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  1. When I let off the throttle in neutral, RPMs REALLY drop
  2. Intro and my Greddy install
  3. Fuel pump and injector help
  4. Question about Valves on head.
  5. More HP to my Greddy kit
  6. Will this Ebay Downpipe work on the greddy kit?
  7. Boost Controller...Have you heard of this one?
  8. OH NO! Whats wrong with this Dam Motor D:
  9. Takin Head off!
  10. Jackson Racing AFPR
  11. Spike With EBC?
  12. Questions about mildly building an engine.
  13. injectors
  14. Tdr Fmic
  15. Speaking of Greddy Chat....
  16. Garrett .42 a/r T3 better than the 15g?
  17. Turbo Upgrades
  18. Is this the definition of hesitation?
  19. Compression Test.
  20. boost question
  21. Yellow Top Injectors...
  22. greddy upgrade mani and dp?????
  23. Cleaning Turbo's.
  24. TRACTION! How do you guys do it.....
  25. How high with a Greddy?
  26. oil restrictor???
  27. So what else b4 I finally go turbo?
  28. oil feed line? where to get them
  29. Catalytic Converter has gone bad
  30. Just got off the phone with greddy.....
  31. bov question
  32. Dicking around with o2 clamp, what's it supposed to feel like?
  33. new manifold?
  34. need oil feed help: thread, tubing, etc.
  35. Greddy TD04+TEC2?
  36. Installing an extra water temp and oil pressure gauge
  37. Wiseco pistons @ stock bore?
  38. Shaved Heads for Higher Compression.
  39. Zeitronix map sensor VS GM 2bar
  40. Fuel Pump Application.
  41. greddy kit install ><
  42. Injectors too big?
  43. A little help with IC routing..!
  44. Moving to San Diego from Canada
  45. Guess what, I bought a stupid MSD box!
  46. Has anyone actually gotten decent results out of the BEGi downpipe?
  47. Boost Drop With Stripes Kit
  48. question on crankcase breathing
  49. Greddy Type S BOV Problems
  50. which way to go now????
  51. Can Anyone ID these injectors?
  52. Question about plug for oil return line by oil filter.
  53. GReddy needs a turbo miata for testing!~
  54. intercooler placement with half size radiator
  55. Glowing turbo and 3psi?
  56. Wiseco pistons $439
  57. Bipes Installation Question.
  58. HOW not to blow up your Engine Guide
  59. Question about MBC's.
  60. Sudden lost of power!!!
  61. anybody get extra greddy carb stickers
  62. Bolt size at turbo
  63. Biggest ebay FMIC that can fit?
  64. Stock Intake Hose + Greddy
  65. boost drop off????
  66. Anyone hear of this turbo kit?
  67. Idle issues
  68. Flyin Miata greddy heat shield fitment question.
  69. Poll: Greddy oil drain.
  70. Installed Greddy Turbo Kit and....
  71. Need some help, vacuum leak somewhere.
  72. well my car is fucked...?
  73. manual boost controller question????
  74. Turbo rebuilt, and now another problem...
  75. uping boost, timing question?
  76. How many psi can I run with this setup?
  77. I know Jim B is taboo,but....
  78. Turned up the wick!
  80. About to install greddy...
  81. Difference between US an JAP kit..
  82. gasket help
  83. Mixing clutch parts: OEM disc, ACT pressure plate
  84. Different turbos for GReddy Kit? BEGi DP fitment issues
  85. .....wow.....
  86. Smog! Dam!
  87. BEGI Downpipe, am i ordering wrong?
  88. newly rebuilt turbo question...
  89. Will Tony's DP bolt up to stock exhaust?
  90. How much timing at 14 psi
  91. Greddy on Automatic 1.6 Miata
  92. Just got my kit, have some questions.
  93. Scary/Smokie oil leak at Boost!
  94. Found something inside my TD04
  95. afpr install? which hose goes where?
  96. FMIC Installed
  97. What IC do you recommend?
  98. just back from a 'real' track event, story inside = )
  99. bosch bov orientation?
  100. second problem with etd manifold
  101. JUST PURCHASED A BUILT TURBO CAR, request your wisdom
  102. About to pull the trigger on this clutch...
  103. Manual Boost controller
  104. Added adjustment to the Vortech...
  105. Halfshafts
  106. Intake location and its affect on AIT
  107. Anyone know the size of the intake on the throttle body on a 1.6L?
  108. help find fitting
  109. Lost My Boost
  110. fuel pump Q?
  111. ordering replacement greddy oil lines - criticize my work!
  112. New pump and injectors and more problems...
  113. Clarifications on an AEM Wideband...
  114. 163rwhp... But kinda bummed... Huge lean spike!!!
  115. new to miatas and looking for advice
  116. Greddy Boost Increasing Parts
  117. overheating, water temps high while high speed crusing, blah blah. suggestions?
  118. Slippin clutch & High idle
  119. Newbie asks ... what's a good (budget) EBC?
  120. New guy checking in
  121. First post! YAY, Newbie question about potential of greddy kit
  122. who else is running an NPR IC
  123. greedy emanage ?
  124. another noob question...
  125. really stupid ?
  126. Replace standard bolt with studs or bolts?
  127. Bocsh BOV fart sound?
  128. Greddy I/C piping pics?
  129. silicone couplers for greddy with jim's stuff
  130. Reloacated AFM - pics
  131. Survey: Ford Vs Chevy?
  132. Help!! Which Is The Right One!!
  133. 4-wire O2 ground location
  134. Vortech with Greddy Kit
  135. hose shielding
  136. anyone running greddy w/ link
  137. Greddy mani stud size?
  138. Silicone connectors
  139. where is the best place to buy 2" 90 degree couplers
  140. Who's gonna be the first?
  141. Are these the correct supra injectors - Pic inside!
  142. greddy oil drain line????
  143. were to get a greddy td04h shaft?
  144. burning oil bad
  145. 1st post from newbie - Greddy running rich?
  146. radiator upgrade. options ?
  147. Newbie!
  148. about 1.6 GReddy turbo upgrade
  149. Who are the best Greddy turbo vendors?
  150. Greddy installed and running awesome (pics)
  151. Pics of a 'stock' greddy kit installed
  152. when to upgrade fuel pump?
  153. Turbo timer question..
  154. How to remove Vortech FMU ( Another stupid question)
  155. So is this aluminum or stainless steel???
  156. quick afm question.
  157. What lock washers do I need?!
  158. Greddy Kit
  159. LM-1 says i'm lean at idle?
  160. 1.6 or 1.8?
  161. Bipes or Intercooler first
  162. Tony downpipe and fm/bowser heat shield?
  163. 2006 Audi A4 2.0T I/C What do you think? (pixs)
  164. Question about Greddy kit with I/C and full exhaust.
  165. What level of boost before you sacrifice driveability?
  166. loose wastegate?
  167. Intercooler Kit R&D comments please!
  168. Stripes Kit
  169. Redid my fuel tee with a diag port
  170. coolant line under maniofld
  171. Turbo Gasket & Bolt Specs?
  172. Begi Intake Pipe for Greddy?
  173. Lost in power when VAC = 0 ??
  174. oil feed pressure?
  175. Greddy Kit?
  176. What to heat wrap?
  177. Black vortech... question. friend gave it to me. said it was from a 240 turbo kit ?
  178. Decrease High Fuel Pressure
  179. What clutch do you big power guys run?
  180. Greddy Manifold & Down Pipe options?
  181. Manifold to turbo seal ?'s
  182. clutch questions
  183. greddy at the track
  184. clutch recommendation?
  185. Intercooler Question
  186. Greddy kit upgrades
  187. About to order Greddy, what else?
  188. Splooging oil?
  189. Turning up the boost?
  190. Is it possible? miata nb 1.6
  191. Charge Piping
  192. oil in cold side intercooler pipe ?
  193. Greddy on a 96 1.6 90hp...
  194. heeellpp gaskets
  195. Stumble at 5Krpm since cambelt swap
  196. Any warnings or advice?
  197. Bipes Setting w/Intercooler
  198. Coolant leak between turbo and manifold, HELP!
  199. Starion kit installed!
  200. bolt and stud question
  201. Greddy w/ rising rate and SAFC, need to bounce..
  202. How rich am I?
  203. Helper spring?
  204. Boost drops after 4k rpm
  205. total NOOB
  206. Greddy and the track days, what to expect?
  207. Walbro Fuel Pump
  208. AEM Uego to Blu Emanage?
  209. rattle upon start
  210. Pressure Switch in line with Charcoal Canister!
  211. oil trouble
  212. O 2 sensor
  213. intercooler question
  214. stock
  215. Greddy kit ?
  216. Finally installed 1.8 injectors
  217. gasket help
  218. dp flange for greddy...
  219. I built an exhaust!
  220. Intercooler set up finished.
  221. WTB: Greddy Air Filter
  222. A map
  223. O2 Clamp Installation?
  224. O2 clamp installed, overhaul amost complete...WOW!
  225. exhaust?
  226. dead engine symptoms?
  227. 02 sensor placement
  228. Fuel information
  229. How did it keep running?
  230. Anyone running VTA? Anyone advise it?
  231. Legality of the Greddy kit (in Cali)
  232. other turbos on a greddy mani?
  233. Oil Drain Adapter Install
  234. Fuel Pressure Regulator
  235. Getting ready for the summer !!photos!!
  236. Got a ? for turbo rebuild
  237. gauge question, which ones are most needed?
  238. GReddy parts
  239. How do you pull the exhaust manifold
  240. What's the stealthiest greddy install you've seen? And exhaust cut-out info...
  241. Get An Exhaust!
  242. Install preparation
  243. Oil Return Line Length
  244. TD05 turbo
  245. Replacement turbo
  246. if you had another chance, would you choose greddy?
  247. Intake relocation
  248. How bad is the Base Greddy oil return line?
  249. torques sequence for Greddy manifold?
  250. Black smoke...