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  1. MS2 power
  2. Parallel Harness help!
  3. MS 2.2 spark mods....
  4. baro correction and MLV VE analyizer
  5. Shaping the boost curve AKA EBC solenoid tuning
  6. MS + stock ECU; anybody else done it this way?
  7. high map reading at idle, very slight IAC noise
  8. Overboost protection not...protecting
  9. MegaSquirt with old TechEdge DIY
  10. Rev Limiter doesn't seem to work
  11. My Megasquirt thinks its a pipe organ
  12. EDIS4 On A 99' FTMFW
  13. MS says my clt operating temp is around 215*F
  14. Idle tuning megathread (let's sort our idles out together)
  15. 1.6 FP relay circuit
  16. Barometric Correction (turn it off?)
  17. how do I get megatunix to run on windows
  18. I got boost! and some questions.
  19. TPS Signal
  20. closed loop boost control aka Boost kpa targets
  21. Unplug Ignitors
  22. Did I fry megasquirt?
  23. Can a miata run on two cylinders? COP problems
  24. Boomslang Build Question Afterthoughts
  25. Quick question about Gair
  26. Easy peasy pins for wiring harness
  27. Info/instructions for Wells TPS201 TPS ** PICTURES!
  28. ok megasquirt dummy
  29. MSPNP base map. Map showing low ambient kPa. WTF?
  30. It's been done before but I felt like sharing
  31. FIDLE mod flyback diode
  32. If you run an MSPNP 94/95 or 96/97 please read this
  33. Doesn't need rehasing, BUT...
  34. Just a Test - Attaching MSQ and Log
  35. IAT/CLT Based Timing Advance & Retard
  36. It runs, but only on cyl 1 and 3? any ideas?
  37. My MS died
  38. Follow up on 2-toothed nb crank trigger
  39. MS Ground Wire Question
  40. Tach shows up in megatune, not on gauge cluster
  41. Dyno later today - Suggestions!!!???
  42. Are all meqasquerts the same?
  43. GM IAT connector...how to assemble?
  44. 97 fan control
  45. Easy, dumb question about Hi-Res
  46. hope i didn't blow something, ignition problem
  47. AFR Targets in Megatune
  48. NB MS2: CMP, CKP, WTF? (more TLAs inside)
  49. Acceleration Wizard settings
  50. Still getting resets
  51. Hey you! Come analyze my fuel map.
  52. Woot! running MegaTunix on my eeePC
  53. Idle bounces... Boing, Boing, Boing
  54. First it worked, now it doesn't
  55. Installed HR code
  56. Cranking/Prime table
  57. 9697 MSPNP- lean after restart
  58. MS dwell settings for COPs
  59. GM Open Element IAT Sensor part number
  60. What is port a port b & port c in MLV?
  61. I put the MS in MSM.
  62. Used MS PnP initial install
  63. Stim Build almost done! Pics!
  64. Serial to USB from ebay
  65. Nor Cal Tunning?
  66. MS timing
  67. MSPNP cutting out fuel at various loads
  68. Upgrading oem pump.
  69. Is there a thread or location posting MSQ files?
  70. Anti Rev System (Traction Control) ????
  71. Idle valve frequency settings???
  72. Stock post-cat bung ok for WBO2 (I don't have a cat) ?
  73. MegaTune loses connection while loading .msq to MSPNP
  74. Another LC-1 Related question; Settings:
  75. Megasquirt PCB assembly
  76. Resistance on Q14
  77. Help an idiot convert to wideband
  78. Will my MS be erased if I have the battery off for about a week?
  79. Strange Rev Limit problem-fixed (changed spark plugs)
  80. Faulty MAP sensor?
  81. no clt gauge...
  82. Revving on its own.
  83. Yet more EeePC awesomeness
  84. VE analyzer can't nail it & AFRs jumping around
  85. Problems with 90-93 MSPnP
  86. Q about MLV and AFR target tables.
  87. Anyone know where i can find a "64 Pin Male connector (174518-7)" in stock?
  88. To boomslang or not?
  89. MAPdot accel affecting AFR at steady throttle
  90. 330's + FPR
  91. Hi Res and Palmlog?
  92. My first log after plugging in MSPnP
  93. Which of these is the right tach driver circuit for a 96
  94. Solder onto Boomslang Connector Pins
  95. Flex Fuel with MegaSquirt Controller
  96. Paranoid! ! Plus my MS is not working
  97. MSD Ignition box?
  98. Easytherm, MSPNP, firmware Q's
  99. How to Connect
  100. Weird IAT issue after reflash (MSPNP)
  101. Help, my MS won't talk!
  102. MSPNP Hi-Res setup questions
  103. MLV AFR target table problem
  104. Tuning Table Size VE and Advance POLL inside
  105. ms signal
  106. Where can I download the MS tuning manual?
  107. Bad idle after long drive
  108. Lumpy idle.
  109. Going to the Gap, should I be worried about altitude?
  110. Where to start with MS and a sr20det engine
  111. I think i have a faulty injector circuit in my MS
  112. LC-1 Bouncy
  113. Need help - VE Analyze/MLV
  114. Ahhh, squirtin'! Got some ?s
  115. Help im terrible with electronics
  116. My latest project...
  117. How do YOU tune?
  118. tried to install megasquirt, now won't run on stock ecu
  119. 1.6L to 1.8L Conversion... What Throttle Body???
  120. 550cc installed and barely made it home.
  121. EBC Issue
  122. tps
  123. I think MS hates me
  124. MS 1.8L BEGI S3 map request
  125. Will the MS not run without an O2 sensor?
  126. overboost not working
  127. Megasquirt on a 99 (work safe again.)
  128. What to do with Idle Control Valve?
  129. DIY MS Running in germany, but Im confused
  130. Just a quick question.
  131. Can I see your boost duty table pretty please.
  132. Finished my MSI V3.0 build and tried to start up = no luck after 4 hours.
  133. Launch Control FTMFW
  134. Lost my speedo after modding and reflashing!?
  135. What the back of the 1.6 head is supposed to look like.
  136. Failed firmware upload with MSPNP?
  137. Take a look at my plugs. (running rich)
  138. Coolant sensor craziness!
  139. 23mpg
  140. Part # for IAT sensor for MSPNP
  141. What does EGO correction use for its target?
  142. More MS questions, need help
  143. Hi-Res code = ohmymotherfuckinggodamazing
  144. Electronic 'detonation cans'
  145. NB IAC Settings?
  146. Fresh Build, no CLT reading
  147. MT RPM Gauge not reading but VE Table tracks RPM
  148. Did someone ever figure out the CLT resistance data for 96-97 cars?
  149. Cruise goes way lean
  150. Prebuilt MS?
  151. Newbie question using LC-1
  152. Too many advices on tuning VE?
  153. I am building a MS board now and have a question
  154. Tell me what this means.
  155. Ignore my 4-1 wheel post...
  156. Retune after minor intake/head work?
  157. MSPNP Launch control problem.
  158. tunerstudio ms
  159. Megasquirt Spark timing maps?
  160. Air Conditioning switch no longer works, megasquirt PNP?
  161. Megasquirt PNP Launch control problem, need help!
  162. Megasquirt Rebooting under Boost
  163. where can i buy the oem ECU harness connector
  164. Trying to spool faster. Peek at your spark maps?
  165. Timing Issues
  166. Too rich, plugged cat
  167. PNP Harness for MS VII?
  168. cylinders 2 and 4 running rich :confused:
  169. AIT and CLT temps seem to be off
  170. Run w/ Disconnected O2?
  171. Cruise too lean?
  172. 1st Datalog
  173. Pins Stuck!
  174. Help with MegaLogViewer
  175. dissconnecting controller
  176. no fuel from injectors 2 & 4
  177. MSPNP - Grounding Issues
  178. Boomslang Parts Group Buy from Onlinecomponents.com
  179. Anyone gone from 93 to 91? (octane)
  180. building a boomslang - questions...
  181. COPs with MS2
  182. Alternator Control box for standalone MS install for NB
  183. hmmz.. dunno if I trust my WB anymore.
  184. MS timing
  185. 1990 mx5, 550 injectors, T28
  186. I'm building a stand alone MS and have a couple of questions
  187. mspnp9697 knock after install?
  188. Power line weirdness = dead MS
  189. Problem while upgrading to 'No AFM'
  190. 97 turbo ms1ns issues
  191. Anyone using megatunix?
  192. MSPNP9093 with a 1.8 swap
  193. Impossible to program LM Programmer (?)
  194. Another full standalone nb....
  195. How might one go re scaling the kpa table in MLV
  196. How do I set up a shift light on my 96-97 Megasquirt PNP
  197. NB Megasquirt Owners questions...
  198. Just ordered mspnp
  199. how does this spool look?
  200. Banking Injectors?
  201. MSPNP Boost Controll Issue.
  202. Mspnp9093 Major Problemssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help
  203. MS pnp vs a kit
  204. Did I set base timing correctly?
  205. Any AE tuning tips from you gurus?
  206. weird problem with launch control
  207. lower temps leaning out my fueling?
  208. Stupid Plug locating
  209. Megasquirting my stock '99 NB
  210. It says controller code version does not match signature MSnS-extr.ini.
  211. No RPM Signal In MT
  212. errors on 3.0v w pnp map
  213. MSPNP Launch control woes
  214. MSPNP and parallel install?
  215. AEM UEGO doesn't agree with mspnp
  216. Initial AFR Target tables very off?
  217. Are the idle time constant multipliers supposed to change with Hi Res?
  218. Whale's Vagina MS help
  219. Do these cranking setting seem right?
  220. TPS readings: ADC works fine but % does not
  221. Walbro normal v. HP
  222. how to run dual boost maps
  223. The Great A/C FAQ
  224. Setting MS up with a RRFPR
  225. slowly turning upthe boost
  226. Ah HA! Found my lost boost!
  227. VTPS a necessity?
  228. Someone teach me on the acceleration enrich
  229. When switching from 305 to 460cc injectors how much will I have to lower the VE table
  230. Oh my god the MS works perfect.
  231. patsmx5's I Hate MS2 Thread
  232. how sensitive is the anoderm?
  233. NB GM IAT Sensor Wiring
  234. Knocking when cold
  235. MSpnp speed input
  236. well, now i can't trust these temp values
  237. omfg i soldered something again
  238. Please help with my MS tuning! w-i-t-h
  239. My MS build
  240. 96/97 Parallel EasyTherm Settings - What are you using?
  241. Buying MSPNP
  242. wideband sensor???
  243. Really stupid ?
  244. MS add-on options
  245. Pro/Con Remote MAP
  246. Is anyone selling MS assembled for Miatas other than DIY?
  247. afr target tables?
  248. Help sourcing parts for boomslang
  249. WOOOT MS is in and running!!!
  250. Problems idling