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  1. Show your tanks!
  2. 1/4" - 6mm Pipe
  3. Switching tunes when low on methanol?
  4. Water/Meth injection and small turbo
  5. aquamist HFS2 FAV problem
  6. Using a fuel injector as a nozzle
  7. First Run with Devil's Own Alcohol injection kit (stupidcharged @ 8psi)
  8. Lets talk IAT's and methanol injection.
  9. Looking into water injection
  10. Lets see your with and without water/meth injection spark tables
  11. where to put jet in sc system
  12. temp based water injection
  13. Home Brewed Water/Methanol Injection System
  14. WI/MI good for my setup.
  15. WI/MI water useage?
  16. Ca carb?
  17. can water injection help heat soak issues?
  18. Snow Performance stage 2 install
  19. Valve cover breather necessary? JRSC & Water Injection related
  20. Reliable Pressure Switch
  21. Maybe a FAQ about water/meth?
  22. 1.6l: SMOKING. Built bottom end, smoke out of oil dipstick/valve cover
  23. NA 1.6l, rebuilt. Diesel noise from the head.
  24. has anyone tested their WI pressure output?
  25. meth nozzle spray pattern vs bung
  26. DevilsOwn stage on kit blowing fuses
  27. BEGi Washer Fluid Reservoir for W/M storage - anyone?
  28. Water or meth through FI?
  29. Hobbs Pressure Switch Part Number?
  30. NB Owners: Where To Mount Pump
  31. How much can I push it with Meth?
  32. pc-pro card WI control
  33. Adding water after dyno tuning
  34. Pre-Compressor Water Injection / Wet Compression Paper
  35. Joe Perez Low Fluid Warning Light
  36. How to caculate what size and how many jets/nozzles you need
  37. Megasquirt Water Injection Failsafe Mechanism
  38. Spethial announcement from mit!!!!
  39. 15psi and no meth?
  40. Testing DO Pump
  41. Newb pressure switch question
  42. AEM water/meth injection failsafe / gauge
  43. Running Methanol
  44. Tank and pump mounting location: rear shock panel?
  45. Educate me on WI and stock ECU
  46. EZ question: Where can I get a tap locally?
  47. Individual runner WI + intercooler outlet?
  48. bungtastic
  49. alcoholinjectionsystem.com
  50. Water Injection - A stealthy approach
  51. nozzle sizing
  52. Devil's Own outside mount nozzles
  53. mechanical water injection
  54. DIY Water Meth Injection System!
  55. AquaMist on ebay
  56. Which kit
  57. Where to mount nozzle?
  58. Port WI build thread
  59. pure water nozzle size?
  60. Progressive Pressure Water Injection
  61. Question about nozzle placement
  62. 12V power supply
  63. Methanol vs Ethanol vs Propanol Injection
  64. Meth with no ecu
  65. CoolingMist basic kit for 199.95.
  66. Help down under
  67. Cheap WI parts?
  68. Water Injection with boost and IRTBs
  69. Let's talk about failsafe schemes
  70. dirt cheap meth tanks 10 to 22 bucks
  71. 100% Meth
  72. Check your nozzles!
  73. WI on old Performance Tech. kit
  74. Will WI give intake sensor false readings?
  75. DIY WI and howto
  76. GM Map sensor smoking WTF
  77. Made good progress today
  78. Lotsa boost with medium intercooler and WI
  79. Some final questions about WI
  80. Just got Spraying today!!!
  81. it shows how it mounts the tank or it gets the hose again (v. trunk-mounted tank)
  82. cool links
  83. Let's talk about pre-turbo WI.
  84. How will the water/mixture temperature affect the WI cooling effect?
  85. Outside-mount nozzles
  86. WI monitoring
  87. When to add WI?
  88. Switching from 50/50 to washer fluid
  89. Gasoline, Methanol, AFR, Lambda, and Stoichiometry.
  90. High speed valves
  91. Just how much timeing can you add with WI?
  92. Devil's own kit installed
  93. check valve back pressure
  94. AEM Water/Methanol Injection Kit
  95. Devils Own Progressive Problems
  96. Anyone running a splitter?
  97. WI build planning
  98. Quick Q about WI and MS
  99. would you add water to my set-up?
  100. Pure Water - pure Meth - Mix? Ethanol?
  101. WI on supercharger - nozzle placement
  102. The latest on MS controlled proportional WI?
  103. Can WI increase the HP potential of a turbo?
  104. Water injection questions
  105. Could WI Improve Spool?
  106. Where can I find instruction for devil's own meth inj.
  107. what are your thoughs on Proparts methanol kit?
  108. Need Help With Selecting a Tank for Track
  109. Preturbo water injection.
  110. Finally ordered my Coolingmist WMI Kit!
  111. Failsafe FTW!
  112. WI and false IAT's
  113. WI Gurus..........Feedback please!!!!!!!!
  114. WI parts in hand... and help confirming other misc bits and pieces.
  115. i <3 Meth!
  116. JRSC Coolingmist install question
  117. Warnign on cooling mist selonoids
  118. Sureflow 1gpm pump sufficient?
  119. fridge water filter
  120. Spraying Systems nozzles
  121. new source for pump
  122. Heat transfer, myth, theory, speculation...
  123. WI questions/myths?
  124. Sticky on Devil's own WI?
  125. Tank options, baffling, etc.
  126. Water tank level gauge?
  127. Do It Yourself Water/Alcohol Injection
  128. basic DO INSTALL ?S
  129. I need some help with push-to-connect fittings from McMaster
  130. Check Valve
  131. MS controlled WI idea
  132. Check these nozzles out!
  133. Cost effective reed/floats?
  134. Where to buy 1-1/2" 150psi or 10 bar pressure gauge
  135. Where can I buy aquamist parts?
  136. A few more tank options
  137. what is meth/water injection?
  138. Ghetto fab WI setup
  139. DevilsOwn Brew premixed water/meth
  140. New high speed valve?
  141. WI and upped boost on stock internals ?
  142. how to connect freaking pressure switch?!
  143. WI vs IC
  144. WI only at 220HP???
  145. FYI MBC springs
  146. Nozzle before or after the AIT sensor?
  147. Acetone instead of methanol?
  148. My G-Man Tank, Remote Filler, and Pump Mount.
  149. Another post where Magna badmouths FMIC's while he sports a ratfucked engine bay!
  150. WI, Tuning, and AFR's
  151. Nozzle size conversion??
  152. Injecting into intercooler outlet tube?
  153. Water Injection = Steam Cleaning
  154. Nozzle location Supercharged app?
  155. Aqua nozzel & DO WI kit
  156. Washer Fluid @Deal's Gap
  157. W/I noob or wanna be.....
  158. Water Injection and EMU?
  159. battle plan
  160. Fwiw
  161. Miata install and operating questions
  162. Thinking of WI on my P5
  163. Tank idea?
  164. How many PSI of boost with meth?
  165. 10% of fuel should be water?
  166. Dehumidifier....
  167. No pulsing.....normal?
  168. DO WI inline filter?
  169. DO WI installed.....Canadian style
  170. 4 gallons of methanol in Berkeley, CA for $15.
  171. WTB - 4mm and 6mm Hoses
  172. horsepower gains ?
  173. when does your water kick on?
  174. Methanol Injection and Hydra
  175. So how does this shit work?
  176. Rode in a fucking fast Miata with a Devils Own kit
  177. Another happy DO customer
  178. Would beer work?
  179. A different sort of water tank setup.
  180. DO Fluid Level Switch?
  181. How good is WI for lowering intake temps?
  182. intereting tanks and options.
  183. My failsafe mechanism.
  184. WI/ methanol faq
  185. Hitting rev limit with WI...
  186. what happens if its empty
  187. Pump Pressure
  188. biodiesel
  189. any good reason not to mount the pump under the car?
  190. 94octane to 87?
  191. What size tubing does the Devils Own kit use?
  192. what does the progressive controller cost?
  193. How often do you have to refill your water?
  194. Anyone usuing stock fuel with meth to go over 250whp?
  195. Anyone here using WI with Intercooler???
  196. Devils Own Wi Relay Wiring
  197. Aquamist 1S
  198. Red Beast's WI installation
  199. BOV and WI
  200. Found a good place to run WI tubing!
  201. Possible WI solenoid solution?
  202. Pump pulses on and off ????
  203. Seeking advice on running line from trunk to engine.
  204. Couple of WI Install questions
  205. Mounting the pressure switch?
  206. Edelbrock Vara-Jection - tell me I didn't choose poorly
  207. Just Curious....
  208. Devil's Own Progressive Controller; how does it work?
  209. I'm looking for long neck tank ideas.
  210. Water Injection WARS!
  211. methanol versus plain distilled water
  212. Anyone want some methanol spec WI tank baffling?
  213. WI tank possibility
  214. WI or a new radiator
  215. Timing un-retard... How far can we go?
  216. using 5th injector for gasoline injection cooling?
  217. IC vs Water Injection
  218. I finally took some pics of the install
  219. Aquamist Water Injection
  220. cold air temps and WI
  221. Reaching MBT
  222. Another DevilsOwn system installed and operating.
  223. What % Mix?
  224. Meth % in commonly available washer fluids
  225. How much will i need to change maps
  226. Cheap methanol in north San Diego county
  227. Brass Check Valve-A little heads up
  228. Direct-port N2O?
  229. Washerfluid - no danger?
  230. Pre-requisites for water injection..or is there any?
  231. What water to use/ Spraypattern
  232. WI for road racing?
  233. Just installed the WI today......
  234. DIY WI In progress
  235. WI effect on intake temp sensor
  236. "system on" light?
  237. Questions: WI with Emanage? Basic Vs progressive?
  238. nitrous intercooler spray AND WI????
  239. new to water injection????
  240. Where to buy 0F washer fluid, in So. Cal?
  241. Who's going to be the first here to try pre-compressor injection?
  242. Q for Wideopentuning
  243. W/I on superchagers?...
  244. koto's random DO kit installation observations
  245. Water/Methanol Injection Logs and Dyno sheets
  246. Post yer water injection map
  247. WI setups and impressions
  248. So what is water injection?
  249. there you go