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  1. Flyin Miata ID of intake pipe at throttle body?
  2. TurboTony downpipe close to brake line...
  3. car wont start after greddy install...
  4. Big upgrades, questions and parts order complete?
  5. High mileage 1.6 should I rebuild before turbo?
  6. Any turbo-charged Miata owners in the Bay area?
  7. Who else does kits for 1.6 NA ??
  8. Is BEGI still around?
  9. Some questions about the Greddy Kit.
  10. Identify this GT2554 99 kit
  11. looking into a miata with GT2560R Turbo, Potential problem?
  12. Trackspeed Engineering Turbo Kit installed: first impressions. *Real update in post*
  13. Has anyone seen this turbo kit before?
  14. voodoo II plug and play vs. ffs
  15. New FMII kit Idle/RPM issue
  16. MSM turbo bracket
  17. Pics of your hot side intercooler routing please
  18. What do you want or expect in a baseline turbocharging kit
  19. New turbo kit supplier, QPS
  20. End of my Begi S3 saga with Ken Hill Mods and Tuning (dyno)
  21. FMII install time
  22. Greddy kit in - Is this off throttle noise right?
  23. any resources on turbo rebuilds?
  24. Greddy Td04 turbo clamp
  25. White smoke 99 Shanghai
  26. Begi S3 questions
  27. Fuel system
  28. Best bang for the buck? 1.8 turbo kit!
  29. Identify 1.6 vs 1.8 manifold
  30. how similar is this kit to an ebay turbo kit?
  31. I need a good place to buy a chinacharger
  32. NB with aircon and power steering hotside charge piping
  33. Improving the FM2 turbo heat shield
  34. nissan s13 sr20det turbo any good for miata
  35. Slow spool and using alot of oil
  36. Greddy Downpipe
  37. fuel smell odor when under boost
  38. 2.75 downpipe 3 inch exhaust
  39. Blue Smoke - Lots of it at start up. stops when warm
  40. Pics of Stage 2 Airflow Kit on FMII M1?
  41. Fm 1.6 turbo manifolds on sale today
  42. What Vortech ratio would you recommend???
  43. NA DP on a NB
  44. Sudden lean condition.
  45. How bad is this?
  46. california legal turbo 1.6
  47. ~400whp
  48. Just got $2500 cash
  49. Thoughts on begi setup
  50. greddy dp replacement- ARTech or Begi?
  51. Bell or FM I read back several pages.
  52. exactly how bad is the greddy downpipe?
  53. Vacuum line throttle body.. where does it go
  54. greddy manifold- 2 castings?
  55. O2 clamp- hesitation symptoms?
  56. Shaft play Garret 2554
  57. Please help me limit my boost!
  58. Begi manifold and piping
  59. Old FMII new BPV and intake side redesign. (stock MAF)
  60. Reliability Questions...
  61. Greddy turbo problem
  62. Trying to look for the cheapest Greddy kit online.
  63. Direct replacement to Greddy manifold
  64. turbo n build question on swap
  65. De-turboing the car - oil return plug size
  66. Question on Turbo :D
  67. Will this turbo be a good one to use for 250+ hp
  68. HELP: Settings/tip needed for FM2 CARB 99 Turbo kit Link Piggyback and install
  69. Hard Power Steering Line off Pump
  70. Helper Spring Question
  71. anyone runnin a godspeed/ebay kit?
  72. Begi S4 manifold for dual purpose ca?
  73. HKS turbo kit REbuild and introduction
  74. turbo kit help
  75. turbo kits
  76. BEGI S3 install complete. I'm a happy camper.
  77. Voodoo 2 Track prep questions
  78. Do I have a wastegate actuator problem?
  79. BEGI-S 1989-1993 Turbo kit NOOB Questions
  80. BEGI S3 Intercooler Pipe Clearance Issue
  81. looking for something track ready
  82. Need Help starts and stalls
  83. looking for a turbo manifold
  84. BEGI-S3 or budget BEGI-S
  85. need some advice.
  86. Just ordered BEGI-S kit for my 1999
  87. FM turbo install nearly complete - need a part
  88. stock wanting to go turbo
  89. Getting ready for a Turbo purchase...
  90. Stock 1.6 FMII Hydra dyno needed
  91. CXRacing Turbo kit?? bang for the buck or waste ?
  92. Open vac pipe - solenoid
  93. Greddy TD04 replacement
  94. (Noob ?) GT2560 Water Port Block off
  95. New goods- the FMIIR turbo system.
  96. China Charger Recommendations
  97. Nicked my pickup tube - OK?
  98. BEGI downpipe bolt loop
  99. looking for turbo mount flange
  100. What size AN fittings / hose to use for GReddy oil return?
  101. Noob to the turbo.
  102. Old IHI BEGI kit (system 3)
  103. TD04H GReddy (T25) on Ebay Cast T3 Manifold
  104. Is the buzzing knock?
  105. FM grommets
  106. Greddy / Vortech Rattling Fuel Line
  107. Help a girl out?
  108. Misc issues
  109. Stud came off at track
  110. FM upgraded intercooler with A/C
  111. Newb with a 1.6, yea i searched...
  112. '00 FM II kit with link ECU on a '01?
  113. Downpipe How-To
  114. What do all these Abreviations mean?
  115. artech stuff+gt8271r on a na
  116. Manifold w/ Turbo on Top??
  117. 1.6 to 1.8 w/fm turbo kit
  118. FM Voodoo II to FMII upgrade?
  119. Track Dog over the radiator IC (Installed)
  120. 200-250whp
  121. FM kit owners - Downpipe install question
  122. Thinking of coming back to Miata turbo's
  123. Few issues with my Gauges
  124. BEGi S2 System - Questions
  125. BEGi S4 on '99
  126. Inconsistent boost, right after 3" exhaust install, BOV, MBC or WG ??
  127. BEGI Separated Gas Downpipe on FMII Turbo Kit
  128. Off to get greddy mapped in a hour
  129. greddy hits the boost only at 5k rpm
  130. Turbo installed, need new undertray
  131. Would like some tips almost done with Greedy kit
  132. Heat Shield
  133. Wastegate leaking
  134. Looking at used Greddy kit in an hour
  135. Playing with the greddy kit.
  136. Over boost?
  137. Over heating when boosting
  138. FM Turbo kit owners help
  139. Flat spot
  140. cx racing down pipe
  141. Curently have 270bhp, what parts are required for circa 350bhp?
  142. Does Corky have a side job??
  143. tapped wrong spot AGH!!
  144. New greddy kit installed..weird noise.
  145. Shanghai-S Turbo System
  146. need new oil feed asap!
  147. whats wrong with this picture?
  148. 1st time Turbo - having issues with hot side IC and turbo outlet
  149. HKS turbo kit?
  150. yet another one
  151. Actuator mounting points on compressor housing
  152. What can I do ?
  153. Begi Turbo Kit Running Lean
  154. I want a Complete turbo kit for $800 or less
  155. Cheap full fmic setup?
  156. Need Chargepipe for my 1.6 Greddy Kit
  157. Begi S6 downpipe install
  158. Volumetric Efficiency VE
  159. Oil feed line question...
  160. greddy turbo cartridge replacement
  161. 90 miata. is turbo worth it?
  162. T3 up and going!
  163. tap that pan!
  164. relief welds on manifold
  165. potential purchase, turbo miata, how much power should i see?
  166. Anybody running a newer FMII kit? Thoughts on the manifold?
  167. talk about fuel rail...
  168. BEGI Shanghai - lean under WOT
  169. Aack! Car won't go past 5psi / Rich AFR
  170. Buying Tial goods!
  171. Just installed a BEGi S1 kit
  172. Time to play!
  173. Possibly purchasing a turboed miata.. Greddy kit..
  174. Bearing housing wear??
  175. Overboost with RBH5 Upgrade
  176. 1.6 OEM Intake
  177. Garrett T25 turbo to PNP with BEGi kit on 1.6L
  178. Why won't this tube fit? BEGi S2 1.6l w/ A/C
  179. New air filter for Greddy
  180. Staying "CARB Legal"?
  181. begi-s downpipe track aftermath
  182. Greddy TD04 oil drain options
  183. A used greddy feed line and...
  184. Around 6000 rpm car jumps??
  185. Pop my cherry
  186. *le sigh....td04 shaft broke
  187. Oil in the Intake - Help
  188. Ordered a BEGI-S, have a few questions.
  189. Spike
  190. Old style BEGI FMU vs New style BEGI FMU
  191. Flex section in down pipe
  192. Oil from Blow Off Valve - Any Ideas?
  193. Greddy TD04h Turbo failed
  194. found my boost leak
  195. Will a Begi 2.75" DP fit a stock cat?
  196. LS1 STS Turbo Kit bought.
  197. Intercooler setups
  198. If I build around GT2560 will log mani be a hindrance comp. to a SSM -also DP design?
  199. boosting issues
  200. Begi Greddy DP ?
  201. getting ready to make the turbo leap.
  202. turbo inquirie
  203. Oil pressure and greddy seals
  204. Turbo kit that gives highest WHP
  205. How much boost/PSI can I get from my BEGI-S?
  206. Leak between manifold and wastegate
  207. Car won't hold boost for crap!
  208. Adjusting Boost w/ Actuator Rod & MBC
  209. Car slows down when i hit boost??
  210. Greddy Manifold
  211. Interest in replacement studs to fit FM / BEGi manifold?
  212. can i use this bov to recirculate?
  213. Tightening begi upper and lower downpipes - Leaking - Loosening
  214. How many miles on your Manifold? Begi & FM
  215. My Begi S is installed (well no boost yet)
  216. Rattling noise only after ~7psi
  217. FM downpipe with Begi-s kit
  218. need help with types of turbos
  219. And on his 817th post, he said 'let there be boost'
  220. ATTN: Stretched Bolts L337 Crew
  221. 200whp from Greddy kit? what would i need?
  222. Begi AFPR with 350cc Injectors
  223. greddy manifold thread depth
  224. BEGI downpipe hitting stuff...
  225. BEGi S2 intercooler pipe
  226. loosening turbo hardware - hot or cold?
  227. Can't get 5/8" ATP drain hose onto Greddy turbo.
  228. Turbo for MILD track days
  229. I put a lightwieght flywheel and new clutch on my car and it's slower??????
  230. BEGi seperated gas Downpipe, Wastegate opening enough?
  231. HKS bolt on kit... on a 2004 1.8 VVT?
  232. greddy oil feed issues
  233. greedy kit local
  234. Any successful BEGI Shanghai installs?
  235. the bung popped out of my fry daddy
  236. pic request, begi s-series ic piping
  237. Am I maxing out my injectors?
  238. Pics From My GReddy Build
  239. Anyone Know Where To Get The Clamp That Holds The Turbo Together
  240. Cryoed Turbo/Super?
  241. My Greddy Install So Far
  242. has anyone tracked an absurd-flow yet?
  243. Oil Cooler Installation Issue - Any Ideas?
  244. Picture request: heritage greddy turbo installation
  245. BEGi Shanghai-S Installed but Overboosting
  246. Greddy Bolt-on users, I need a little help.
  247. Fix for FM Kit Boost Creep?
  248. I'm about to order the Begi Shanghai-S kit. Speak now or forever hold your peace
  249. FM turbo oil line supply fitting size?
  250. dp not clearing frame of car