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  1. Aem wideband
  2. Magnaflow muffler install
  3. turbo manifold question?
  4. Turbo Coolant/Water Line Size
  5. EGR delete
  6. What do you think of this pre-used kit I found?
  7. How-to video on the application of lockwire
  8. Lets Discuss my Boost Creep.
  9. HELP! Car shuts off when driving!
  10. Smoke test, passes through CHRA?
  11. Looking for the right IC setup
  12. Opinion on this kit I found
  13. Large turbo on ebay log manifold?
  14. Low psi build. Trying to get my feet wet with room for improvement later.
  15. new turbo or replace the center section
  16. How outdated is Maximum Boost by Corky Bell?
  17. Need some advice on "Godspeed" turbochargers and GT2554R equivalents.
  18. DSM T25 Turbo Help!
  19. 5/8" oil return line, pre-formed 90 degree?
  20. My Spark Map now with "Death Cans" :)
  21. T28 turbo
  22. miata hits wall under boost
  23. Is this Corksport manifold w/IHI turbo's?
  24. Custom manifold - loooooong runners!
  25. Any info on this craigslist manifold?
  26. Overboost Issue
  27. 7mgte injectors?
  28. EFR 7163: The new hotness
  29. do I really need bigger injectors?
  30. A Couple of Problems, Mainly Spark Related
  31. 1.8 swap, keeping TD04H
  32. Water Cooling Routing - Am I doing this right?
  33. 2003 Shinsen build
  35. Oil Supply to Turbo
  36. Tired of my ghetto air filter :(
  37. Square top Intake Manifold
  38. for the sake of wanting what i cant have
  39. FIC Injector Black Friday Sale!!! Maybe...
  40. Pinky's Sweet (Air) Box
  41. 300+whp 2002 miata custom turbo kit project
  42. Surely this has been asked before... k04?
  43. Identify These Injectors
  44. DIY boost needs DIY AFR/Boost gauge
  45. 1.6 return line
  46. Stock internals for 2001-2003 Miata
  47. Heater hose relocate ideas
  48. Hold my hand, and show me how to feed my turbo
  49. WTF is wrong with my car. AKA why is my boost so saggy V2
  50. Manifold Woes
  51. Noob with a turbo plan!
  52. LSx coil mount you say?
  53. Subaru style Gauge pod
  54. Why the f*** did I install a M45?
  55. I'm confused about how these manifold to turbo studs are supposed to work.
  56. Tell me what kind of manifold this is!?
  57. My 99 miata tur...I mean Eaton M90 build
  58. Low, Rearward Mount?
  59. Lets talk about air filters...
  60. TD04 rattle @ 3-4k rpm when over run
  61. strange leak between manifold and turbo exhaust housing
  62. Old School S-AFC (5-Knob) on 1990 NA6
  63. Front leaking oil seals or valve cover ?
  64. Exhaust/Turbo flange port match?
  65. Exhaust smoke with high oil consumption
  66. SR20DET turbo w/ Flyin' Miata maifold
  67. Should I upgrade my fuel pump?
  68. Further Thread on Oil Supply
  69. Manual boost controller bad ?
  70. Be A Pal and Help Identify This Turbo Flange
  71. Thinking narrower rad for air intake path ?
  72. What happens when you fit too big a compressor wheel?
  73. Baffled by valve cover baffles !!
  74. intake manifold design....
  75. Mercury Capri Turbo setup on a Miata 1.6?
  76. More power but still very reliable?
  77. Turbo noob seeking advice
  78. water injection question
  79. Confusing boost creep
  80. To many oil pump choices
  82. OK place to dump my EWG?
  83. What's a good price for ceramic coating?
  84. GT2560R Compressor Housing CNC Machining of Hose Connections
  85. Intercooler piping setup
  86. MSM Engine & 6 Speed Swap Into NA
  87. Drilling the Greddy for 10mm question.
  88. Lets argue about VGT/VNT Diesel Turbos on a gas motor.
  89. You guys have to be the ones i need to go to for advice.
  90. Sourcing BOV bypass hose
  91. Block oil feed port bad?
  92. I AM BOOSTED...but I have vibration ;)
  93. NB intake flange.....
  94. Possible to replace the BPV with a BOV?
  95. AIT sensor and bung question.
  96. 2JZ mani stud question
  97. Used Kit (Experienced advice needed)
  98. oil feed/oil galley plug
  99. ar 70 big turbo stock block???
  100. Too big? 20g and 1.6?
  101. First turbo build
  102. EV14 injectors- Is there a definative list of what comes what from the factory?
  103. Begi Shanghai or DIY setup?
  104. Mods before Turbo - I did search, honest!
  105. DIY Catch Can Question
  106. First turbo start up
  107. TurboSmart In-Cabin MBC
  108. TurboSmart In Cabin MBC
  109. Correct Outlet Flange sizing
  111. Which turbo blanket for Gredy TDO4 ?
  112. (Quick Fab) China Manifold Replacement
  113. Turbo build going full retard
  114. cheap turbo build
  115. Downpipe Turbo Flange Preferred Material
  116. My 1.6 Turbo Dyno Results
  117. 1.6L 2560 record attempt *SHATNERED*
  118. Converting NB to return fuel style
  119. How R you keeping the heat out of cabin?
  120. A great video on Turbocharging a Miata
  121. What turbo do you have?
  122. dsm turbo, what size?
  123. BP turbo setup fill the gaps
  124. Coldside piping
  125. starting my build soon
  126. Old FM mani and ew fitment issue
  127. Cops to stock Coilpack
  128. 1.6 or 1.8?
  129. Installing artech/absurdflow style DPs
  130. Why is my boost so saggy?
  131. DOC Race Manifold
  132. what would you pay for a begi garret set up
  133. 03 VVT MAP Sensor Location
  134. Need Opinions for DIY Setup
  135. Turbo to hood clearance
  136. NA1.6 Stock internals... advice please!
  137. 96 Miata worth the price and turbo'ing?
  138. Miata wont run
  139. Pre vs Post intercooler BOV location and optimal air filter location
  140. fm turbo kits 1994
  141. Mocking up exhaust manifold
  142. V band exhaust housing options?
  143. Maximum Boost??
  144. which thermostat for turbo 1.6?
  145. Homebrew turbo question
  146. Howling when spooling, and turbo shutdown noise. Dead turbo?
  147. Question about this particular blowoff/bypass valve.
  148. T25/T28 Used Costs
  149. Sounds like misfire after begi fmu and bipes install
  150. Newb needs assistance wth turbo kit
  151. exintake mod
  152. ever seen this manifold???
  153. Anyone know what flange this is?
  154. How to Turbocharge your NA for 2k, build with TONNES of pics and info.
  155. What to do with a Turbo after spun bearing
  156. Turbo fitting manifold database?
  157. Norgren regulator - anyone using one?
  158. question/discussion for you turbo wizards
  159. Budget Turbo Build
  160. Compound boost: EFR 7670 into Coldside FFS W/ H20/Meth into 10.5:1 VVT Built Engine
  161. churbo rebuild kit
  162. Custom 3" exhaust or pre-built one. Help needed please
  163. upgrade intercooler or exhaust
  164. Exhintake swap for a future turbo setup
  165. DIY: raised fulcrum short shifter
  166. HX30W and low boost on an NA 1.8?
  167. How much boost can I run?
  168. Greddy TD04H V-band leak
  169. donations are accepted:)
  170. How much do T25s usually go for?
  171. Wastegate flapper / flange contact
  172. TD04 vs GT2554 vs GT2560
  173. Biohzrd's GT28RS Build - From The Dark Side Of The Boost
  174. Ebay is sometimes awesome...
  175. Shutting my BOV up.
  176. Just bought this mani did I use profanity in a thread title?
  177. miata turbo, white smoke idle issues, the lot...
  178. CHRA thread sizes
  179. getting feet wet
  180. Another DIY build
  181. Cooling... Reroute on a 1.8 with no Heater Core
  182. 1.6 build not running right
  183. locost mx5 project
  184. Oil return line size question
  185. Are banjo bolts needed
  186. Engine apart for big maintenance. FM2 Turbo. Coolant line questions, please help
  187. explain this wga to me
  188. capri xr2 stuffs
  189. driving boosted with no form of tuning..
  190. GTX2863 and GTX2867
  191. GT25 and GT28 spool
  192. Driver side charge piping
  193. 2.5 inch 1.6 NA "downpipe"
  194. Rebuilding bottom end on SE/Mazdaspeed Turbo, what kit?
  195. Yet another oil pan thread!
  197. V-bands, what the hell?
  198. Exhaust Manifold - HPC coating or not..?
  199. Turbo makes a bad noise...Sadness ensues
  200. Minimum Boost on an EFR 6258?
  201. people running 14bs
  202. flywheel weight
  203. New to the forum, some basic questions and goals
  204. Best swaps EVARS...plus boost
  205. Do I remove stock o2 sensor after installing lc-1?
  206. Any news on the track speed turbo kits
  207. Efr Borg Warner turbo
  208. DIY NA over radiator piping question
  209. Oil and water line fab?
  210. Turbo questions! I know very open discussion'
  211. Oil only? Or water cooling too...
  212. Cooling System Issue
  213. capacitor for toyota cops
  214. turbo coolant feed
  215. Please help.....
  216. Link ECU Serial Connection Wiring Diagram ?
  217. 94 with NB block, VVT head, DIY-MS+VCM and CAS
  218. suggestions on intercooler
  219. FM hotside silicone IC pipe for lowmount EFR setup.
  220. The fix for Cracked Ebay Manifolds.....
  221. Fabbing Coolant Lines
  222. Water pump inlet tube options/help need.
  223. Information on Miata and Turbo choices.
  224. Best luck ever...
  225. Maybe a stupid Race Gas question.
  226. Recirculating or VTA?
  227. Tool advice. HELP
  228. DSM Garrett t25 water lines
  229. noob - NB diy intercooler kit...
  230. O2 placement vs EWG/ crank evac
  231. nb maf
  232. Turbo manifold
  233. Turbo ID please
  234. NA Post Turbo install vacuum leak
  235. Misfire Problem
  236. couple of questions
  237. MSM intake cam specs?
  238. Catalytic Converter Length
  239. VICS operation - how to add
  240. Affordable wideband solution
  241. 3.5 rpm vibration
  242. Hardware for EFR6258
  243. replacement actuator
  244. 250-300hp help
  245. Downpipe Fastner Question
  246. How big is too big??
  247. which fuel pump for E85?
  248. Surge? Flutter? Is this off-throttle noise something I should worry about?
  249. Turbonetics Wastegate - Mystery Port
  250. Name that Down Pipe!