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  1. HELP! Greddy kit and detonation!
  2. Car won't start.
  3. Lean above 6K or misfire?
  4. Please look at my cat and downpipe
  5. How much HP loss for EBC turbo at alititude?
  6. Greddy Wastegate adjust - Opinion?
  7. BEGi Air Scooper - does it impact IC airflow?
  8. MiataLink altitude compensation?
  9. BEGI Carb Question
  10. 02 clamp setting and lean tip in.
  11. Begi's Service
  12. Hydra file for turbo engine request
  13. Flying Miata VS BEGI
  14. GT2554 - the turbo that get's no respect
  15. Flyin' Miata Wastegate reduex
  16. It's Time For... Fun With Tomô
  17. Lookie here! 3 months of waiting and...
  18. BEGI ships early!
  19. I need a little help please with greddy kit.
  20. BEGi S3 kit limits.
  21. Might Be a Good Deal GREDDY
  22. 3" Downpipe with BEGI/FMII?
  23. Ref. Ticket with Begi kit + MS PNP
  24. Hey guys, don't be dumb!
  25. 1.6 FM Hybrid DP Question
  26. NB extractor hood
  27. Spec Miata Exhaust a Step Up?
  28. Best/worst turbo kits
  29. Begi-S DIY Intercooler
  30. Kudos to Flyin' Miata
  31. Who has used this "Rutland Stove Cement" for their turbo to downpipe gasket?
  32. Installed Dual stage boost controller
  33. Motherfucking goddamn shit
  34. 97 Fuel Inj Relay Remove
  35. Choosing an air filter
  36. first pic from my greddy setup
  37. Has anyone else tried this?
  38. question on turbo+light flywheel
  39. Leaning out in 5th.
  40. T3 Manifold.
  41. New Stuff
  42. Compression check - w00t!
  43. Quick pics of my Greddy setup
  44. Cracked manifold
  45. '94 BEGI S pre-4k bog
  46. Installed TurboTony DP & 2,5" Enthuza aluminized turbo racer
  47. Post Install Maintenance
  48. Best place to purchase silicone elbows, reducers etc...
  49. 1990 Begi S2 install in the works
  50. where to get greddy spare parts?
  51. FM3 is in / build thread. *56K don't look*
  52. Sooooo who has an old BEGi 4.2 intercooler mount they can measure for me?
  53. 93' LE, about BEGI-S
  54. rebuild greddy or replacement
  55. A couple quick questions on Greddy install
  56. Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged Yourself
  57. TurboTony DP installed today!
  58. Need some help with a shopping list..
  59. wbo2 installed... scary afr's
  60. Turbo choices for 1.6
  61. Worked on the mazda today 56k.. nah
  62. What's the latest news on DP's for the Greddy
  63. Do I need the gasket between turbo and manifold?
  64. pic request of begi #3 FMIC with the bumper off
  65. Greddy Kit - Road Racing?
  66. Help pls, need some advice about which turbo size I should get with the Begi kit
  67. pricing and lame websites
  68. greddy wastegate woes
  69. Let me ask you.. WBo2 bung.. to close?!?
  70. O2 Clamp
  71. MS----->Vortech FMU ::doh!::
  72. BEGI S2, upgrade to MS from FMU?
  73. npr max efficiency?
  74. 02 Sensor location on Turbo Tony DP
  75. Greddy turbo to FM3 upgrade!!
  76. Begi-S Mild Steel DP
  77. Anyone know if begi's s kit comes with 3 or 4 AN feed lines?
  78. Playing with the Xede
  79. Greddy carb sticker
  80. Greddy coupler question.
  81. I want a turbo kit. Advice please
  82. Removing old greddy oil drain
  83. Turbo Tony downpipe installed. Very nice!
  84. To Greddy or not to ?
  85. FM's aluminum bypass valve annoying - replacement?
  86. Vortech 4:1 disk question
  87. how many O2 sensors?
  88. Begi gt28 or gt25
  89. Sick of the greddy U intake pipe
  90. BEGI not offering Greddy downpipe upgrade!
  91. Should I install my greddy right off with a fmic, or with the plastic pipe?
  92. Goodbye Greddy wastegate...
  93. i beat an sti
  94. i am thinking about this..?
  95. nuub ? greddy prob--
  96. Begi-s mods before i install?
  97. Which eBay MBC?
  98. Worth Going from Greddy to Begi-S???
  99. Greddy TD04h-15G = Other TD04s will work too?
  100. Is it bad if I run my greddy turbo with stock exhaust?
  101. BEGi has come through again!
  102. Walbro overflowing fuel rail?
  103. First Post - Warped Downpipe
  104. Just occurred to me - I've become a statistic
  105. Compressor surge vs fluttering
  106. BEGi S3 Dyno tune and results!!!
  107. FM fitment issue w BOV
  108. Tony downpipe install questions.
  109. A/F 13.2:1 at WOT
  110. got bored, added boost
  111. Equivalent of a Greddy turbo?
  112. clocking my greddy
  113. Begi S1 system installed.
  114. Do I need a wideband?
  115. quiestion on the last leg of install
  116. Try to find a greddy manifold/downpipe/turbo or T25 based stuff?
  117. FM Manifold - tightening/getting to the center nut
  118. Greddy Oil Feed Bolt / Fitting
  119. Time for a new engine?
  120. BEGi S3 INSTALLED!! pics
  121. BEGI S install help needed question with pics
  122. greddy problems
  123. voodoo box?
  124. Which Plugs to use?
  125. Greddy help
  126. Greddy Turbo to DP gasket - yes again!
  127. 25x12x3 Intercooler setup done "my way" *pics*
  128. new guy
  129. First boosted autox - many growing pains
  130. eBay turbo kits
  131. Greddy Problems
  132. Innovative LC1 Setup
  133. Greddy oil feed line
  134. JDM Turbo kit
  135. Whats the difference between an NA and NB downpipe?
  136. What's a good clutch for my S1 Series Turbo with 260 rwhp?
  137. Frame rail clearance
  138. Installed Intercooler today! (pics)
  139. Running to lean after installing IC and tony DP
  140. Help me find a prefab intercooler kit on ebay plz
  141. bye bye engine!!!
  142. Greddy wastegate/actuator being odd
  143. GT2502 questions
  144. Does the greddy/ begi s kit cause overheating problems on a stock miata?
  145. 3" turbo back vid /cat-less,muffler-less
  146. Mazda 323 turbo
  147. WOOT for me
  148. FM2 w/ Link - cuts out under boost, then remains in "limp" mode until rebooted
  149. new to the scene, any suggestions?
  150. What engine life expectancy with Begi S1 GT2860RS at 240 RWHP?
  151. BEGi S4 idles at 4500 rpm
  152. Custom intake piping.
  153. Wanted: Borrow , Rent And Return
  154. Rhinectomy or Rhinoremoval
  155. Greddy downpipe upgrade options
  156. BEGi bypass valve VTA
  157. Silicone t-piece for BOV?
  158. Should i take the plunge?
  159. Begi just made me poor
  160. About to pull the trigger on a Begi-S1
  161. begi boost gauge buzzing/rattling noise
  162. Begi Boost gauge
  163. spark plug #1 have oil on them
  164. whats coming in my mail within next month or so
  165. BEGi S1 first startup experience.
  166. Cartech IHI RHB5 Downpipe
  167. Vortech FMU totally wack?
  168. FMII intercooler
  169. Mounting brackets for MX5projects IC
  170. Begi S-2 install
  171. mounting my new tony DP!
  172. Just ordered Bell Engineering S1 Turbo Kit!
  173. Injector Fuel management Question
  174. check it out
  175. started mounting the intercooler
  176. how far is too far with the WG adjustment?
  177. Failed emissions testing....
  178. Boosting 01+ cars
  179. BEGi-S w/ GT2860RS + Divorced DP
  180. does this sound safe?
  181. Drain flange
  182. does this mean im running rich
  183. Greddy oil lines - anything I should know?
  184. BeGI-S installation
  185. aww mannn
  186. BELL S3 setup - comments & advice please
  187. HKS 300zx Wastegate Actuator
  188. My Greddy Problem
  189. A few problems I'd like to address (GReddy)
  190. Hi everyone, Intro + newbie Questions
  191. BEGI Heatshield for 1.6 fit problems?
  192. Build and Hard Top Photos!
  193. Update on my Greddy Turbo Miata: Clutch Install
  194. just purchased 95 with BEGi-S (pics and ?s)
  195. Brand new O2 sensor gets lazy and takes a nap when the engine is hot
  196. I need to be non-turbo for one day per year
  197. BEGi offering mspnp.
  198. Greddy installed today, mucho compressor surge?
  199. Stupid about Greddy wastegate adjustment
  200. Anyone maybe interested?
  201. Kit questions
  202. Help Greddy heater hose woes....
  203. newb greddy questions
  204. Wideband Questions
  205. Problems getting the exhaust manifold off?
  206. BEGi S1 Kit to arrive soon
  207. why not HKS?
  208. Noob engine management advice wanted
  209. going intercooled for a greddy
  210. Turbo Check List
  211. begi turbo kit post youre pictures
  212. Need EMU help!!
  213. heater hose , need wrap,
  214. What is my modified greddy kit worth?
  215. Need AEM UEGO with Greddy harness help ASAP
  216. Turbo Inlet opening size. Stock Greddy 15G....
  217. maybe stupid question about dp.
  218. Black Soot
  219. O2 sensor on Tony dp
  220. i'm bout to sell my car
  221. Greddy vs BEGi for my 1.6
  222. help please
  223. EBC on greddy
  224. More power wanted
  225. installed bov, and car stalls when off throttle
  226. Turbo Tony DP What size bolts?
  227. help me
  228. greddy kit installed today
  229. Greddy DP flange
  230. Possible Turbo Upgrade
  231. 3 inch exhaust is the best thing ever :)))))
  232. Need a little help with greddy install
  233. greddy mani cracked, need new one
  234. Advice on turbo charging my Miata, check what I have/getting is correct.
  235. 550 injectors ebay
  236. pinched oil feed, help?
  237. My Stupid Question Build Thread. HELP...thanks.
  238. Can a stock 92 automatic handle a GReddy kit
  239. Scary sound after Greddy install
  240. noob, need help retard miata
  241. Rofl
  242. greddy??
  243. question
  244. someone's IC setup on CL
  245. New Downpipe fitted.
  246. Jaw Wb
  247. Popping from turbo any thoughts
  248. just some pictures of the car- comments welcome
  249. Loudest Bov Known!
  250. Tony's DP still around