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  1. ECU for 1998 MK2 JDM import
  2. Hello from Motorsport Electronics! Professional PnP Engine Management!
  3. Build your own VR conditioner
  4. 1.6 Auto harness versus Standard harness
  5. UEGO Gauge/Controller Failure
  6. the transition from MS to Haltech platinum sport1000
  7. Can i use the dash temp gauge sensor
  8. Question on MSPNP Pro for MSM
  9. Haltech Sport 1000 boost control setup issue.
  10. Xede base map?
  11. emanage ultimate won't turn fuel pump on
  12. First run on a dyno - how's my strategy look?
  13. Wells vTPS issue
  14. New PNP Ecu option - Motorsport Electronics ME221
  15. I want to learn how to tune
  16. Ignition Lock Harness Swap
  17. Why different table sizes?
  18. Possibly in the market for a new ECU... looking for serious recommendations?
  19. 3-wire knock sensor shielding
  20. MS3x RPM drops then raises when on gas
  21. Why do I keep burning up WBO2 sensors?
  22. Cheap display for LC-1?
  23. Visual identification of NA vs NB Alternator
  24. cannot find a good answer.
  25. Any difference between NB1 ECU's for ABS and non-ABS cars?
  26. MTX-L with Bosch LSU 4.9 upgrade
  27. 99 no spark/no fuel fuel inj fuse blows immediately
  28. NB05 FM2 good top power, slow boost build
  29. MS2 1,6 NA idle drop
  30. AFRs staying the same no matter what load
  31. HKS PFC F-con on my miata?
  32. MSM04 weird injectors wiring on cars loom
  33. Wideband acting ridiculous
  34. Did I break my OE ECU harness?
  35. New fuel pump = need to adjust map?
  36. MSM04 no ECU power - only when stock ECU connected
  37. ECU with no VTCS control - default position open or closed ?
  38. Alcohol/E85 knock detection methods
  39. diypnpms2 1.5 93 miata having a hard time with the directions.
  40. Setting timing without a light?
  41. MSPNP Tuners
  42. Flakey LC-1 (I know, how original)
  43. Misfire above 7,300 under boost?
  44. So, I may have fried a haltech...
  45. DIYPNP Starts, But Wants To Die
  46. Switching from EMS-4 to Rev built MS3 - Which trigger wheel?
  47. Wideband O2 controller choices
  48. Startup Issue
  49. Is ms w/wonky wideband dangerous?
  50. 14Point7 WBo2, piggy back, virtual dash
  51. Can I reg autotune on two laptops? (Apple&pc)
  52. Recommend me some electrical connectors
  53. Apexi SAFC II
  54. Does performance "lag" relative to what happened earlier?
  55. swap - 94 OBD1 1.8 to VVT 1.8
  56. Looking for O2 sensor signal - stock ECU
  57. Key OFF but CEL and Air Bag light ON? Car still on!
  58. Miata Coils Wiring
  59. VSS spiked graph
  60. IAT wire gauge question
  61. Innovate lc1 reading wrong
  62. coil pack or computer
  63. BEGi reflash or new ecu for msm
  64. eManage & stock ECU
  65. spark cutout and wastegate issue on new turbo setup
  66. Megasquirt coolant reading
  67. MSM ECU pinout?
  68. Anyone have the firmware for Reverant MS2 PIP for Mazdaspeed
  69. How Much Fuel Actually Burns?
  70. Hypothetical question/rambling about other oem ecu's
  71. Parallel OBD 2 MS3 PRO, what problems will I need to solve to pass emissions?
  72. Do i need to run my coil on plug on switched power?
  73. 2.3 MZR in a custom application ECU dilemma
  74. 99-00 Bee-R Revlimiter Wiring
  75. miatalink
  76. no start... how to troubleshoot?
  77. Double Interpolation Spreadsheet that makes you happy in the pants
  78. For you EEs out there - Tantalum vs Electrolytic Capacitors
  79. Individual Cylinder Trim, AFR vs EGT
  80. nb2 coilpack on na?
  81. Wiring Apexi Avc-R to 90-93
  82. MTX-L vs LC-2
  83. Running rich afr 11.8 results in jerky engine performance
  84. Boost control - MS or external?
  85. tunerstudio afr gauge stays at 7.4??
  86. Knock Sensor Setting (MS3Pro?) Revisit
  87. REVIEW: Oracle Tuning, Sinking Spring, PA
  88. FM voodoo box+saab 9-5 turbo how much boost possible?
  89. Analyse My Timing Map
  90. Back after a long hiatus... Contemplating ecus for my new msm, a little guidance?
  91. Repeatable, instantaneous hiccup ~3600 rpm when MAP > 130 kPa
  92. Engine & Sequential Settings set to Fixed Timing
  93. Car missing after fitting new alternator
  94. Singular Motorsports ECU Brackets
  95. DIY Injector Testing bench?
  96. Cop mod issues
  97. Idle Control settings, Confusion
  98. Higher boost targets @ low rpm -> lower targets near power peak
  99. My VE Table #'s are very lean in the middle rows
  100. Gauge display on radio with OBD2 and MS3
  101. New AEM 30-4110 wideband - now with the LSU 4.9 sensor
  102. 4-tooth trigger wheel spark accuracy test survey
  103. Will my MS3X be much more "factory" with a professional tune?
  104. older safeguard with bipes acu
  105. Pinging, beater, gonna boost but need to get it stable first... help?
  106. Miata tune
  107. LC-2 installed on stock ecu, hesitates while warming up
  108. Bibes acu. Yes. I know..
  109. Anyone in eastern WV familiar w/ mspnp?
  110. supercharged e85 tuning
  111. MS PnP for 01-05 Miata now shipping
  112. 1.6 ECU pin 1U - Dimmer for MTX-L?
  113. Car won't start, intermittent spark
  114. wiring diagram/ ecu pin location needed NB
  115. My Tuning Issue Seems to Be A COP issue.
  117. Resolved! help with car not cranking
  118. Dicktator ECU
  119. 2002 VVT swap into 90, which ECU?
  120. Stock NA injector max pulse width- stock
  121. AEM EMS4 vs AEM EMS 4 Trackspeed
  122. Older Guy O2 Clamp
  123. TPS stuck and CLT sensor gone crazy - ideas?
  124. NA miata stuttering at freeway speeds. Need help
  125. Stock 1.8L Engine Strength Torque Limits
  126. 93 Miata DIYPNP No Tach
  127. Megasquirt vs. xede for a mazdaspeed maita
  128. Miata turbo sacf lean at high rpm
  129. Trackspeed 12+1 trigger wheel + VVT pulse pattern
  130. White smoke & Unburned Gas
  131. Knock sensor sensitivity...outside noise?
  132. My first question
  133. Alternator Control. Dead nailed. MS3 / MS3-Pro / MSPNP-Pro
  134. 97 turbo MSPNP2 no start (RESOLVED)
  135. VSS and tach question, definitely totally NOT for a turbo timer.
  136. I'm stumped - Trouble wiring Wells TPS
  137. OEM ECU Wiring Circuit: Is voltage drop on 12V-IGN to ECU intended behavior?
  138. Hydra vs Megasquirt
  139. Tuners near New Orleans, LA
  140. 99 miata turbo, which ecu should I use?
  141. e85 spark table
  142. ive gone full retard :( help reassembling my LC-1 gauge
  143. Wideband AFR and Vacuum Readings on a Stock 1.6 ECU
  144. Best ecu for turbo setup
  145. Unknown piggy back identification help?
  146. Track Dog Racing Fuel Card Tuning
  147. Tach Adapter for NA w/ Stock ECU and COP
  148. CAS + 12+1 crank wheel?
  149. Help and suggestions with my msq?
  150. How stable is your MTX-L?
  151. lc1 app
  152. Just realized I don't think I've recalibrated the LC1 in... never.
  153. new fuel pump needed...... which one?
  154. North Jersey Megasquirt Tuners
  155. Touchscreen tuning laptop
  156. 02 miata with msm ecu
  157. lc1 wont connect
  158. DIYPNP optional components questions
  159. 01-05 Reverant MS2E: turns over and sputters, but won't start.
  160. Haltech teething. Need your correction info.
  161. Installing Ms3x soon... Questions
  162. tacho jumps when hot
  163. 1990 supra afm on 1990 miata
  164. Troublingshoot ECU/Car after VVT swap
  165. In need of 99/00 ecu pinout.
  166. Is MS Worth It To Me?
  167. No fuel pump on cranking
  168. good reasons for going with something other than MS3?
  169. Knock Sensor Location 1.6 NA
  170. Help isolate fuel problem
  171. 1.8 MAF wiring diagram help
  172. Trials and Tribulations of someone new to tuning
  173. E85 First Tank
  174. How do my tables look? and some other ametuer tuner probs
  175. anyone familiar with the brp powercard?
  176. Pro EFI
  177. Unofficial new/old elctronic tech. venders list
  178. Codes P0131 and P0171
  179. tach signal in relation to 94>01vvt swap
  180. Emissions
  181. 1993 jap import 1.8 > Greddy wiring problems
  182. Vvt tuner wiring/stock computer
  183. What would be typical ignition advance numbers for this setup?
  184. Immobilizer/key genius needed ('05)
  185. ECU Pin for Immobiliser on 1999?
  186. How to tune for e85?
  187. Tuning newbie question
  188. Good tuning by Strato Blue 1109 !
  189. Oscilloscope - Useful tool or not?
  190. Best Procedure for tuning Start?
  191. Delco, Delphi, Herko, LS2 truck coils? Worth it to buy name brand?
  192. megasquirt 1 or 2?
  193. Anyone else using sds?
  194. 1994 NA How to install Knock Sensor
  195. Haltech Long Loom on PS1000
  196. Gauge Design
  197. Source for ecu wires?
  198. Before I throw parts at it - help diagnose lean under load
  199. G2 guage not responding after LC1 install
  200. looking for 195500-2180 lag curve data
  201. 92 Turbo dyno tuned at last
  202. DIYPNP EBC Questions and Varifications
  203. ECU relocation
  204. What is this extra wire coming out of the AFM connector?
  205. Is this going to be an issue with the iat?
  206. First impressions of BPSX D1 Wideband Controller
  207. 14point7 Spartan Lambda Controller issue
  208. Getting MSPNP to talk to Laptop with RadioShack Cable
  209. hydra ems help wont start
  210. VVT @cruise for MPG
  211. Innovate MTX E8 error
  212. Immediate help needed
  213. Yet Another "Is My Timing Whack?" Thread
  214. hooking up wideband to megasquirt pnp aux port or factory harness???
  215. MS2 and COP -No spark
  216. anyone to get involved with a DIY ecu?
  217. New Innovate LC-2 wideband
  218. ECU for ITB, MS3x vs AEM
  219. AFR/Timing/Fueling question
  220. Help with tuning in nj will pay!!!
  221. Looking for "THE" tuner on the east coast...
  222. No sync, car won't start. No triggers. Car stranded- help
  223. Vvt swap won't start.
  224. Adding a little burble to the exhaust under decel using fuel, afr target and timing??
  225. DataLogLab download - where?
  226. Boost levels and control question... (Vacuum line related)
  227. Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 success story
  228. the road to MS.. (megasquirt, not multiple sclerosis)
  229. NB Cam Angle Sensor Heatsoak/Failure
  230. BEGi S3 with XEDE lean on warm start... unless in gear?
  231. Delphi 525 cc specifications?
  232. Ecu problem again
  233. NB VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) details?
  234. What's the deal with different ground points? Confusion abounds with NGK Powerdex
  235. Is there a modern variable TPS solution for the 1.6?
  236. 12v power sorce for mtxl
  237. engine swap and now nothing
  238. Advanced theory in excel
  239. Why is the base fuel pressure higher on the later model cars?
  240. What does the shape of the VE table tell you about your tune
  241. info needed on J&S knock box
  242. Need Wideband bandaid. Ideas?
  243. Timing and idle vaccum issue
  244. NA TD04 Spark map
  245. harbor freight det can
  246. NB spark timing during cranking?
  247. MTXL showing normal afr's while running but rich when off
  248. CONFIRMED: INJOY Carlife 3 gauge single din - works with AEM
  249. link ECU iat sensor
  250. Innovate E8 error code