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  1. Piping
  2. turbo manifolds
  3. Update on ongoing 1.6 t3/t4 Pics
  4. Cheap silicone connectors, reducers...
  5. need opinions on the etd shorty manifold for gt2554r
  6. The Miotta build is in full swing. (56k... Picture intensive thread)
  7. Frankenturbo... A.K.A. Ghettocharger V3.0
  8. Which Intercooler??
  9. my miata's back... slower :( AVO beats BEGI
  10. 14b oil line/fittings
  11. Arospeed oil cooler?
  12. MX-5 turbo conversion
  13. Ebay t3 oil line kits?
  14. Just finished my first turbo rebuild.. have a few questions
  15. Intercooler upgrade started - photos
  16. The next turbo going on the miata...S256
  17. supply lines
  18. 1994 1.8L Mazda Miata Turbo Engine Flyin Miata Link
  19. Drill bit for oil return
  20. Intercooler piping ideas
  21. no oil pressure after rebuild
  22. Mazda MX-5 Miata OEM 3.6 Final Gear
  23. sizing theory
  24. Moving the heater hose to make room for the downpipe?
  25. 1.8l Diy Q
  26. BOV not B, O, or V'ing HELP
  27. finally tuned!!!
  28. turbo ignition help
  29. Help
  30. Enthuza 2.5" exhaust?
  31. Bigger turbo on FM mani...what will fit?
  32. BEGI manifolds for cheap Check this out.
  33. Front Shroud and Bellypan Coolant Temp Results
  34. My New Downpipe
  35. Can anyone ID this turbo?
  36. will I need a better fuel pump?
  37. High-temp rubber vs. silicone for IC piping.
  38. Just installed a diy turbo kit!!! Questions?
  39. SS Manifold
  40. Got bored like that7guy.... so I ...
  41. Where to get injectors cleaned..
  42. ac makes boosting easier?
  43. sweet deal on a begi t3 mani
  44. Request: air intake temp AIT data
  45. Intercooler question and piping
  46. SRT-4 stage one injector compatibility?
  47. how the heck do you get the nut that holds the compressor wheel on, off?
  48. I need advice on a good cheap mani for my t3, and a way to mock up a downpipe
  49. afpr question
  50. Neo's spend a lot of money to build your miata thread!!!!FUN
  51. Here's What I've Been Up To
  52. Quick turbo opinions please - GT28 or T3?
  53. Finally FMIC but overheating now..
  54. What pieces needed for turbo back exhaust?
  55. 1.6L HKS Manifold Question
  56. Bout to junk the Link and go elsewhere... Where to buy from?
  57. quick question on plumbing a fuel pressure riser..
  58. Turbo Caravan injectors
  59. FM Link and Innovate DB Wide Band O2 (Lc-1)
  60. Link ECU and Injectors
  61. How much boost on 320cc injectors
  62. clutches
  63. how to help oil lines not leak
  64. Rx7 injectors identification
  65. Intercooler pipe routing
  66. How to control Radiator Fan via Link
  67. SAFC 1 on a miata 1.6 nb?
  68. NA Lower Intake Air Temp
  69. What would you do? Compressor related.
  70. Where to find 1/8 bsp tee?
  71. Need help with DIY turbo parts
  72. Flanges!
  73. Connector for original fans
  74. BOV flutter or surge?
  75. Need a downpipe fabricator
  76. Yet another honda question...
  77. 1.6 t3 turbo manifold advice?
  78. Which WBO2
  79. looking for a turbo for my megan manifold
  80. 16g Turbo kit.
  81. will somebody explain to huslter how the PCV system works w/ a turbo
  82. link ecu with 550cc injectors
  83. Link ECU install - Should I? Or not?
  84. bolts or studs
  85. whats the best wat to drill/tap the oil pan?
  86. Need AFR help with LC-1 and BEGI FMU
  87. Ebay turbo ??
  88. nitrous ?
  89. Question about pipeing size for a t25
  90. what ratio on a FMU for 5psi with a t25 turbo?
  91. I'm not sure what this is, I found it under my seat.
  92. Oil and water lines
  93. T25 Oil Restrictor (Need Opinions)
  94. T25 too small?
  95. colder plug part #
  96. Junkyard hunting
  97. Current best place to get injectors cleaned, patterned. flowed and balanced?
  98. Airesearch m11 turbo
  99. Tight Radius DP
  100. Intank Vs Inline Pump
  101. intake bypass size
  102. OC'd ECU question
  103. Question about how eaisly a turbo should spin
  104. My "Little Project"
  105. airflow in the NB
  106. garret turbo question
  107. Choosing an air filter for a tight spot
  108. nissan 300zx and SR20DET
  109. Old Begi IC and piping confusion HELP!?!?!?!?
  110. [email protected]?????
  111. aftermarket fan question.
  112. BOV flow direction...
  113. tony's email
  114. thinking about selling my car...
  115. SR20 T25 Wastegate options
  116. Connect Turbo inlet to AFM
  117. What do you think?
  118. Went to the track today
  119. Math Check
  120. cheap bosch bov replacement
  121. WRX TD04H turbo on a 99 miata
  122. fuel injectors
  123. AFM- major restriction?
  124. Wondering what cars I can beat at 8psi
  125. Seem pretty nice, decent price, worth it?
  126. Saw Turbo Specialtiess Kit: LONG POST
  127. running lean again
  128. 99 just went turbo and having ridiculous problems
  129. Turbo manifold fit ?
  130. Help me identify this setup.
  131. Drilling and Tapping oil pan?
  132. How much oil drain hose do I need?
  133. Witchhunter.com cheap insurance!
  134. DIY low profile headlights?
  135. Injectors
  136. diy dual feed fuel rail confusion
  137. I am one lucky SOB! You're not gonna believe this!
  138. Internal wastegate actuator...
  139. saw this in m.net classifieds noob q's
  140. probably been answered before.
  141. Ah SHIT! Too good to last.
  142. knock sensor on 99
  143. cold burning spark plugs and wires
  144. HKS manifolds and DP
  145. My balls have finally dropped (Philip didnt do this one)
  146. Old Spark plugs
  147. Stupid Newbie Question
  148. now here's why I think fuel is important too
  149. Hope this works this time!
  150. NOVA pre-Summer Tuning Day
  151. 22psi
  152. Tell me about this turbo please
  153. turbo advice
  154. wanna see why timing is important?
  155. Newbie needs help on a Turbo kit
  156. I am so close to getting banned again.
  157. which of these turbo rebuild kits is best - differing # of parts included
  158. Old Begi Areodyne manifold to T3 adapter plate
  159. Airfilters
  160. kits in california?
  161. MBC's..Should I buy one? I have tons of money. Maybe an EBC.......Help!!!!
  162. Question about detonation?
  163. Datalogging Bandwagon
  164. Flyin Powerlink
  165. Seeking datalog comments
  166. NB (M2) 1.6 fuel rail = NA (M1) fuel rail?
  167. heating problems
  168. fuel pressure gauge location?
  169. what makes your air temps hit 60C on a 20C day.
  170. Ghetto Heatshield #2
  171. Time for my very own build thread! (oh god please help me)
  172. Running the car w/o intercooler pipes
  173. Turbo Upgrade Help Pls
  174. Synchronic Blow Off Valve
  175. TWO wierd sounds from turbo....
  176. infon about my 14b miata
  177. What can I install and still keep the car on the road?
  178. So sick of stuff not fitting
  179. I can see my FUEL PRESSURE!!!
  180. Should I be able to turn up the boost more?
  181. is 18 or 20psi safe??
  182. i jock y8s style.
  183. 616 rwhp miata
  184. my completed turbo pictures. version, uh, 2. 56k death.
  185. Intercooler End Tanks?
  186. what size catch can?
  187. Double Catch-can setup?
  188. Tuning by EGT
  189. T2/T3 hybrid?
  190. Tech help - 4000rpm stumble on accel
  191. Anybody running a MSP GT25?
  192. Can I put a SR20 exhaust housing on a DSM t25 turbo?
  193. Looks like I have some build issues
  194. y8s diy turbo sample dyno run!
  195. Running a 4 wire O2 sensor with 1 wire?
  196. turbo question
  197. T3 50 Turbine Map?
  198. Quick drive w/305's, think I'm rich?
  199. Need 1" to 1.25" short adapter hose
  200. Heat shield project started tonight
  201. Cannot make boost with a MBC
  202. are the flywheels of a miata and a 323/protege the same??
  203. Well, I HAD wastegate creep...
  204. 14 b wategate question
  205. bov question
  206. turbo compatibility
  207. wide band sensor
  208. intermittent stalling problem
  209. Haste radiators?
  210. what heat range plug
  211. XTD Clutch
  212. Going Disco Potato
  213. LC1 woes
  214. Confused on how to install Vortech FMU
  215. different price....
  216. JR timing control?
  217. 5th injector
  218. rattle can aluminum charge pipes?
  219. Damm Kinda Slow in Here today!
  220. so I got this fuel pump
  221. hissing sound from back of intake manifold
  222. Post your exhaust sound and setup
  223. Greddy kit at 250whp 94-95'...
  224. Pleaz help with S-afc
  225. oil filter adapters
  226. dual feed fuel rails
  227. Help with friends DIY turbo civic.
  228. help with bov
  229. S-AFC in "MAP mode"
  230. How am I doing so far. Suggestions to complete?
  231. a new style intercooler?
  232. Boosted At Last
  233. what exactely do i need?
  234. apexi avc-r boost controller question.... in an installing mood
  235. about turbos
  236. Final details help with oil and water lines and DP
  237. Do I have to clock this turbo????
  238. video: 2nd-3rd acceleration
  239. Need opinions about injectors
  240. DE-turbo question
  241. Weld turbo to manifold - bad idea?
  242. does your FM bov sound like a turkey
  243. IHI RHB-6 rating
  244. T-ing off the oil sender HELP
  245. By jumpering you mean....
  246. Flexible intercooler piping?
  247. MBC - how do i plumb it ?
  248. Silly question about the MAF
  249. I need Help! My car will start, then shut off
  250. Ok masterminds check me out