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  1. engine failure no warning HELP!
  2. Transmission quill damage
  3. California Bay Area Hardtop Thefts
  4. What bolt is the right bolt.
  5. I'm a pathetic scumbag spammer and this is my thread
  6. Wiring the headlights to a switch
  7. NB1 Jap cluster dimmer.
  8. Another Transmission Option?
  9. Borescope Endoscope Thread
  10. Aftermarket power steering reservoir?
  11. advise me on selling the car
  12. NA soft-top installer in Bay Area, CA?
  13. HELp!
  14. How do you guys find the hole?
  15. Does this flywheel look familiar to anyone?
  16. VE Drop from 3k to 5k RPM??
  17. Anyone interested in a 99 Miata for ~2000?
  18. Build Thread
  19. Raised hood at the back due to hood struts - my solution..
  20. IAC Failure?
  21. Convert manual to OEM power locks
  22. Does my Flywheel need machining?
  23. NA and NB Miata Performance Parts!
  24. Clutch cross compatibility
  25. Panoramic Incar Video
  26. Potential Project Putchase
  27. Lost coolant from radiator cap, no steam or overheating... bad cap?
  28. Cnc cad designs; NB1
  29. Mechanical turn signal malfunction
  30. Recognize the 2001-2005 block?
  31. 3 inch exhaust options
  32. Lets play guess that noise again.
  33. Retard all the timing
  34. Salvageable?
  35. LED headlights
  36. Fender roller
  37. Orlando, Fl car help
  38. Different oil pressure after filter relocation
  39. Black sparkplugs
  40. Coolant reroute core plug
  41. Are these ID1000's? I've been digging to no avail.
  42. Should i but this NB?
  43. Impossible bolt- need tricks and suggestions
  44. 45 kPa at WOT on 1999 w M62... But not always.
  45. Question for the EE people
  46. Looking for info on these headlights
  47. A/C issues in a NB1 Miata (compressor not engaging)
  48. Arigato Miata Community
  49. Anyone near Naples Italy can tell me where to buy an NC rear end?
  50. Question on Skunk2 intake and coolant reroute
  51. Dashpot Delete on 1990 NA6
  52. Miata stalled and restarted 4 times in 15 seconds while driving, bad CAS?
  53. NB Weird Rattle at part throttle
  54. Starter - NB same as NA?
  55. Looking for some help on wide body kits
  56. NB1 idle drop issue
  57. Clutch noise
  58. Going up
  59. Mystery Electrical Part NA6 Help
  60. Making my Miata Legal for Cali
  61. Loss of power over 6k rpm, Mis at idle
  62. 02 NB Bose i can't figure out. I know, I know!
  63. Why is my radio so quiet?! NB MIATA LS
  64. VVT Miata very lean idle at cold start
  65. Dropped something into my engine.
  66. Racing Seats
  67. Considering getting an NA. Help me decide.
  68. Roll Bar Search
  69. Stalling problems
  70. 02 bose amp bypass fail...anyone wanna help
  71. Fuel pump won't stop priming?
  72. Uninstalling turbo - please be nice
  73. NB1 evap system: possible to gut w/o CEL codes?
  74. dimensions of fender flares
  75. kia stortage cam sensor
  76. Miata at Nurburgring in 7m39sec
  77. Exhaust problems
  78. Rockauto 5% discount
  79. help needed
  80. Are NB1 (1999-2000) body panels, bumpers and doors exactly the same as NB2?
  81. [NB] Aftermarket APR mirrors on a NB?
  82. Flyin Miata Complete Intake
  83. Cooling Upgrades - which radiator? DD with future turbo
  84. Different wiper motors?
  85. Modified emissions ticket, California
  86. Inspecting a NA6 turbo tomorrow
  87. here's one to stump you.
  88. Help! Crank but no start (sorta)
  89. Fan cycling?
  90. Shifters and Wheels
  91. $10 hood louver!
  92. Random cable
  93. Rich
  94. Closest vinyl color to Classic Red (SU)
  95. Want to buy a turbo Miata...need advise
  96. stall/no start electrical gremlins
  97. PPF delete/front differential mount from KMiata
  98. Midas:sucks
  99. EcoYata: The Heart of a HatchBack, the Looks of a Roadster
  100. Skunk2 manifold causing short?
  101. Creating a tach signal without coilpacks 94-95.5
  102. Quiet Exhaust ?
  103. PSA: Replace those clutch masters and slaves
  104. Overheating issue
  105. Octane content of the other 15% inside of e85?
  106. Shkreet Car Interior Deshibul Levelsh
  107. KMiata A/C kit is now available
  108. PSA for anyone with a Boundary oil pump
  109. NA Miata Start Issue
  110. Hardtop bolt down brackets
  111. Oil pressure at the head vs block
  112. Does anyone know what this is??
  113. Electrical
  114. fan current draw issues need EE advice
  115. Flex Fuel mounting on NA Chassis
  116. Help me fix my mystery no-start (and stall) problem when hot.
  117. This hose. Coolant overflow or something else?
  118. Lotus Exige Catalytic Converter welded in place.
  119. Car died, no power to ecu (ms3), radio, inside light, license plate light, INJ FUSE
  120. '94 NA Fuel/electrical issue.
  121. Oil dripping out of total new rebuild - help
  122. What's the best budget fuel system upgrade?
  123. Weird mostly speed-based vibration i cannot brain
  124. NB AC compressor question for someone smarter than me
  125. The original KLiata will live on
  126. From auto-x to almost sleeping on streets of LA
  127. various electrical issues driving me crazy
  128. Problem with a set of low profile headlights
  129. Fuel smell under boost (NB)
  130. Can't turn camshaft sprocket by hand .. normal ?
  131. Fun with Gauges--all new display on the Catfish
  132. price check-ish? PNW specifically
  133. Contemplating changing 01' to return style - Stock computer?
  134. Value Of Used Miata For Project
  135. P0246 Wastegate Solenoid High Voltage
  136. Motor Mounts v. vibrations
  137. Don't Drive Without The Stock Gauge Cluster!
  138. Weirds sound from my NA
  139. ERG Tube
  140. Trouble /w First Start-Up :: Fresh Rebuild (NA8)
  141. Anyone in SF Bay area traveling to San Diego?
  142. Timing jumps
  143. No start, good battery
  144. Differential Install on a NA Miata
  146. 2003 Miata Speedometer Not Working
  147. First Miata Purchase Help - Rocker Rust Check
  148. Question about deleting factory oil cooler
  149. Took it in the rear, cant fix the tow in my rear. Where to start?
  150. Leaky 6spd trans, pls halp
  151. Will a glass window fit?
  152. Should I reinstall IAC?
  153. Bolt In Roll Bar Options?
  154. Buying a 2001 VVT Engine!
  155. I dont know about this maita?
  156. Welp, she's in the shop (Maztech)
  157. Racing seat bracket/rails for shorter driver?
  158. Something is draining my battery
  159. Does this mean I have to buy a new ATI damper?
  160. What gear to dyno in a 6sd...
  161. Please help diagnose a loud buzzing
  162. PS Rack leak
  163. What engine did I just buy?
  164. Upgraded engine for 2019
  165. Electric Power Steering
  166. The Squaretop Tree
  167. S2000 seat fitment - Project VTEC
  168. NB Did you keep carbon canister when you went to return fuel system?
  169. Anyone running these Sick Speed side markers?
  170. If ya had to do it all over again...
  171. MSM motor swap options?
  172. Turbo BP vs Low Power Engine Swaps
  173. NB1 fuel rail on nb2
  174. NB2 Fuel return conversion I think for 400+
  175. Are all knock sensors melted?
  176. Help identify roll bar
  177. Miata will not run right!
  178. AC Fan and the Stock ECU
  179. Benefits of NB vs NA (vs ND??)
  180. NB2 additional O2 bung
  181. Difficulty of installing a convertible top already on the frame?
  182. Where did this wire go?
  183. Alternator Output 15.6v *Electrical Gurus Needed*
  184. Need help fixing my AFM
  185. Rotrex exhaust/muffler selection
  186. Is it safe to mix steel with Aluminum
  187. Hard top fit
  188. Smog help.
  189. Hot but not
  190. 2003 Miata Workshop Manual
  191. More offroad adventures! Got stuck again, too...
  192. size/pitch of tail light flange nuts?
  193. Morimoto XB Type S fog light install and results
  194. We're the hell do you guys find the gtx cam covers!!!??
  195. 1.8 swap a lil twist
  196. Looking for reputable vinyl wrap shops
  197. Nb2 roll bar choices
  198. Is my timing belt & cams timed correctly?
  199. Did I just lose a 5 spd ?
  200. Is it possible to keep a turbo Miata running forever with good care?
  201. Need To Patch a Hole In 1.8 Intake
  202. Big cams,74#springs.. stock valves??
  203. AFR Gauge/ Sputtering Problems
  204. Help! 1992 Miata Cranks no start!
  205. Ten buck -AN hose tester
  206. ARTech Fab
  207. Noise from turbo or exhaust?
  208. Getting fit for a Miata: details on my adventure in trying to pass Broomstick
  209. Special Adhesive for Soft Top Repair?
  210. Which 15" tires?
  211. I can just remove this, right?
  212. Vinyl wrap or plasti-dip?
  213. Is She Totaled?
  214. Please help my car overheated
  215. FYI - OEM NB1 Fog Light Source
  216. Tourist finding a flat top in Europe? Is it Possible?
  217. Miata Gas Tank Cover Screws
  218. My budget high school build!
  219. Another cranks but no start thread
  220. WASHINGTON Miata Turbo Folk
  221. Possible MSM part out coming soon in VA Beach
  222. Time lapse of my drive home for xmas
  223. Special socket for cylinder head bolts?
  224. Good Miata tuners in Philadelphia area?
  225. NA vs NB miata
  226. 06 6-speed in NA?
  227. Which Valve Seals are Best
  228. Identifying aftermarket mystery part
  229. California smog strategy question
  230. Looking for 2 NA8 owners to pictures and measurements for LS coils harness
  231. 2001-2003 Miata VVT Service Manual
  232. NB1 exhaust manifold on NA8?
  233. i need help making a decision.
  234. NB 6 speed to 5 speed swap question?
  235. N/a or boost?
  236. BP4W swap into 96 Chassis - Hot restart idle problem
  237. Nice Key Blanks
  238. Has anyone considered an EV conversion?
  239. Sparco Chrono Seats
  240. Mandrel 3" exhaust cad program?
  241. Upgrading Fuel Pump Relay
  242. ATI Super Damper problem
  243. My maņana hitting 100k
  244. What is an MSM soft top with frame worth?
  245. Exact material for 2001 Miata OEM soft top with defroster?
  246. Child's car seat in a Miata
  247. GoPro Visor Mount
  248. Miata Vs. Wild
  249. Audio City USA clogging CL
  250. darkcambria splodes his engine and has to rebuild