. how to properly adjust turbo actuator?
  228. Exhaust flow restriction (pocketed flang)
  229. Hello and help... New engine rattle at cruise
  230. Injector (Flow Force) heatsoak on 2005 NB?
  231. Lifters ? Rod ?
  232. Colder plug, BCR8ES
  233. Faulty ECU or Faulty CoP?
  234. Recommendations for my forged rebuild of my B6 engine
  235. Oil pump gear to crankshaft clearance
  236. stock VVT head vs boost: valve spring limit
  237. Injectors seals or cap
  238. Flow rate of oil pump -how many gallons per minute?
  239. Any experience buying engines from LKQ?
  240. Still Misfiring After LS Coil Install
  241. Slight Carnage, advice needed
  242. Compression test readings - cylinder two low
  243. Coolant pressure sensor
  244. Oil based misfire
  245. Best Engine To Forge: 2003 Vvti Or 1999 Vics
  246. Main bearing clearance
  247. Valve gunk question
  248. Motor Oil patent to reduce boosted engine detonation
  249. Anyone have failure analysis data on oem miata rods?
  250. Weak/choking engine