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  1. well so much for using -an fittings for an oil drain
  2. intercooler piping
  3. Losing boost after it hits 10
  4. Bipes wire connection gets loose
  5. PCV hose question
  6. greddy advice
  7. NB suspension screws up stock Greddy plumbing -- alternatives?
  8. Manifold Crack Prevention
  9. New Exhaust - CEL turning on
  10. ACT XT, Fidanza flywheel, gutted cat ZOMG!
  11. tried tightening rx7 afm
  12. Suggested Injector Size
  13. miata brakes
  14. turning rx7 gears afm
  15. Just Checking
  16. risks from wiring open wastegate?
  17. easier to install: Greddy or Jackson S/C
  18. greddy heat shield
  19. just got the wideband hooked up
  20. brake cylinder heat
  21. New diff ... 8.8 ford?
  22. TDO4H-15G turbo refurbishment kit?
  23. Need boost advice, and AFM adjustment
  24. Greddy kit for 1.8L possible??
  25. ok need help i usually post at mazda-speed so i'm not a newbie
  26. fmu question
  27. Greddy or new begi kit or MS
  28. Beat a modded 3000GT VR4..
  29. greddy downpipe
  30. FM Link ECU for 1996
  31. compression test results
  32. 1st gear wheelspin?
  33. smoke???
  34. 19t wheel
  35. Greddy Install guide
  36. Good place to buy Rod Bearings and Other motor stuff!
  37. Ebay Electric Charger.........
  38. Gasket for oil drain?
  39. help and advice to make nice oil drain
  40. Failed Smog - Please advise
  41. oil and smoke...
  42. more boost.
  43. Stock Greddy - Dyno Questions
  44. no boost, help!
  45. 190HP Walbro on stock FPR?
  46. grrrr stupid log manifold
  47. Running Injectors without the Vortech
  48. 'Nother greddy question
  49. replacement turbo
  50. MBC (ebay version) Boost Spikes?
  51. New - Any prep-work before installing the Greddy kit?
  52. broken studs
  53. Car is NOT starting, and I just got it done!
  54. RX-7 FC Injectors OK to use with Greddy Kit?
  55. You GReddy guys all should replace your wastegates
  56. I think i fucked up my motor PLease help
  57. Quick update: The elusive dyno test
  58. leaky C-clamp
  59. Another oil supply line thread (with Part Numbers)
  60. Greddy Install Question, Leave Exhaust pipe bracket?
  61. How to get oil pan off?
  62. Oil Return Line to the pan w/ SS line
  63. A shop fucked up my Greddy manifold, I need your help!
  64. started mounting the "nestercooler"
  65. Greddy Wastegate Actuator - what metal ?
  66. Pre-Greddy-Install Questions
  67. clocking the turbo
  68. intercooler pipes
  69. turbo miata revvs at full throttle and doesn't accel. - seems to hold boost thought?!
  70. Dump pipe flange
  71. How to plug the oil return near the filter?
  72. Do I need a 3" DP?
  73. Any one using this I/C?
  74. One more problem...
  75. turbo is in
  76. Generic Ass Turbo Timer.
  77. Does this look like a greddy kit to you?
  78. wastegate signal question
  79. Update on my Greddy setup: More fuel!
  80. What are YOU running with your Supra Injectors?
  81. Thinking of selling my setup, how much would it go for?
  82. Idling Issues With 460cc's?
  83. Do You Need An Intercooler Kit?
  84. New greddy install problem
  85. Cant decide... Greddy kit or custom kit?
  86. Homemade Heatshield
  87. new exhaust = boost creep = really high FP = fire?
  88. Before I install the Kit (prolonging the life)
  89. LC-1 wideband
  90. oil pump
  91. BEst/Cheapest Place to find Greddy Kit.
  92. Please
  93. ugh... begi downpipe fitment :-(
  94. Greddy Manifold Studs?
  95. greddy kit turbo upgrade?
  96. Shipping chunks of car
  97. burning oil
  98. safe to turn up the boost up?
  99. Advice please for Greddy purchase
  100. how do i adjust rx7 afm?
  101. larger injectors question
  102. New exhaust: wonder if it'll fit?
  103. msd boost retard box wiring?
  104. greddy fmu
  105. rebuild problems someone please help me
  106. Haha Ebay Post Greddy Kit
  107. greddy turbo rebuild diagram?
  108. turbo shaft nut tourqe?
  109. Need help to find proper BOV
  110. 1.8 injector with megasquirt
  111. Sr20det Injectors in a miata?
  112. NA vs FI , before and after, low end talk.
  113. megasquirt PNP
  114. Emanage Blue
  115. Pictures of MX5Projects intercooler kit?
  116. My car is too fast
  117. Want to turn up the boost to 10psi
  118. Mbc And Bov
  119. parts shop max fmic setup
  120. Most power w/Bandaids.
  121. nooooo another miata off the map
  122. turbo rebuild?
  123. DO I have enough band aids?
  124. 1.8 injectors
  125. Video: Acceleration run at 5psi
  126. Anyone have a 3 Bar Racing Dawes Device/EWS Air/Fuel Meter?
  127. TECII TPS Problem
  128. oil pressure question?
  129. Vortech Disc Help.
  130. RX-7 AFM ?s
  131. brain fart, t3 or t25/28 footprint?
  132. fmic kit
  133. mods for 8-10 psi
  134. possible new fmic kit
  135. is the squirt as good as the Link?
  136. Recirc BOV Parts...
  137. Intercooler with greddy kit?
  138. The bypass valve and venting to atmosphere.
  139. BOOOST lessssss
  140. If i buy greddy???
  141. New wastegate actuator with great results
  142. Tony Or Begi?
  143. Where can I get a downpipe flange?
  144. head gasket
  145. what does the g stand for on td04h 15G
  146. Greddy Kit Turbo Replacement?
  147. cheap greddy kit
  148. begi afpr
  149. Would YOU put these injectors in your car?
  150. kinda scared
  151. High boost with stock downpipe, how retarded am i?
  152. Does anyone have the turbine outlet and wastegate outlet measurements?
  153. New manifold homebrew
  154. Flooding with Fuel!
  155. Exhaust system shopping
  156. opinion on the last few peices of my build..
  157. rx7 afm
  158. base greddy kit ?
  159. the ebay 16g turbo kit
  160. Idle Droop.........
  161. do i really need a intercooler
  162. ebay exhaust
  163. Turbo is on with Stripes IC setup. Some questions as I finalize install.
  164. Help: Installing now, airbox location question.
  165. turbo set up
  166. finally turbod
  167. Woohoo! New parts just arrived!
  168. Greddy 1.6l on a 1.8L?
  169. Anybody put together Stripes kit themselves?
  170. Preferred location for an inline fuel pump?
  171. One more oil drain line question...
  172. o2 sensor dead ? how to tell ?
  173. Shift points on stock GReddy kit?
  174. Bipes Settings
  175. It fits! 1.8 oil cooler/warmer on my 1.6
  176. Finally got my car tuned by accident.
  177. Limited access to turbo bolts!
  178. Spiking Causing Detonation?
  179. Is the greddy kit actually worth the effort?
  180. Finally...
  181. Rev Limit Crystals
  182. Question about the GReddy kit.
  183. Soap and Water
  184. more general noob questions
  185. Check valve on Bosch BOV?
  186. wastegate control
  187. Oil filter sandwich plate: what thread size?
  188. How high are you running with YOUR 1.8 Injectors?
  189. Strange Whistle/Rattle from turbo?
  190. Lean Tip in Killing Motors?
  191. Turbo noob
  192. injector clip question
  193. Colder plugs really make that big of a difference?
  194. Question About Foul Plugs.
  195. How high do you take your starion IC?
  196. used hks 1.8 1995 kit
  197. Third 323 Gtx Turbo Pvc valve broken, Whats up with that?
  198. Can I clean my own injectors?
  199. Reinstalling head - what head bolt torque for Greddy install?
  200. what is the ratio of the Vortech FMU?
  201. some minor changes to my kit, (diy fmic, reclockage, and rad photos inside) 56k -_-"
  202. cant find help on manifold relief cuts???
  203. begi and boost creep
  204. Hmm, overheating. How should I go about getting air through the radiator?
  205. Turbo's off and busy!
  206. Which way to face MBC?
  207. Finally boosted!
  208. total noob ?s about greddy before install
  209. New Intercooler, 56K Death
  210. Just the Greddy Turbo
  211. instructions
  212. Greddy Air Filter
  213. Reset Base Timing?
  214. Where to buy Greddy Kit
  215. Stainless Oil Return Line
  216. High RPM rattle--Help!
  217. I bought my first Miata + it's turboed!!!
  218. Oil Pressure
  219. Puffin Smoke
  220. Cometic HG or Felpro?
  221. Fuel Pump. Which size?
  222. Would this MSD work in a Miata
  223. GReddy T67 manifold Q
  224. New Used Engine on the way!
  225. Hand holding requested - oil feed and drain lines
  226. Fuel Pump buying question.
  227. SSautochrome turbo, direct bolt for greddy kit??
  228. oil return, teflon tape, teflon glue stuff, or rtv gasket maker ?
  229. Turbo Timer
  230. olderguy's o2 clamp help!!!
  231. HELP. Smokin turbo/BoV leak
  232. Anybody have a electric GReddy Boost Gauge?
  233. Coolant Leaking From Intake Manifold?
  234. front crank seal replacement q's
  235. Gauges?
  236. Greddy kit oil drain flange clarrification question.
  237. td04 downpipe flange?
  238. Jim B IC Pipes????
  239. Sputtering
  240. turbo vs summer
  241. Under/Over Torqued head.
  242. ?Lowered Boost pressure-Shitty MPG's-Decreased Vac?
  243. Miata turbo. Props to pro's
  244. Question About InterCooler.
  245. first things first after the install...
  246. A thank you to BEGI and this forum
  247. oil return help: fitting to go into oil pan, what material?
  248. Sac Town People.
  249. RM downpipe - what cat fits? Built on Pitlabs car incase you missed it 1000 times ago
  250. Intake Manifold