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  1. Another (Unique?) VVT swap start issue
  2. Car is going lean when on the throttle
  3. Sync error under boost
  4. Intermittent AFR safety shutdown
  5. Cam sensor voltage spike during fuel pump priming
  6. DIYPNP and Flex Fuel, I'm too cheap to buy a MS3
  7. Another fuel pump thread...
  8. Fixed mysterious super high idle.
  9. Getting unintentional rev limit?
  10. AFR correct on gauge but not MS3
  11. First time mspnp2 setup
  12. Seeking advice on best method to progress a tune..
  13. Lack of power in boost / under load
  14. CEL still flashing but not connected! Ghosts?
  15. 1997 DIYPNP turbo miata
  16. Idle settles then surges
  17. Rev Limiter Lower Than Set Point
  18. Can you confirm Inj and Spk wiring on an MS3x
  19. Daily driver w/ MS3PNP a reasonable expectation?
  20. random stalling
  21. MS2 installed, wouldn't start, then it stopped cranking?
  22. Rough Idle and Poor Rev'ing... Looking for Advice
  23. MS3X IAC Wiring Question
  24. Anyone using Cranking Taper Curve on MS3? Reasonable Values
  25. Engine won't idle after ID1050's installed
  26. Good Knock Sensor for KnockSenseMS?
  27. Should I just start this wiring from scratch?
  28. Remote Data Log Tuners?
  29. ShadowDash Economy Gallons Used
  30. MSPNP - starting the car feels like someone kicking the starter
  31. Jumpy/Inconsistent Tach
  32. Crank pull-up
  33. Alternator Control problem
  34. 14.7+ AFR for idle with a Turbo? EGO Temp Sensors?
  35. DIY MS3x hitting limiter 2000 rpm?
  36. tachometer reading off
  37. New 1/8NPT "GM curve" sensor for oil temp
  38. Knock Sensor Help Request
  39. Crazy Oscillation on immediate start
  40. 00-99 NB Turbo Spark Map
  41. MS3x on na - lean at WOT
  42. Conflict Input Pin when trying to enable Launch Control
  43. RPM hang/surging issue - MS3
  44. Not sure if the ecu or tune is the problem
  45. 1.6 MS3x wont idle
  46. How Do I Test '99 Knock Sensor?
  47. Alarm light setup for Oil Temperature
  48. 99 miata. Questions.
  49. MS1 No Spark 1 and 4
  50. Trubokitty Boost Control and Launch control
  51. Engine stall after throttle lift
  52. Oscillating AFR at Idle with AC
  53. Blown D2 diode/microchip after battery blew up while drive
  54. Car suddenly runs rough-Need help
  55. Megasquirt Bugs Thread?
  56. MS3x crank no start 1.6
  57. DIY MS3X Connection Issues
  58. Some MS Qs (MS3Basic, MSPnP Pro, MS2E)
  59. Hacking ecu case for ms3 mini
  60. MS3X fully assembled board MODS
  61. vvt1 angle (cam angle)
  62. Microsquirt v3 ignition coil trouble
  63. Where to buy (90-00) - 178764-1 TE Connector for MS3X
  64. Wells TPS 4185 Issues
  65. The Newb Friendly Tuning Guide
  66. newbie at megasquirt
  67. Converting 1.6 from FMU to MSPNP2 - Base Settings?
  68. Later 1.6 megasquirt
  69. What do I need?
  70. No RPM signal to MS2 91 Miata
  71. VSS Pull up on 1995 NA
  72. MegaSquirt Pnp2 Coolant fan on Driver side Doesnít come on Automatically
  73. Losing boost at high rpm when ebc duty the same
  74. Megasquirt PNP Gen 1 no spark on 1 and 4
  75. Closed Loop Idle A/C Stalls
  76. Supermiata 36-2 trigger wheel sync issue
  77. Weird idle lately.
  78. Wiring up an AEM AFR WBO2 to a 2000?
  79. Odd NB Idle Valve Behavior
  80. 97 MSPNP2 no fuel in 3,4 cylinder
  81. Megasquirt or Misfire?
  82. Bosch EV14 750cc Tune Help
  83. Brain MS3x no start
  84. Mtx-l plus erratic behavior
  85. MS3 Basic error when selecting fields for SD card logging
  86. What value bias resistor to use with a GM oil temp sensor?
  87. VVT Swap into 92-Start Issues
  88. Sixshooter burns up a MS3 Basic (maybe)
  89. Map Sensor Reading Wrong-Help
  90. A/C Issues on 96' DIYPNP
  91. NA Miata MS2 Issues
  92. Is this the simplest way to add nalogue inouts to MS3Pro PnP?
  93. 3rd analogue input? MS3Pro PnP 99 Miata
  94. T/S gauges pausing during live viewing
  95. Ms2enhanced pnp software help
  96. Injector Latency Help-Bosch EV14 750cc
  97. MS2e Trigger Angle Issue/Error
  98. Obligatory MS2PNP beginner issues
  99. Engine Bay Clean Out
  100. 1997 Lean Hot Start
  101. check out this spark map
  102. MS2PNP resetting under load
  103. Megasquirt EFI wiring install help
  104. Megasquirt Tuning Session Advice
  105. VVT Tuner Question
  106. MS3PNP A/C Compressor inoperable
  107. Anyone with a Pierburg waterpump?
  108. Help with MSpnp2 + Flowforce Injector = Lean
  109. 94-95 Megasquirt on 96 Miata
  110. MSPnP2 AF tuning help please
  111. Can't get files from SD Card with TS
  112. Where to get MSpnp?
  113. Ebc PT7 not working
  114. Suddenly running lean
  115. Looking for some tuning help - Northern/Central NJ
  116. MS2 in a 2001 NB 1.6
  117. Mounting MSLabs MS3
  118. Help with 97 Tune
  119. Build Guide for Megasquirt from Kit
  120. MS2 NB HELP!!
  121. Troubleshooting MSPNP2 and possible Idle Air Control Valve problem
  122. MS3 Pro PNP knock sensor
  123. MS2 to MS3 No Start
  124. Any pointers for making my enrichment and overrun settings not suck
  125. Aftermarket ECU for sale?
  126. What shop in SoCal is best for tuning MS?
  127. strange ve fuel table
  128. DIYPNP - Relays cycle rapidly, no start
  129. Msq for 1.6 with flowforce 640cc ev14s
  130. AFR's lean issue
  131. MS3X misfire issue
  132. Laptop connected to PNP1, cranked with low batt, now won't connect.
  133. VTPS Not Making sense
  134. Recommend me a serial to USB
  135. ms3x, got fuel, got rpm, no spark
  136. Bench testing MS2 Ignition
  137. Swap issues 1.6 to 1.8 MS2
  138. 1994 Miata megasquirt basemap resulting in running too rich and high idles
  139. Megasquirt Sync loss and timing way off
  140. Need Help
  141. MS3X NB2 above 2K rpm issues
  142. 05 NB MS2 VVtunner lost tach under load at 3-4K RPM
  143. Fuel Pump Pressure Control
  144. Stupid newb question - MS3X vs DIYPNP2 and other dumb questions
  145. Crank Signal Hysteresis? No start ms3x
  146. Trying to figure out how to program fan control on MSPNP2
  147. Lower timing belt cover needed?
  148. MS2 PNP facory knock sensor
  149. Miata stops making boost around 5000rpm
  150. ITT: Value of TunerStudio Ultra Tuning / Dyno Views?
  151. need some serious help with ms3 pro pnp
  152. 1999 [NB] - MSPNP2 Tuning Opinions/Feedback/Guidance
  153. Fuel flow cc # off ?
  154. Looking to Megasquirt soon
  155. Help with Idle MS3X
  156. MS3PRO vs AEM UEGO
  157. Failure to Start
  158. Cant get new build to start. Help!
  159. Hooked up ms3. Tried to start car. Smoke!
  160. Help plz Fuel VE values seem very unique...
  161. MS3x, Custom Wiring Harness, Automatic TPS Wiring
  162. Help/Opinons with timing map.
  163. Can Anybody Make Firmware?
  164. Dyno tuner in NC
  165. Why is my fuel map boonk?
  166. Couple MS2 vy Reverant questons
  167. Idle VE Table Values?
  168. Plug an play dash gauge for NB (and soon NA) for Megasquirt
  169. Squirting into a 95
  170. Help deciper this MS2 board?
  171. High deadtime, What is going on?
  172. MSPNP-Pro wont start...
  173. rich-flicking afrs and stumbling engine
  174. Weird VVT angle / no start issue
  175. Odd MAP readings under WOT (N/A)
  176. Getting 1.8 NB2 knock sensors to give usable readings
  177. Buying a MS3ProPNP vs building MS3 V3.0 with Nippon Denso 122 Pin
  178. Still trying to figure out idle fuel
  179. AFM Removal EMU vs MS3
  180. HELP New Brain-style MS3x build first start issues!
  181. If I blip the throttle at idle, car stalls. MS3 NB
  182. 91 NA MS2 -- 2U and 2V weird voltage
  183. AEM X series wiring into MS3 PNP 96-97
  184. Upgrading 2560R to EFR6258 keep same timing map?
  185. Activating CL based on external inputs
  186. Unable to connect DIYPNP
  187. Creating boost blend and bad gas maps via rotary switch
  188. Sync lose cranking CAS on VVT engine
  189. Canít Load Base Map on DIYPNP
  190. NB TPS on NA
  191. First drive on MS3 Knock is bad
  192. MS3x brain-built first start up issues
  193. Sync loss on good Crank and CAS signal???
  194. MS2 V3.0 Boost control algorithm issue.
  195. Hard Crank and lost sync (?)
  196. MSPNP2 Sequential Injection
  197. Need timing table for 20 psi and 1.6
  198. Idle issues
  199. VE Analyze showing differnet results after every analysis
  200. DIYPNP - Adding a Boost Control Mod Kit and Running EBC signal through MAF Connector
  201. Anyone near NJ want to help me tune MS3 and make some $ for it
  202. where to buy ms in the UK with wiring loom
  203. Intermittent Sync Loss MS3x
  204. High load at idle
  205. 2 Questions for the Price of One...
  206. i hope this is only an issue with 1.6
  207. Closed loop idle - Activation and lockout settings
  208. Quick questions on wiring MS
  209. Very high EGTs but rich?
  210. Opinion on my tune so far.
  211. Fueling issue: 100VE at idle, 94VE in boost
  212. cop conversion, no spark from ms?
  213. Feels like dropping a coil, but "resets" with key cycle
  214. New laptop causing issues.
  215. Brand new Mm01-05 pnp pro wont flash firmware and accept tune
  216. DW700 install tuning help
  217. 94-95 MSPNP Idle Tuning Issuss
  218. Is there still a reputable timing map that people use?
  219. MS3 mini recommendable and where to purchase?
  220. MS3x Wiring Diagram Confusion
  221. Firmware error running TunerStudio
  222. Adjust idle RPM in Tuner Studio?
  223. Fisrt time messing with ms
  224. Rpm dip/high idle/intermittent hesitation ms2 problem
  225. Mysterious Fuel Cut - RPM based
  226. is my EBC working properly?
  227. Can someone check my tune please
  228. Knocking on base map w/ 9:1 compression
  229. Rpm increase when shifting, intermittent.
  230. WOT AFR wonky
  231. MSLabs MS3 Basic ADC Input For Fuel Gauge
  232. Help with base timing on 9:1 turbo motor
  233. Fan Control Issue
  234. Start sequence + low voltage
  235. Weird bump in Boost
  236. Fuel Cut at WOT, VVT Swap MS3
  237. Still tuning Idle on my MSM, need some guidance, perhaps in person
  238. Tuner Studio not recognizing my MS PNP2
  239. Does anyone have a Naturally Aspirated 1.8 tune?
  240. External MAP sensor calibration..
  241. Getting past initial Tune and Bringing in Boost
  242. n00b question about MegaSquirt and OBDII emissions
  243. Fluctuating Idle and Decel Problems
  244. MTX-L connected to TinyIOX gives wrong reading
  245. Crank No Start MS3 97
  246. Where to get ECU "Connector 2" for "engine upgrades?
  247. NA VVT MSlabs MS3 Throttle TPS issues
  249. need help with 96 and MS3X, no start issue
  250. MTX-L to MSLabs CAN connection