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  1. Log files too granular
  2. question RE: Link ECU access
  3. on crank trigger wheels
  4. Innovate LC-1 questions
  5. Bipes 1.6L Miata EATING computers... HELP!!!!
  6. I have a problem with xede
  7. Post cat O2 readings?
  8. Few questions on '99 CAS and CAM output signals (Autronic EMS)
  9. Whats wrong with the Link piggy back?
  10. Link tuner in the pacific NW?
  11. 7MGE Supra injector + Stock ECU?
  12. Custom crank trigger wheel
  13. AEM - Patch Harness for Miata's
  14. turbo timer questions?
  15. Haltech E6K
  16. Almost too embarrassed to post this(base timing)
  17. How do I disconnect my factory O2 sensor
  18. building your own ECU.
  19. VVT, RPM switch, and controller
  20. EMS Questions
  21. Noob in need of a Haltech tuner in the Mid-Atlantic
  22. Distributor to coils?
  23. Apex'i PowerFC
  24. Can anyone recommend a good soldering kit?
  25. Knock monitor
  26. The TPS controlled EBC thread
  27. AHHH E-manage, bandaids, ms
  28. LM programmer voltages
  29. The best cheap laptop deal ever.
  30. Tuning info
  31. The Saga of Innovate, v: LC-1 & XD-16
  32. Xede/FM hardware/emissions
  33. Does anyone have a 2003 wiring diagram?
  34. Per cylinder EGT monitoring
  35. Gauging Interest - Inexpensive Electronic Det Cans
  36. Just Turbocharged: lambda values
  37. Crank Triggers from BE (Split from Full Lightweight Timing thread)
  38. DSP based knock sensor
  39. Really really dumb question
  40. Adaptronic and Megasquirt in a NBB price/setup/performance comparison ?'s
  41. Budget build needs e/m
  42. Link IAT-sensor issues
  43. LC-1: Strange Serial Communication Issues
  44. Microtech LT10s w/ '99 Coil pack issues
  45. Car doesnt run when i hook up rpm to jaw.
  46. USB to serial adapter for diypnp. Which ones work?
  47. Just installed link, worked until I turned the ignition... died
  48. LC-1 screenshots
  49. Can I wire my aem analog wideband to my link?
  50. Looking for a cheap ECU that'll suit my needs
  51. LC-1 giving guff & autotuning v.lean
  52. 1999 ECU swap
  53. apexi airflow converter?
  54. Gotech ECU Tuning advance timing for start up problems.
  55. hard boost cut-off
  56. hiZ RC 750cc injector voltage latency curves
  57. ign timing
  58. What gauges are a must for a turbo vehicle
  59. Any definitive EGT solutions out there?
  60. From Link to?
  61. Nice ECU pin crimpers
  62. msd box
  63. Haltech, Anyone else Have One
  64. Car wont start with bipes
  65. Getting Xede working
  66. Bad WB, MAP, or ???
  67. ecu crystal mod also known as clocking
  68. turbo timer
  69. cops question
  70. Coldstart - Starts second time only Miata Turbo
  71. The ultimate in-car keyboard
  72. Need Help tuning XEDE.
  73. Need Help!!! 1.8 ecu running a 1.6 car? FM LINK
  74. Technical Timing Question
  75. GM IAT install on 01+
  76. Replaced NB O2 sensor with WBO2, shop claims WBO2 caused detonation?
  77. 1992 1.6 ECU Pinout
  78. How can I dwell COPs on a link!?
  79. Iphone and "REV" application
  80. 1.6l ignition source w/ sidedrafts
  81. LC1 install
  82. Blitz SBC i-D2 speed dependent boost.
  83. I dropped a fuel rail spacer WTF
  84. I need a little help with my BEGI FMU
  85. Props to Trackspeed Engineering
  86. MegaSquirt + OEM
  87. Widebands not matching under load
  88. Idle tip in accel fuel
  89. Whatever happened to the Zoom3?
  90. MAP sensor placement
  91. CAS Wiring Diagram for 1999 Miata NB 1.8L
  92. Cheap and EZ DIY laptop mount for yer car.
  93. Issue with my stock 1.6 ECU and/or my TPS after removing Megasquirt
  94. Coolant sensor information.
  95. Variable TPS ems-mess
  96. link ecu maps?
  97. can 11.5:1 AFR produce high egt?
  98. laptop that works in hot/cold temperatures?
  99. S-afc
  100. Very cheap ultimate tuning laptop
  101. Boost control & Internal wastegate (Greddy)
  102. Stay MS PNP or take a free upgrade to AEM
  103. Cam signal idea for full sequential
  104. MSD Sebring box issues or possible alternatives
  105. Link?
  106. I should be getting more fuel than this...help!
  107. TEC GT tuning issue.. help?
  108. Actual data, advance vs. torque (MBT)
  109. Anyone have experience with Haltech????
  110. Xede Idle and Boost Control
  111. fm o2 modifier
  112. 93/10% vs 91, will it hurt my car at the track
  113. AEM vs. MSPNP
  114. n00b dyno tuning question.
  115. Budget Fuel Controller for 1.6- SAFC, SMT 8, or?
  116. Xede users?
  117. Wot box
  118. Boost spikes ??
  119. any good tuning places around CT?
  120. looking for any one with aem fic
  121. LInk issues
  122. LINK Controller
  123. 1992 miata DIY FM kit boost lag
  124. Extra bung or only WBo2?
  125. Olderguy O2 Clamp Instructions
  126. Track car: Which Piggyback?
  127. Experiencing random E8 on LC1?
  128. 85lb/hr 850cc-900cc inectors?
  129. I need datalogs w/knock
  130. Wideband O2 for air vents
  131. 3000 RPM idle?
  132. Apexi Safc
  133. AEM F/IC or Greddy Emanage Ultimate
  134. How do you remove the EGR?
  135. knock spike on datalog
  136. Ever going to be a DIYAutotune Megasquirt PNP for 99-2000 Miatas?
  137. not sure
  138. MK1 link, without AIT or knock sensors
  139. What size injectors will the 99-2000 ecu safely idle?
  140. Base timing off, best solution????
  141. Help! Which wire on the MAF harness is sensor ground?
  142. Will the 1.6 stock ECU run OK without a TPS signal?
  143. 1999-05 Link programmable computer fuel injector install help!
  144. Cheap computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  145. Anybody have experience with Apexi SAFC-II?
  146. Explain these piggybacks
  147. Fuel and timing maps - link ecu
  148. Wideband calibration
  149. EFI tuning class
  150. Parallel vs stand alone, Braineacks vs PNP & Some other Q's
  151. safcII
  152. SCT Flash Programmer?
  153. First datalog
  154. Finally bought a WB02, where did you splice for power?
  155. Afm?
  156. Pulled Fuel pump relay and car is still running FTL
  157. FM Link ECU A/F problems
  158. LINK Controller
  159. Need Help with Begi S4 and Exede
  160. LC-1 short on OUT2 affecting OUT1?
  161. Xede tune question
  162. Is Anyone Running E85?
  163. good air/fuels
  164. ECU Decisions, Xede or Hydra orr Adaptronic
  165. Looking for a good tuner.
  166. Performance Motor Research MAP-ECU2
  167. Your opinions on my WBO2 readings
  168. XEDE / Dynoscan DTCs
  169. Tuning comments, what can I improve
  170. 92 Miata, stalls after warm
  171. Xede start up
  172. Data logs and zone data for 1.6l ~ 12psi
  173. lambda sensors
  174. Those who use external EBC's with no TPS sensing
  175. Adaptronic vs Hydra vs Megasquirt
  176. OER Subcon ECU
  177. NB and NA ECM connectors same?
  178. interesting thread on blown evo, egt, detonation, and EGR
  179. who is the resident Link guru?
  180. Xede forum group
  181. Supercharger Timing Tuning on Dyno
  182. help me choose.
  183. O2 Clamp Question
  184. Subcon OER engine management 90-93
  185. Dumb xede question
  186. AEM FIC vs Xede; IAT and CLT timing control?
  187. Does your car black smoke in boost?
  188. Microtech LT-10s?
  189. Fast Idle Solenoid Ideas...
  190. megasquirt, EMB, or bandaids need help
  191. knock filter and amp
  192. Hydra sale at FM
  193. NB MAF voltage vs. RPM and MAP
  194. 99 miata management selection
  195. Fitting Bipes ACU
  196. Bipes settings help
  197. help strange problems with link!
  198. 1.6 COP install seemd successful then I heard pop sizzle???
  199. F-Con mini
  200. injector flow?
  201. Has anyone else done the Mopar Altenator Control?
  202. can ign drivers for early 1.8 drive 99 coils???
  203. Cam Sensor Output image wanted
  204. AFR's and Powah
  205. Picked up 4 02 Toyota Tundra Coils with clips today
  206. Tuning a band-aid?
  207. wiring diagram 1,6L NBFL needed for adaptronic
  208. What is this graph telling you?
  209. 1.6 MX5 Wiring Problem need Help ????
  210. any one in C.T. know how to tune the link ecu
  211. Link vs. AEM
  212. Do I need a standalone or is a F/IC ok?
  213. Injector pigtails - twist the leads? (also looking for cheap connectors)
  214. Ugh Injector Duty Cycle Woes
  215. Touch screen monitor
  216. Vote for standalone!
  217. Link ECU Problem
  218. perfect running car is now less so. won't start.
  219. EGR and evap systems - how to implement?
  220. Just bought a tuning laptop for the car
  221. OBDII, Piggyback, and having fun with EGO
  222. Getting started with Xede
  223. link, cold start issues
  224. Fuel Riser un-install
  225. Lean burn details
  226. wow, check out the ecu I found. ViPEC
  227. after Link MK1 install quirks
  228. Electromotive TEC2 or mspnp
  229. Fields FCU
  230. Flyin Miata MSD Ignition instructions.
  231. ignition map
  232. zoom3
  233. 14.7 readin and O2 clamp
  234. Did anyone notice...?
  235. VVT observations - current vs. advance
  236. iPhone (or Android) as an OBD-II scanner
  237. help !!! HKS F-CON mini wiring diagram
  238. tuning methods