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  1. Bad turbo sounds
  2. Blowing oil smoke on upshifts to 5th - Greddy
  3. Shanghai-S install, can't reach a nut in mani!
  4. Cali crew: sick-ass DIY setup in Mountain View on Craigslist.
  5. SURVEY on loosening nuts / studs
  6. EPIC nuts/studs loosening thread (reposting stupid stuff without reading = warning)
  7. track crew: possibly redoing my turbo kit and I'd like your suggestions
  8. Track crew- Studs/nuts is the mani the weakest link now?
  9. GT2871 impeller nut gone!
  10. Installation of one of the first BEGi NC Turbo Kits
  11. Tial Q - Anyone got one?
  12. Greddy compressor housing question
  13. Ebay Intercooler and piping
  14. Anyone Using The BEGI Shanghai Turbo Systems
  15. I need bolts to replace manifold>turbo bolts on greddy
  16. I am Wanting to Install a turbo on my 1992 Miata I Need Help
  17. My install so far
  18. greddy downpipe upgrade
  19. Redid my coldside
  20. It came in the mail today 3071r
  21. Just got a UEGO, Begi-S AFR tuning?
  22. Best turbo kit for under $400
  23. Greddy turbo issues
  24. my s4 manifold delema (DILEMMA you mean?)
  25. an open letter to turbo kit makers: this is where you'll be in 10-years v.v-bands
  26. Help with FM 1.6 hybrid DP
  27. miata noob
  28. completely new
  29. The FM manifold woes
  30. 20G to 16G
  31. 92 1.6 Upgraded Greddy Oil Starvation question
  32. Should air leak into the engine from the turbo inlet with the turbo outlet closed?
  33. Compressor housing: oil issue?
  34. Spark plugs and detonation!!!
  35. wich turbo for my goals and setup
  36. Spool on stock greddy kit
  37. 200hp is is possible or i am dreaming
  38. Knock... What do I do???
  39. Greddy Oil Drain
  40. What is needed to run big power such as 350 or 400rwhp
  41. Lean, why?
  42. Can anyone tell me the size of these fittings from the Begi kit?
  43. 99 10 AE Mazdaspeed Turbo Kit Complete. NEW PICS! Dyno results to be posted soon!
  44. Stuttering: runs lean and plugs are white.
  45. On the Begi waiting list. It takes 4ever!
  46. Greddy Turbo kit on 1.6
  47. Noise after Greddy install
  48. BEGI-S Intercooler kit - worth it?
  49. Begi downpipe leak
  50. Should my wastegate open more than this? (turbo on Begi downpipe)
  51. it glows at 7psi
  52. Begi S2 Blow off valve
  53. '04 mazdaspeed
  54. Hows this turbo kit???
  55. Do I have this Begi (Bosch?) bypass valve hookup up correctly? It leaks
  56. FM Hydra 3071R on the way
  57. Why shouldn't I buy an Ebay manifold?
  58. Updating an old begi kit.
  59. Stutter. Looks like slight misfire
  60. Oil Leak???
  61. Idler Pulley Clearance Issues with Begi Coolant Reroute
  62. blow off valve reroute questions, comments, gayness
  63. Using transmission line hose for turbo oil feed.
  64. NA, NB, MSM Fuel Injector confusion!!!
  65. New upgrades to Greddy turbo *PICS*
  66. Mazdaspeed Turbo Conversion Complete.
  67. Greddy Turbo, what did I just do??
  68. Greddy Kit Making Too Much Boost!
  69. GReddy kit info, to part or not
  70. Greddy TD04H oil fitting
  71. Fresh new pics of my Mazdaspeed Turbo Kit!
  72. CAS, ECU, Coils??
  73. Going above 6psi - noob question.
  74. Compressor surge
  75. Ebay IHI turbos. Supposably new from Japan.
  76. Pictures of my Mazdaspeed Turbo conversion!!!
  77. BEGi S4 vs. FM II Hydra
  78. Question about turbo
  79. Looking for BEGI S4 manifold pictures
  80. looking at the FP web site and found this
  81. What thread type do IHI turbo have? Question on MSM intercooler options as well!
  82. ugh...Now i'm going to need 2001-2005 headlights for my MSM setup!
  83. Fabricating or modifying a Mazdaspeed tubular downpipe.
  84. Thanks guys. Got mazdaspeed parts, now I need IHI turbo.
  85. So after a year of research finally getting my turbo in!
  86. Need a pic of Begi-s kit installed
  87. Need some advice on purchasing Mazdaspeed Turbo Kit.
  88. Soon to be turbo!
  89. FM II 3071 options?
  90. Where does the Greddy TD04H-15G fit in?
  91. lowering boost threshold with wastegate antics
  92. Begi-S kit is in! After thoughts and questions
  93. bad idle
  94. Bad turbo seals?
  95. Turbo Specialties T25 Extreme Turbo Kit Mazda Miata 90-93
  96. need help with issues
  97. Leaking between turbo and manifold...bolts are tight
  98. Please critique my build plan (BEGi-S, EMB)
  99. Slow spool?
  100. Stock evo injectors??
  101. can i put 550cc on my miata turbo?
  102. Stock Greddy AFRs
  103. Begi-S inspection results
  104. Finally Ordered My Begi
  105. **Need Fuel#Spark Maps,COP B6-T**
  106. I think I must be retarded or something...
  107. Injector Size?!? (Greddy 10-14psi)
  108. Ordered my FM2+Hydra
  109. 1.8 HKS manifold options on downpipes?
  110. Stumbling around on JC whitney and I found this!
  111. Oil returns and sandwich plates
  112. Detonation problems
  113. Downpipe question....! Need Help
  114. Horrible engine stumbling may need ATL Mechanic any suggestions
  115. 3071r build plan
  116. O2 Sensor Thread Pitch?
  117. More Boost?
  118. Need help with Electrical Gremlin
  119. What BEGI kit do you run? how was the install?
  120. GReddy turbo Main shaft replacement
  121. begi s3 / gt2860rs crew: what AR turbine did they send you?
  122. Ideas to finish my car
  123. Aerocharger Turbo No Boost?
  124. I need more
  125. JRSC->Greddy complete, the help solve the inevitable issues thread
  126. HKS kit,car wont run.
  127. eMission possible: PASS
  128. The BEGi S4 How Do I Check My Oil Thread
  129. heater hose touching hot side of turbo
  130. Greddy installed, few issues
  131. Greddy Kit?!?!
  132. New BEGi Greddy DP
  133. SS Oil Return Line for Greddy
  134. greddy kit installed - how much extra oil needed?
  135. Picked up a greddy turbo car. YaY!
  136. Does greddy kit include gaskets?
  137. drill and tap sizes/ begi-s questions
  138. very tiny greddy update
  139. My new/used engine.
  140. Ignition advance & Fuel pressure with begi S1
  141. advice on set up
  142. Greddy Winter Breakdown: Upgrades
  143. Greddy project has lost momentum... what's a good next step?
  144. Wastegate going apeshit w/ video
  145. Where does the Greddy turbo fit in?
  146. Pictures Finally!
  147. BBR low mount turbo and air con compatability ?
  148. Downpipe for Greddy Turbo?
  149. yeeeeey!
  150. Manifold and IWG Concern
  151. Greddy kit pricing
  152. why don't manifold makers use studs like this?
  153. BOV making a new noise?
  154. Problem when hitting 10psi, car seems to rapidly backfire
  155. Oh... Oh... Look what I gotz!
  156. Took car to dyno today, have fuel issues
  157. GREDDY Japan Declares Bankruptcy
  158. Question about stock Greddy oil return line.
  159. Greddy kit FMIC install w/ AC (pics)
  160. will knock occur at idle? tuning help
  161. Broken stud on the Flyin Miata turbine outlet, possible fix?
  162. BEGI-S IAT question
  163. Greddy turbo part number please
  164. 1.6L Greddy Intercooler kit
  165. Boost droping at high RPM, greddy
  166. Damn detonation
  167. Greddy kit, Installed FMIC now really dead in the middle RPM
  168. Well its installed, but........
  169. Greddy kit export to Ireland
  170. 1.6l to 1.8l kit questions
  171. What to do when turbo is away?
  172. Am I missing anything? Greddy kit.
  173. Begi-S Minus the Turbo?
  174. Begi S3 + weird knock sensor.
  175. Finally Going to Order a Turbo
  176. GReddy manifold cracking issues?
  177. New Turbo Kit in the works.
  178. HKS turbo kit for 1.6 Q's
  179. Greddy Downpipes
  180. I just bought a 99 motor, 6-spd tranny, with a FM voodooII turbo
  181. Trust/Greddy declares bankruptcy
  182. Aeromotive FPR - SORTED!
  183. link ecu and wideband o2sensor
  184. Ultimate boost controller #1: TPS BC
  185. Finally got the Greddy running, couple of quick questions...
  186. hit the dyno today
  187. Max whp with the Begi S1 turbo system
  188. 12" slim fan installation
  189. MX5 Project I/C kit question...
  190. 5-7 psi turbo kit recommendations...
  191. Greddy type s\rs question
  192. greddy foam filter?
  193. urgaynknowit's mini build thread thingy
  194. Greddy fueling?
  195. Stock ECU only; is it safe to run the car below boost?
  196. Olderguy O2 clamp pressure switch adjust
  197. Spooky has me spooked....
  198. Red manifold
  199. Boost Problem...
  200. oil pressure dropping under boost - greddy
  201. Follow up w/ overboost issue; wastegate drama
  202. MSD description at FM website
  203. A couple of simple tips for BEGi turbo kits
  204. Greddy down pipe replacement - best one??
  205. BEGI S Tempermental Tuning
  206. Greddy bolt on kit
  207. Couple of quick questions about buying a pre-turbo'd Miata
  208. mspnp vs begi boost guage
  209. BEG-S Question
  210. another greddy oil return line question
  211. real hks kit of 1.8
  212. Miata NOOB
  213. First run on my kit.
  214. Leak in radiator with a BEGi S3 GT2560
  215. Why no NC turbo kits?
  216. greddy gasket help????
  217. Begi S3 Stock Boost?
  218. Where to find replacement Actuator for Td04h-15g?
  219. bouncy AFR from LC1 on NB gauge
  220. anyone have a pic of a bell #3 intercooler?
  221. my friend's miata, please help. Begi
  222. Begi S3 + Oil in intercooler piping
  223. Req: 2nd opinion during BEGI-S install (INSERT HELP)
  224. Fed up
  225. Just want to confirm what I need to get my Begi-S kit up and running...
  226. what is the max bhp the greddy turbo will produce
  227. Pics of new FMIC = scary afr's
  228. new to it all
  229. T25 from sr20
  230. Grassroots Motorsports / Flyin Miata Turbo install party
  231. Help! No Boost.
  232. Are Begi intercooler pipes different for A/C
  233. waist gate actuator adjustment
  234. Bad Bipes?
  235. super rich in high rpms
  236. 1990-1997 Bell Series 1 installation on a 2001-2005 NB?
  237. Begi-S build thread
  238. Racingmazda.com Kits Anyone?
  239. Codes 3 & 15
  240. Can't torque, use HeMan strength?
  241. car wont run after begi-s install
  242. How tight should oil & water line fittings be?
  243. BEGi-S downpipe problem
  244. This elbow piece came in my Begi-S kit and I don't know what it is for...
  245. Turbo Tony Downpipe?
  246. : Greek NA build :: Begi-S powered trackday car :
  247. 1.6 oil feed problem
  248. Got my Begi-S today...I thought ceramic coating was included?
  249. HELP! Greddy kit and detonation!
  250. Car won't start.