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  1. Does anyone know the owner of the Miataturbo Wiki?
  2. Launch control ok but not building boost
  3. ms woes...base map might as well be blank.
  4. AEM Wideband help!
  5. Engine Management with MP62 Supercharger
  6. reputable tuners in the southeast??
  7. BP5A ECU
  8. USB to DB9 2920 on OXS 10.8
  9. IAC and Frequency Multipliers
  10. VE definition? (cross-platform w/ AEM)
  11. scangauge 2 with piggybacks
  12. Injector DC to VE converter
  13. LS coils - Tach Issue
  14. Good tuning shop
  15. false knock in boost?
  16. Timing errors with AEM EMS-4 (crank sensor)
  17. SuperMiata dynoshaft
  18. n00b?: Learning How to tune
  19. Your dream ECU
  20. Car keeps on blowing METER fuse. help please!
  21. Boomslang harness vendors
  22. Denso yellow RX-8 195500-4450 latency?
  23. MS I vs LINK G4
  24. ECU choice dilemma for a daily drive
  25. Looking for BPR5 ECU
  26. Innovate MTX-L Wideband Display Issue
  27. pump gas - knock limited before MBT?
  28. MTX-L quick install question- A Pillar headlight power wire
  29. eMS Pro. Worth using ?
  30. Tuning in Houston
  31. Using MS3 Harness as a Template?
  32. dsPIC33F based Home Made Engine Control Unit (ECU) for EFI Engines
  33. MX5 mk2.5 Apexi safr2
  34. Boost timing
  35. Emissions passed
  36. Can anyone help me make a graph?
  37. 1992 1.6 Flyin Miata stage2 with LINK ECU- What are the limitations?
  38. EBC Ampage??
  39. RR-FPR for fuel management
  40. overrun fuel cut on or off??
  41. Best Megasquirt?
  42. Stock ECU fuel management
  43. 92' No Fuel Pressure
  44. Low timing at idle?
  45. In search for MSM megasquirt base map
  46. Reflash vs Standalone vs Piggyback
  47. Table of air flow values verses voltage for OEM sensor?
  48. 3 second cycle to very lean afr 18:0 results from cleaning maf and air filter
  49. Trying to figure out what tuning system I have
  50. Vehicle speed settings megasquirt
  51. MBC vs EBC logs
  52. ms1 help!
  53. My 4-year old LC-1 is sticking at 15.0 again
  54. Sequential Fuel Injection and Electromotive
  55. Issue with Innovate MTX-L WB Display
  56. Recommened Tuner in Houston
  57. Cobb Accessport for Miata?
  58. go ahead and flame...nooby booby question
  59. NB ECU jumper harness length
  60. Turbo + irtb's tip-in problem
  61. backfiring out exhaust and popping on decel
  62. Great knock sensing setup tutorial (emphasis on AEM S2)
  63. Spark table adjustments gave a changed VE table
  64. Trying to get modded MSPNP to work
  65. VVT tuner will not connect to laptop
  66. Wideband witH power card
  67. Stock ECU Auto/Manual Variances
  68. ECU burnt out. help!
  69. Race Technology Dash2 wiring
  70. TPS - What controls
  71. DIYPnP and VVTuner sync loss
  72. Installing 2002 Coils on 1990 wiring
  73. Fuel Economy: AFR vs. RPM?
  74. Need a recommendation for a tuner in/around CT
  75. High idle after vTPS install
  76. Bought Link, need help with air intake temp sensor
  77. more hot weather tuning woes
  78. Cost Effectiveness of different ECUs
  79. Help with lc-1 and megasquirt
  80. Mounting wells tps210
  81. You guys remember this freshness?
  82. Injector current trace shows slower opening when hot
  83. V8 piggyback suggestions
  84. 95 ecu help
  85. Turbo, megasquirt, AFR and VE fuel table for track only car
  86. I got '99 Problems and DIYPNP Idle is one of them
  87. Unit Converter
  88. Homebrew Dyno result
  89. Powercard pro
  90. Resistorless spark plugs with COP?
  91. VVT box woes.... Please Help
  92. Thoughts on tune and what should I change dyno msq
  93. Pretend it's 1996 and help me answer this question
  94. My MPG experiment.
  95. IAT ing trim
  96. Tacho connection on NA with NB engine
  97. Looking for a hydra tuner on west coast
  98. Holset HX52 DSM= 816hp/[email protected]
  99. 8 and 10 psi timing? 99-00 models?
  100. Knock or harmonic/resonant "noise"?
  101. FD3S injectors?
  102. Need help with LC-1: No signal
  103. Check engine light weirdness
  104. Emmissions... FAIL
  105. Piggyback pnp recommendations?
  106. Adaptronic e420c and 2004 MSM ?????
  107. Turbo tuning w/o OBD, 1990 miata? HOW
  108. Is this tune decent?
  109. NB 1.8 ECU blown up...
  110. I want to weather proof a small circut.
  111. link ecu help
  112. 12 Pin connector Pin Out??
  113. Stand alone suggestions for Kia Fe3 swap.
  114. Help! Issue with PCM on an 01
  115. steering angle
  116. 1.6L boost control help?
  117. 1.6 ECU pinout (automatic)
  118. Where is the 01 ECU
  119. innovate MTX-L E9
  120. Locking Ignition Timing with Connector
  121. Fooling your ECU
  122. Lc-1 with Xd16 Gauge question
  123. has anyone used Blitz D1 Spec Dual SBC i-D boost controler?
  124. High idle
  125. Looking for an LED AFR
  126. Questions about EMS vs OBDII Inspections
  127. Electrical expertice needed! and can TPS and MAP sensor share power and ground?
  128. Car bucks between 2k and 2.5k rpm
  129. Flex Fuel standalones?
  130. A/F ratio fluctuates around 3000 rpm, not in boost
  131. car running like crap after lc-1 ....... help!!!!!
  132. Engine Control Unit (ECU) using PIC microcontroller
  133. HKS V-Pro
  134. Hi performance boost control pwned
  135. ECUMaster has any one tried one of these?
  136. Idling issues with my 1990 MX5
  137. Analog wideband gauge?
  138. First dyno session Too much ignition retard = knock?
  139. TPS signal in dataloglab is broken. Help appreciated!!
  140. Need a new Hall Effect sensor for driveshaft speedo
  141. Driver for 64 bit windows 7 serial to usb
  142. OEM 36-1 Wheel
  143. Base map timing - Link ECU - 0deg?
  144. Spark Cut safe? The LIMITER THREAD
  145. obdII compatible options
  146. AEM EMS vs. MSPNP2
  147. NC drive by wire throttle body
  148. Stock immobilizer module unlocked
  149. Help identifying Link ECU??
  150. ms1 v2.2 89-93 will not talk to my laptop
  151. Tuning with formulas
  152. Can anyone provide the CALID and CVN for a 99-00 ECU?
  153. Which laptop for tuning?
  154. AFM removed and wideband on stock exhaust manifold (be gentle thanks)
  155. need a tune in Sacramento
  156. IAT reading...Massively high.
  157. datalogging AEM aq-1
  158. Electronic Boost Controller tips and ideas...
  159. Teching max rpm and max boost in a racing series?
  160. Innovate is grrrrrreat!
  161. need a bin file for tec II miata
  162. Homemade kit on 99. AFR/Timing
  163. 99 Motor base map?
  164. Tuner in the north east
  165. Huster is tuning Jeff's 99SC blow-through, come answer questions
  166. Just bought a 12-channel oscilloscope
  167. question about retarding base timing
  168. A few Link ECU tuning questions
  169. Bipes acu
  170. Unknown piggy back, anyone have any info on this? *PICS INCLUDED*
  171. thought we needed another wideband thread
  172. Link ObiWan repair
  173. ChipTorque/BEGi ECU flash?
  174. ECU Recommendation
  175. 93 na8 wiring diagram
  176. MSPNP Install Issues. NEED HELP!
  177. Tricking Narrowband O2 Heater Circuit with Resistor?
  178. ECU Options/Opinions
  179. Xede Keeps Stalling Engine Under Boost
  180. Running rich
  181. 2001 Mk2,5 1.6L Miata ECU Pinout
  182. RPM ringing "boioioing" on low RPM tip in
  183. Dyno tuning in Upstate NY
  184. Exhaust temp
  185. mtx-l install help
  186. changing from cam to crank angle sensor
  187. Xede Won't Idle
  188. Can I run with no o2 ?
  189. Digital dash options for ms2
  190. Haltech questions
  191. 91 octane tune, run 93 octane for safety
  192. datalogging
  193. A really good resource for tuning help
  194. Tuning Help in Richmond VA
  195. ignition timing? bad timing? PCV?
  196. Changed my exhaust now I have a stutter
  197. Another Electronic Det Can Example
  198. removing stock o2 sensor
  199. WBo2 & MiataLink EMS
  200. Autotuning fuel sequential vs batch injection
  201. Link ECU - Idle problems
  202. AFM Sensor Transfer Function
  203. Anyone run a vipec ecu?
  204. RPMs drop slow to idle and rev pulsing
  205. '96 Tach - Just doesn't work
  206. Arduino to read OBD2 short and long term trims
  207. Want to go Parallel why shouldn't I?
  208. High(er) Res Crank Trigger Wheel
  209. Stick with Link, or switch to MSPNP?
  210. Idle fluctuating from 1100-2000
  211. First drive with turbo and ms. Sputters and backfires at 4k
  212. Anyone put in an in car PC for ECU programming and stuff like that?
  213. Microcontroller - Automotive Timing Resolution Needed
  214. Wireless / Bluetooth DB9 Serial Options
  215. Electronics Training - free courtesy of the U.S. Navy
  216. another I need LC1 wide-band wiring help thread
  217. Link + LC1
  218. Car Bogs Out before 4k RPMS
  219. Hydra vs MS3? what better? ish
  220. Racepak OBD II Interface
  221. TPS Noise spikes. Not what you expect. Help me!
  222. Link ECU not reading knock sensor
  223. X fuel = 1:1 afr?
  224. How do you verify AFR?
  225. bogging under boost? Crap!
  226. Need tuning help. Burns major fuel
  227. cruise control Q....
  228. Stock injector dead times?
  229. What is this problem?
  230. Who says you can't have EBC at 2x mech. boost?
  231. launch control for xede on a 99?
  232. last day to get in on megasquirt discount!
  233. fuel mileage tuning
  234. Na VSS signal and wiring
  235. Choice between PC-pro or an standalone ECU
  236. 3 bar map sensor cable designation
  237. Direct fire advantages
  238. Haltech ecu for NB
  239. VTPS, IAC, and Wiring questions
  240. Link chip just took a dump
  241. Crimp Connectors (ECU wiring)
  242. Jackson Racing Timing Controller mark specific?
  243. Looking for thread or reading on how to tune an N/A miata
  244. Help with Logworks3: OBDII Ign Adv logging
  245. Hydra wiring map for 2001-2005 vvt engine
  246. Cooling fan wiring and operation
  247. Virtual Dyno
  248. Repeated coil blowing
  249. Injector Firing Angle
  250. 4500 rpm limiter