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  1. Lets talk Ebay turbos
  2. Bros op on muff.
  3. Broke ---- on my turbo...
  4. Slow spooling/leaking recirculating valve? Is this normal/are they all junk?
  5. turbo options gtx 2867 or 63, or modded gt2871
  6. RX8 Yellow denso 195500-4450 425cc pnp review
  7. 14b+emanage = CHEAP
  8. Dsm t25
  9. GT3071R - Oil restrictor?
  10. DOT fitting Vacuum Line setup
  11. noob turbo questions , sr20 t25
  12. Is compressor surge what just killed my turbo?
  13. Putting on a bolt on, good or bad?
  14. Wiring Honda B18c Tps for use on MSM w/hydra
  15. m-tuned rod with heat damage
  16. doc race ebay manifold looks legit someone buy this
  17. SARD FPR install problem
  18. Turbo Rebuild Kit
  19. Drilling block for oil feed?
  20. Flyin Miata 2 from 1.8 Mk2.5 into a 1.8 Eunos Mk1
  21. FMII - External gate on manifold.
  22. Am I going to regret this??
  23. FM1/2 Old style intercooler mounting?
  24. Which Vacuum source?
  25. Sticky Request - Miata Airflow Spreadsheet
  26. Mixing manifold question
  27. NA Air flow meter what to use
  28. FM or Begi on a 2000 Miata
  29. A Very Simple Turbo Kit Proposal - Specualtors welcome
  30. TSE Stage 8 wont fit
  31. Anyone know of thinner (diameter) unflanged nuts?
  32. heat harden external waste gate hoses
  33. New DSM BOV Leaking?
  34. boost spike
  35. standard exhaust manifold into turbo?
  36. I'm an idiot help me?!
  37. Greddy Mitsu TD04 worth keeping?
  38. Help me figure out what to do (bad headgasket for sure)
  39. Couple vacum, BOV, guage questions with pics!
  40. ID: T25 or GT2554R?
  41. Drilling the sump for an oil return
  42. Manifold kits? ok to MIG weld?
  43. Turbo Crane Evolution
  44. BEGI drilled 10mm turbo stud holes too close together, what to do?
  45. which to use
  46. tacotaco manifold and turbo selection
  47. NB build thread
  48. radiator shroud needed?
  49. Divorced wastegate downpipe port shroud fouling the wastegate?
  50. 15 PSI on a GT2554R?
  51. Getting rid of the AFM, help!
  52. trans diff question-current build
  53. going turbo, need help
  54. fuel management on a budget?
  55. Noob requesting advices on turbo setup
  56. oil return
  57. gt2554r rebuild
  58. GT2554 or what?
  59. Okay here we go, for all the hot heads
  60. Is My Oil Return Line Too Long?
  61. NC Turbo
  62. Internal Wastegate Sticking Open
  63. Oil filter sandwich plate adapter oil line routing
  64. Extra watertemp sensor reads different then OEM sensor... Help me out...
  65. Tan top max HP
  66. AFM/ECU signal wire
  67. 8an too small for drain line?
  68. 1.6 vs 1.8 exhaust manifold gasket
  69. Low impedence to high impedence...
  70. Alloy or aluminium intercooler
  71. Can this turbine housing still be used?
  72. 1.6 Capped Oil Return vs Drill & Tap?
  73. Big boost and returnless fuel system
  74. Boost problem
  75. vortech fmu discs, remake?
  76. what turbo is this
  77. Check valve for BOV
  78. How do you guys find your mystery oil leaking bandits?
  79. Electronic expertise needed - led instead of bulb in gauge cluster is permanently lit
  80. Weird noise from the intake. Possibly compressor surge, but doesn't sound like it.
  81. 12 degrees base, too much?
  82. XR4Ti M11 turbo and Garrett T25 questions...
  83. Help finding down-pipe, Identify the flange.
  84. boost creep or not
  85. Recycled exhaust manifold
  86. No boost then no start?
  87. Affordable Turbo Manifolds for A/C and PS on a 1.8
  88. Possible timing problem
  89. Hello all, just want to make sure I have my set up correct
  90. TD05-16g Leaking Some oil on WOT
  91. compressor housing o-ring
  92. Overboosting like a mofo
  93. Possibly buying a turbo kit, need advice
  94. Help identifying this 1.6L cast manifold?
  95. EFR 6258 or GTX2867 twinscroll
  96. 1.8 diy k03 kit need advice
  97. Occasional Buck
  98. Need help identifying a Borg turbo
  99. Questions on Anti Surge?...
  100. Is this MSM kit a good deal?
  101. ID'ing a turbo
  102. Vacuum Switches On A Turbo Car
  103. just got back from the dyno
  104. Garrett GT3076R with FM2 Cast Manifold?
  105. New DIY build and 1.8 Conversion
  106. Running 'lean' in boost.
  107. Exhaust flange resurfacing?
  108. T25 Coolant line help
  109. 5th injector
  110. Radiator beside intercooler
  111. 1.8 cast iron manifold with t3 flange
  112. Noob here. Fuel issue me thinks.
  113. Blow off valve help
  114. I've searched but can't find... using stock intake tube on NA turbo?
  115. I Need Turbo kit for 2006 1.8L
  116. Intercooler positioning
  117. Opinions on upgrading compressor side of turbo?
  118. can't make more than 10lbs boost
  119. how do you re-clock a garrett?
  120. Anyone located around Cleveland, Ohio?
  121. Injectors doing it right the first time.
  122. Turbo housing color
  123. Does this BOV sound right?
  124. New turbo need help(did I get a good one). Flanges, Wastegate port and oil drain size
  125. How to estimate max horsepower by measuring an unknown turbo.
  126. I've got my flame suit on...
  127. Turbo backpressure? What turbo backpressure?
  128. Found a Turbo Specialties kit in my area...
  129. eunos 1.6 running garrett t2 and begi fmu please help
  130. anyone have a custom t25 wastegate bracket?
  131. recirculating diverter?
  132. Lower boost on Td05 16g Turbo?
  133. Turbo knocking after engine is shut off
  134. Restriction
  135. Motor building questions
  136. looking for info
  137. V-Mount setups, info, pictures?
  138. turbo weight
  139. 1.6 Turbo Project While im in the USAF
  140. Can I make myself a frankenstein TD04H?
  141. Do I need a FPR? or a better map?
  142. 99 turbo questions
  143. NC Turbo manifold Idea
  144. Looking for some help and GReddy emanage maps
  145. AVO/XS engineering GT2876R with .50 A/R compressor
  146. opinions on rx7 460cc injectors im about to install
  147. Lc-1 reading 20+ F/R ratio when in gear but no gas applied
  148. Will Lancer EVO injectors (03 - 06) fit?
  149. Intercooler pipe sizing and spool/ turbo efficiency
  150. LC-1 Help
  151. Reusing surge tank gasket. Possible?
  152. Upgrading to turbo...soonish
  153. Help me decide what to do with my car
  154. sizing intercooler piping q's
  155. New blank canvas: '95 1.8
  156. How important is oil drain slope? How brittle is the oil pan?
  157. Turbocharging a 2006?
  158. Ignitor, COPS and TPS question
  159. Drawing for TD04H flange
  160. Turbo'ing 94 M-Edition for cheapish
  161. Why doesn't Garrett or Borg make these for tuner applications?
  162. need help identifying manifold
  163. Correct drill bit for 3/8 npt sump fitting
  164. Exhaust pipe source
  165. Coolant-to-Turbo routing q
  166. trying to put my turbo back on tonight and
  167. Will a new turbo fix my oil usage.
  168. what is the torque spec on the stage 8 stud
  169. Downpipe Fitment
  170. overboosting issue
  171. Convert TD04-13t to vband mount
  172. Help: Installing/tunning MegaSquirt (SoCal)
  173. mita nb 1999 miata nb fuel pulsation damper net to passanger side shock tower questi
  174. Find me a turbo that fits these critera
  175. Is there a better actuator solution for low boost applications?
  176. NB Euro B6 waterneck removal vs. NB BP - help please
  177. ? best year 1.8L to Turbo 1994 to 1997
  178. Overboosting Problems
  179. low mount turbo folks, oil return?
  180. Pre-assembled PTFE AN line vendors?
  181. Power falls off at 6800 RPM 18 psi 2871R
  182. Turbo DIY?
  183. How much noise is a turbo supposed to make?
  184. Was - Did I kill my starter, ...? - Now - Please help me with my timing belt...
  185. Oil all over charge pipes
  186. Tell me if I'm an idiot for thinking this...
  187. 1.6 turbo?
  188. FE3 swap versus built motor
  189. 1.6 T28 13psi
  190. Shop for Garrett basic unit
  191. SR20 overboosting problems
  192. What are you guys doing for overflow tanks?
  193. JDM 1.6 L question
  194. drain tube and BOV
  195. Anyone running one of these or something close?
  196. will i be pushing my car too much?
  197. Post your engine bay here!
  198. How does this look?
  199. Looking for Megasquirt installation help - Midwest?
  200. Effect of loose wastegate actuator
  201. EFR but not EFR
  202. 1999 Miata Replacing Windshield Wiper Switch
  203. DIY gauge cluster with Maxigauge
  204. What turbo and ECU ?
  205. Need Help w/ Turbo Water Cooling
  206. NA Turbo Build soon - Build/Questions
  207. diy turbo manifold piping mild steel
  208. Changed Head Gasket Clutch Won't start
  209. External Wastegate options
  210. TD04/TD05 fitted in place of T25/T28
  211. Which Junkyard turbo to use on a 1.6? DSM 2g T25 or KKK K26 T3?
  212. Need help finding a good actuator
  213. Unknown Rebuilt T25 Garrett - HELP!
  214. Somebody School Me In Turbos Please
  215. Unboxing my ChinaCharger
  216. Need to make sure engine clean for new turbo?
  217. Help me Make My V-Mount Funtional
  218. 6 speed in my na? will it work?
  219. .42/.49 a/r CX racing T25 - was that a mistake?
  220. EGR take off point question
  221. Unidentified turbo that came with my '90 1.6 - 5-6lbs?
  222. Ordering a Chrubo... but there's a snag
  223. Anybody using GT28rs with ewg housing?
  224. 1.6L DiY Turbo
  225. Non miata turbo project... please dont hate!
  226. Painting the compressor. Bad idea?
  227. Half assed NB
  228. Ca18 t25
  229. SR20 T25 disassembly help
  230. boost drop out
  231. Paging inconel stud crew
  232. Evo VI exhaust on 99ae
  233. inconel install/machine shop full of rednecks
  234. simple intercooler mounts
  235. Big Turbo Noob...
  236. Z-engineering SC BOV
  237. What downpipe flange is this?
  238. Where to buy Garrett GT2560
  239. How much can I salvage from other car makes for a 1.8 home brew?
  240. ITT: Fabbing for compound curves..
  241. So I Turboed my Car...
  242. ideal turbo?
  243. My Turbo Plan
  244. talk my lame ass into buying a "real" turbo
  245. FMII with BEGI-S4 manifold???
  246. Please proofread my DIY noob boost build list.
  247. EGT mounting and other opinions needed
  248. BB turbo shaft play
  249. Turbo choice and engine build input requested for 2004 msm
  250. DIY Low Boost Turbo Installation