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  1. Safc & map
  2. Any recommendations for books on ECU tuning for FI applications?
  3. Tec 2 standalone
  4. How to test WBO2 response time / speed, and O2 feedback params
  5. RX8 dead time + small pulse, controversial results.
  6. PNPAdurino AFM Eliminator
  7. Has anyone installed the Innovate MTX-L wideband yet?
  8. Has anyone actually used the Xede?
  9. ECU files and Injector Dead Time for RX8 injectors
  10. Link standalone Question?
  11. NA MX5 OEM PCM Hardware design benchmark
  12. Innovate LC-1 pegged rich
  13. Tach signal and wiring specifics
  14. AEM wideband O2 readings on naturally aspirated
  15. VVTuner with hotside mp62
  16. Open Loop Idle Control
  17. Megasquirt tuner in the northeast ct area
  18. DIY Knock light (radio shack parts)
  19. Link Keypad?
  20. 36 tooth crank wheel fealer
  21. Which ECU for my 1999 1.8L Miata turbo?
  22. Fuel cut? Knock? WTF is this?
  23. Rich afrs between shifts tuning
  24. NA 1.6L Anyone re-flashing the stock ECU?
  25. Coolant/Air Corrections - Fuel/Ign
  26. NA Bolt in trigger wheel upgrade
  27. gonna try to install my ms2 on nb
  28. logworks vs digital afr gauge
  29. Anyone try the new Innovate MTX-L?
  30. secondary o2 question (not miata)
  31. begi fpr tuning
  32. AFR gauge glitch
  33. MSM legal engine managment
  34. wiring an NA igniter not using a miata harness
  35. boost drop out
  36. TPS modification for 93 MS
  37. Brands of ECU's or FI/C that allow OBDII to work
  38. LPG fuel
  39. Running fault during dyno tune
  40. Running PIG rich (Need help quick)
  41. My spark table after tuning with electronic det cans
  42. What are you doing to pinpoint time that det occurs
  43. Turn on delay circuit
  44. Been thinking of making the switch to MS
  45. What ECU to change to?
  46. Need 12v switched during "start" and "on"
  47. Exhaust pop at high boost
  48. stock ecu + innovate lc1?
  49. Fluctuating idle and overfuelling
  50. fm link knock sensor
  51. VE table "plus" tuning: my suggestion for MS3
  52. problem with my ms1 v3.0 board
  53. Where to Mount LC-1?
  54. 1.6 ecu 8k redline
  55. Lean Burn engine
  56. Look at my spark maps. Are they too advanced?
  57. Vishnu XEDE PiggyBack
  58. Getting and saving map from FM Link ecu
  59. starts then dies
  60. knock sensor mounting location?
  61. Megatune Viewer on Mac: can't change default AFR Table in Analyzer
  62. Dyno Tuning Practices
  63. LC-1 and E-8 after long drives
  64. EBC at limit of MAP sensor
  65. hptuners?????
  66. staged fans circuit idea (low, high, delayed turn on)
  67. LC-1 Error 2 "Heater Open"
  68. Question spawned from "spark retard for turbo spool" Show me your 100 kpa row
  69. Spark retardation and turbo spool
  70. knock\det detection
  71. supercharger fuel management options for a 97
  72. How much timing advance are you running?
  73. How to find your injector dead time
  74. AFM removale with wolf v500?
  75. Question about Fuel Pressure
  76. Running lean
  77. Help deciding on management for m45 1994 1.8
  78. Cold start map
  79. maf voltage at idle
  80. FM Link ECU Knock Sensor Problem
  81. Standalone install effecting airbag deployment?
  82. Help: TPS reading is getting weird
  83. Help with Link ECU
  84. fuel map tuning?
  85. Looking for skilled tuning shop in New Haven, CT area
  86. Moran Billet Atomizer Injector Customers
  87. MS3 or first gen AEM pnp?
  88. Oxygen sensor pinouts?
  89. Where to mount EMS? Trunk?
  90. Looking for some help!
  91. Haltech Installation Writeup - Lots of generic standalone content
  92. aftermarket trigger wheel and parallel diypnp
  93. Mf2?
  94. Total n00b questions regarding tuning
  95. Help me out! Worth getting a megasquirt over Emanage Blue?
  96. FP relay clicks with MS but not with stock ECU
  97. New Innovate WB Controller on the Market: MTX-L
  98. Burning meter fuse after installing COPS
  99. Are AEM O2 Sensors Actually Special?
  100. ECU guidance!
  101. Stock ECU Forum?
  102. Link ECU Hybrid Mess
  103. Vacuum gauge questions
  104. FM link question
  105. Puma for FreeEMS
  106. XD-16 vs. analog gauges
  107. So here it goes my first real post and question
  108. Please share your cranking fuel for 800cc injectors
  109. What equipment is required to reflash a stock ecu?
  110. Yet Another LC-1 Wiring Thread (Now With More OBD2 Related Questions!)
  111. $99 tuning laptops
  112. Timing is retarding instead of advancing Im Confused
  113. LC-1 acting all crazy
  114. Redundant IAT and CLT sensors: suggested mounting locations?
  115. HELP with trouble code 10
  116. stock ingition map
  117. Haltech Plantinum Sport 2k compatiability
  118. 94 mspnp and no spark - help
  119. ECU connector pwnage for 2001+
  120. FYI Replacement PNP Bosch WBO2 for your Innovate LC1 for $32
  121. Could you take a peak at my ignition map
  122. A sneak preview...
  123. ecu/ fuel problems HELP!!
  124. BMW TPS on 1.6l - Problems?
  125. Xede always lean under boost
  126. E85 ignition timing map
  127. Link ECU Injector firing problem
  128. Mega Setup
  129. 2002 WRX ECU on 1999 Miata
  130. wire colors and pinout on AEM WBO2 sensor
  131. Poor idle with A/C and headlights on :(
  132. Where to put o2 Wideband Sensor w/ Stock Exhaust
  133. ok Cat pigeons socialising ! Megasquirt Query
  134. Replacement CAS wire terminals
  135. GM 2-bar MAP sensor data sheet
  136. Move engine harness NB
  137. What would you suggest for a 99 in an OBDII county staying NA
  138. Xede MAF effects on timing?
  139. MS, EGR and emmisions
  140. Sequential Fuel injection
  141. Tuning for gas milage
  142. Misfire? Won't hold steady RPM.
  143. Help me choose a MICROCONTROLLER board
  144. Wideband and Narrowband at the same time???
  145. Help with 1.8L M45 Supercharged Big Boost Setup
  146. 94 turbo miata running poorly with apexi
  147. Wells TPS201 How-to?
  148. 6 psi Powercard tuning
  149. Arduino as ECU?
  150. Quick Link Question
  151. vTPS with DIYPNP
  152. LC-1 questions.
  153. Mah tunez, look at them.
  154. Ignitor question
  155. Tune for 2560 @ 12psi
  156. New DW Injector Sizes for Miata: 800cc & 1000cc
  157. Could use some tips on wiring up my Haltech
  158. requesting pinout of aem uego plug+wiring harness
  159. Anyone have pics of the different generations of LINK controllers?
  160. Anyone else with timing issue with 96-97
  161. What do you see wrong here?
  162. Megalogviewer not working!
  163. AEM uego controller may have died. What do you think?
  164. Overshoot arrestor circuit
  165. Setting injector size in TunerStudio
  166. Anyone using the old Link piggyback system?
  167. MAf question
  168. Innovate LC-1 Trouble
  169. is the mk1 1.8 miata knock limited?
  170. Random misfire tale of woe
  171. megalog viewer erratic lines?
  172. DIYPNP... I have NO idea what I'm doing
  173. Need the XEDE Timing Pattern File
  174. will a cat 6 burn out
  175. LC-1 dimmer NB
  176. Tuning with VICS!
  177. Knock sensor mystery. It works but it doesn't
  178. Strange issue w/ Turbo Car
  179. LC1 readings- lolwut?
  180. megaPROBLEM running on 2 cyl. (GAYNESS INSIDE)
  181. TunerstudioMS speedo.
  182. People opinions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ECU =)
  183. my electronic MAP filter circuit
  184. Racelogic Traction Control, anyone?
  185. Mah tunez, look at thems.
  186. innovate lc-1
  187. BBR piggy-back ECU removal
  188. FM Voodoo II Issue
  189. need help...p.s...im a noob.
  190. O2 sensor viability test?
  191. Injector Rehab.com
  192. Lc-1 Shutting off while driving.
  193. Idle drops and shuts off when headlights come on.
  194. where is the power window wiring?
  195. MAP sensor rise time (response time), and noise on MAP signal
  196. timing error test with 99+ 4-tooth trigger wheel
  197. Link ECU with E85
  198. My first, WTF is going on PLEASE HELP thread!
  199. Engine Management Question
  200. LC1 problem
  201. Anyone know how to bypass the immobilizer circuit?
  202. Backfiring/popping while under load
  203. Which Knocklite sensor?
  204. Stock knock sensor voltage output?
  205. Injector dead (lag) time
  206. Link ecu:narrow band a/f gauge and link wideband a/f #s don't match and missfire?
  207. Noob Tuning Q
  208. Hot restart and Deatschewerks 600cc injectors
  209. FM Voodoo box any good?
  210. injector install advice needed- cranking PW%
  211. Noob q about AFR's jumping around/smoothness...
  212. Laptops, PCs, and... Mac?
  213. 180hp is all i got...:-(
  214. DataLogLab for Link -3 unrecognized response to Stop/Resume log data output command
  215. Random Running lean under more than 1/4 throttle?
  216. megalogview help needed
  217. Link ECU + MP62... RPM spike at 1700rpm??? goes up and down like a Yo Yo!
  218. MAF Circuit high
  219. link maps
  220. Hot restart hi-vacuum misfire
  221. 1997 ECU Differences?
  222. V increase from powering fuel pump from battery w/ relay
  223. Link A/F Is this as good as it gets?
  224. dyno tuning idea (part-throttle) - which dynos can do this?
  225. LC-1 Intermitent? Please Help
  226. Strange Idle, please help!
  227. LINK ECU Tuners in the New England area
  228. still having spark problems
  229. What will control my vvt. WTF
  230. Question dealing with injector timing
  231. Knock sensor filtration idea
  232. Retarded detontaion!
  233. Seattle Area Dyno
  234. can someone give me numbers?
  235. Throttle and bucking
  236. FMII Link stuttering Q's
  237. Engine...theory
  238. Link ECU has me scratching my head.
  239. LINK ECU Question
  240. Bench testing ECU
  241. NB Speedometer Wiring
  242. Using a modified honda/dsm ecu
  243. Confused Noob
  244. Bad MAP sensor, wiring, vac line or electrical noise?
  245. Link map sensor options..
  246. Jackson Racing BTC for a 1995 instructions
  247. How much for a ecu?
  248. Smart Q5, cheap TunerStudio device?
  249. Which Wideband?
  250. 12 tooth crank trigger wheel and MS, Hydra, Adaptronic, and AEM