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  1. Difference between a Megasquirt 2 vs Megasquirt 1 3.0 with MS2 daughter board
  2. new ms2pnp installed running and ready for next step
  3. Closed loop idle help
  4. ms3x help in Baltimore area, PLEASE... I am willing to pay.
  5. For the love of God, help me get my A/C to stop stalling my car!
  6. ms2 installed car wont start
  7. Weird MS2 prob...MS Experts Please Look
  8. EBC not opening
  9. MS1 custom wideband curve?
  10. connector pinout
  11. Do I have a ground issue?
  12. Lots of interference on VTPS when engine is running.
  13. How Retarded can a NB intake cam be for decoding to work?
  14. Megasquirt 2 idle issue - Video and Map included
  15. New to Megasquirt, NEED HELP!
  16. Knocking with MSPNP2 base timing and 94oct
  17. DB9 Serial no longer works to connect to MS3, USB works fine.
  18. VVT flyback installed backwards?
  19. MS3 Tuner Studio Idle issues
  20. MS2 with CAN bus problems
  21. Huge lean spike, tuning issue or fuel delivery issue?
  22. ms3x doesn't start car anymore
  23. Cant figure out where the rest of these go
  24. TPS spikes and misfires over 4k rpm and boost
  25. Failed Emissions. Suggestions?
  26. ID725 MS settings
  27. Voltages from RX and TX
  28. Turbo 95 going EXTREMELY lean (23.8) under tip-in
  29. Felt like rev limiter at full throttle at 4500rpm, help me figure out why?
  30. a few MS2 wiring questions
  31. Quite possibly the most stupid question of the week....
  32. 36-1 installed....Now we have idle weirdness
  33. MS install before turbo?
  34. Weird idle issue- MS1V3
  35. Megalog Viewer Scaling
  36. JS1-11 questions. inputs and outputs etc.
  37. EBC wiring using former MAF wires? Hunky-dory?
  38. MSQ needed
  39. ECU not communicating/non starter
  40. Maps Library for the MS
  41. Can't read ECU for state inspection
  42. No tach signal EMS-Pro
  43. new boost spike
  44. Variable TPS
  45. Free revving vs load
  46. MegaSquirt 2 Extra and LC1 Wideband Parallel/Boomslang Install on a 97
  47. Going Rich
  48. Question about VEAL not adjusting fuel quick enough for my liking while in boost
  49. Another help with cranking setting thread 2000 NB 425cc MS2
  50. MS3 idle issues
  51. MS3 crank position sensor wiring
  52. Reverant MS2, Lean under throttle tip-in + slight stumble, accel enrich wrong?
  53. Suddenly running rich/lean (not 100% sure) Can someone look at my logs?
  54. TPS wiring Stupid Noob Check..
  55. High RPM Lean Spike MSPNP2
  56. MS2 with Toyota COP
  57. Condenser needed for 04 MSM coils on MS3X?
  58. I suck at maths. help me find my injector deadtime @13.2v
  59. Timing engine with 60-2 wheel + 1 legged CAS. Off by 4 deg.
  60. MS3x help with starting/cranking tune
  61. wiring ms2 in parallell.
  62. MS3 or MS3X for IAC?
  63. Car starts and idles fine, but light throttle input causes it to stall
  64. Having a terrible time starting the car on MSX3
  65. MS3x installed, issues that I could use a second opinion on.
  66. Need help with an outdated MS1
  67. Tuning Sanity Check
  68. Help me have a successful MS3x start
  69. starting issue, very confused msq and video
  70. Logic level coils.
  71. vvt in na chassis sanity check with MS3x
  72. Why can't I idle at stoich?
  73. Unstable idle with new injectors
  74. Is tunerstudio broken? Injector flow at 0.
  75. MS3X Fueling Issues Log Inside
  76. CEL Check Engine Light cruising with A/C and occasionally under hard boost MS2e
  77. Laptop and MS3x refusing to talk to each other
  78. How to: Miata 2001 DIYPNP Pinout
  79. 99 Miata, 3rd hand ms2x installed, need help getting set up - FIXED!
  80. Trouble with 1.6 parallel MS install - going lean
  81. How to determine which generation ECU Pinout I have? (1995 Eunos 1.8 VR-Limited)
  82. JimStim output from MS2E with 'inverted' ignition outputs
  83. Oscillating idle and High idle (random) - DIYPNP
  84. Backfire on shift
  85. Fan Control
  86. Boost control issue with DIYPNP?
  87. Calling all MS gurus - scooter EFI conversion help
  88. Help with db37 build
  89. MS2 Extra AFR very rich
  90. MTX-L Ground/12V Noise PSA
  91. tunerstudio timing and autotune
  92. Tuning cranking pulse in 130-170f coolant range
  93. Long Term Fuel Trim
  94. Non linear TPS signal, jumps around, tried everything.
  95. Megasquirt diypnp wont start anymore
  96. Ms2 db37 build
  97. MS1v3 was working fine on USB, switched to serial and now it won't start/run?
  98. Trying to get started the RIGHT way
  99. MS1V3 Wiring harness horrors
  100. Looking for a midwest tuner for MS3 Basic
  101. Will not start when warmed up
  102. wtf is with tunerstudio
  103. Normal AFR fluctuations at WOT
  104. MS3 Idle issue
  105. Map for NA 1.6 ignition?
  106. GM coils on a 99 turbo with MS3
  107. Megasquirt DIYPNP issues (2001)
  108. where to buy mspnp for 96 for less then 800?
  109. 94 Megasquirt PNP 2 idle issues
  110. 99 Ms2 No Spark While Cranking, Sparks in Test mode
  111. Any ideas on what is making this car go lean?
  112. GM Coolant Sensor Calibration Issues?
  113. Idle issues after installing 550cc injectors MS3x
  114. DIYPNP smooth idle help!
  115. AFR goes <9 when I touch the throttle
  116. MS1 Resetting
  117. Megasquirt my 1989 jdm miata
  119. DIYPNP cold start strange problem
  120. MS2 or MS3 (MS builders feel free to chime in)
  121. Baseman needed please
  122. ms1 help! no spark toyota cop
  123. MS Noob Ready to roll
  124. Cam Sync Sensor
  125. What software to purchase
  126. fried 1.6 ignitor module - 1.8 coil swap info??
  127. Seq inj + Ign question
  128. MS noob: MS2x w/VVT box - gains vs. cost ratio going to MS3x ??
  129. Newbie Needs Help with DIYPNP
  130. Idle target value never reached
  131. my megasquirt seems to be failing me
  132. TS VEAL for warmup enrichment
  133. MS3 EGT settings problem. Can't use a value less then -40
  134. MS-ing an automatic
  135. Toyota Cop on a harness from scratch
  136. Timing map tunning and various other questions.
  137. vvt tuner wiring help!
  138. Megasquirt stoped turning on.
  139. Help plz: ms3x, octane choices and pinging
  140. MS3Pro users?
  141. MS2 idle screens for an NA1.8 throttle body
  142. MSPNP2 connectivity issues
  143. Why is my Dashpot not working?
  144. Need help with a good map.
  145. WTF - No Crank signal in my MS3 (MS3X) when the MS is cold... - SOLVED!
  146. AFR spike during acceleration
  147. Braineack DIYPNP Base Settings
  148. RPM drop between upshifts
  149. Narrowband ?
  150. Timing map no matchy real timing
  151. First run after turbo install
  152. MS3X No Start 1993 - Help a Noob Plz
  153. PID Idle Dip on Decel
  154. PID idle activation to initiate closed loop?
  155. Wideband AFR not matching DIYPNP AFR
  156. 1.6 M45 - lose a boost coupling and the engine revs out of control
  157. ITT we discuss knock windowing
  158. DIYPNP, Launch control - how to ?
  159. Normally aspirated strange power curve issues
  160. MegaSquirt Meet 2013: April 19-20, Suwanee, GA
  161. Let's discuss AFR tables
  162. MS2 on Craigslist-What Should I Offer?
  163. Second optoisolator on MS2
  164. Let's discuss VE Tables.
  165. MS1 parallel install: idle and enrichment issues?
  166. MSPNP GEN1 Connection Issues
  167. MS1 Parallel Fuel Pump Wiring
  168. Just a little taste of what we have been up to here at DIYAutoTune
  169. 99 swap to 90 - idle control
  170. BMW Variable TPS won't calibrate???
  171. Got CL boost to work but some tuning tips?
  172. Sequential inj not working
  173. 98 NB 1.6 miata with msI v3 or upgrade?
  174. TS,megatune,and megalog wont open/system clock?
  175. Help to improve a basemap (MS2)
  176. High rpm at idle
  177. Innovate AFR readings off
  178. 90 miata only one coil firing MSPNP2 issue
  179. Can raw fuel ruin a Bosch LSU 4.2?
  180. VSS on a MK2.5
  181. Introducing the MS3-Pro Module!
  182. OEM or Bosch Knock sensor with internal module
  183. Megasquirt Firmware signature mismatch
  184. MAP reading only 88kPa at WOT. Too low??
  185. I'm giving up bad idle for lent. Help me, brothers.
  186. IAT placement reason for richness?
  187. Burnt ignitor (how can i prevent from burning another one)
  188. Electronic Relay Recommendation?
  189. New Member at DIYAutoTune.
  190. MS3 or MS2 Enhanced
  191. Questions on IAT and where to mount in SC Car
  192. Can someone look at my .msq file?
  193. MS1: VR input
  194. MS3 and USB connection
  195. VVTuner Not communicating
  196. TPS calibration problem with DIYPNP
  197. WUE doesn't go off.
  198. C16 exploded, carnage inside
  199. DIYPNP - PWM idle settings
  200. Help needed - MS2 3.0 Assembly
  201. Latest MS3 code, boost control not working, Calling Braineack
  202. Timing set in 'fixed timing mode but changes when set to 'use table' ???
  203. MS3x standalone DIY na6 install, looking for some help
  204. Big thanks to Braineack - 28MPG
  205. Engine not firing after sitting for half year without battery connected
  206. Injectors
  207. Orange wire
  208. good settings for afr/ego control
  209. A treasure trove of Noob Questions
  210. 90 with Megasquirt PNP v1 won't start
  211. Do I need bigger injectors? How tune?
  212. MS2 standalone with stock ignitor
  213. MS3 MAP setting FYI
  214. nvmind
  215. Diypnp / IAC valve failure
  216. First start datalog. Anything wrong?
  217. Any issues with Windows 8 and Tuner Studio
  218. Cold start and idling + bonus problems
  219. Any new MAT correction trickery
  220. Car won't run with throttle open (even a crack)
  221. Trying to view log to diagnose stumbling issue but getting error
  222. On cranking advance...
  223. MS3-Pros hit the shelves!
  224. lc-1 issues
  225. MAP vs. TPS accel
  226. fluctuation in afr's log included
  227. MS3 and wiring in a knock sensor unit
  228. MSPNP Gen 2 blown transistor? 10 amp fuse left in. Does Gen 2 suffer too?
  229. MS3X 2001 vvt and anti lag who is doing this?
  230. 90 to 99 Megasquirt converstion/compatibility
  231. ms1 worth it
  232. Internal bluetooth module
  233. Frustrating IAC issue..
  234. NA 97 idle control algorithm - which one ?
  235. NA 97 IAT Sensor calibration
  236. Config error after "bad burn" Dual table and secondary load cannot be enabled togeth
  237. DIYPNP - How do I connect wideband to it ?
  238. In search of MS1 3.0 help in San Diego
  239. MS Installs, pictures.... post them up
  240. MS1 v3.0 questions
  241. 2002 Miata - MS3 or 3x?
  242. GM IAT sensor problem
  243. MS2PNP Cooling fan issue.
  244. Cold Cranking Questions (DIYPNP, MSII)
  245. MSPNP & AEM Boost Solenoid
  246. powering mspnp outside of car
  247. MegaSquirt, Scatter Plots, and You
  248. There are too many Megasquirts.
  249. IAC mod on MS2 V3.0
  250. A/C Control for NB 01-05