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  1. Gm IAT wires not same as in instructions. urgemt
  2. Oochi's MS3X DIY Build
  3. Two Specific MS-1 Questions
  4. Needs helps, no output to cop#2!
  5. ms3 closed loop idle initial values table
  6. Ms2 ignition advance blipping
  7. miata issue not sure if its megasquirt related or not
  8. MS2 first start
  9. Setting up Megasquirt II with MacBook Pro.
  10. Can a '96-'97 MSPNP work on my '94? Help.
  11. Priming Pulsewidth help MS2
  12. Should I upgrade my original MSPNP?
  13. MS ECU For Mazdaspeed Miata...
  14. WUE, Cranking, and more
  15. Very hard to start when around freezingpoint.
  16. MAP under fuel decel
  17. New Member help - mspnp bmw vtps idle speed issue
  18. Can't Find TPS
  19. no fuel cut over 4000rpm
  20. Building a diypnp and have some questions.
  21. Strange stuff that always bothers me: fans stay on, Gamme Enrich
  22. MS3x - Frank's build for '95?
  23. Enhanced Megasquirt and the clutch switch override
  24. I do not understand the CKP/CMP relationship apparently
  25. are 55occ injectors too big for small turbo 1.6
  26. How To: MS-1/MSPNP EBC
  27. How To: MS-1/MSPNP Closed Loop EBC
  28. Ready to Buy MS3 upgrade - I think..info needed
  29. looking for a good tuner in Washington
  30. Fuel pump
  31. Adding an oil pressure gauge in TS
  32. DIYPNP Seq Module fail?
  33. Calling for MS Gurus - Help with MS2 SMD v3.57 installation
  34. Problem with cylinder 1 - not firing
  35. Boomslang no longer a good method?
  36. 10 pin connector for extra features on mspnp
  37. MS1 // to MS3 - What to do about harness?
  38. MS3 Serial Comm Command list
  39. Is this a noisy or normal signal?
  40. TPS and overboost problems
  41. Need help deciding on a MS kit
  42. MS2 standalone NB+.... all the other wires?
  43. Have I built my MS1V3 incorrectly?
  44. Halp! MS1 Harness Corrected! Fixed Errors But Won't Run
  45. MS2 4G63 tach input on v2.2pcb
  46. MS2 gauges are stuck!?
  47. Cranking/startup questions (log and msq included)
  48. Does this MS3 look right?
  49. MS3x driving stock coils - spark output setting?
  50. Installing wideband questions
  51. MS3 Heatsink and Ignition Wiring Questions
  52. BoomSlang and Meqasquirt PigTail Examples
  53. Sliding window smoothers
  54. MS3 + MS3x Grounding
  55. O2/MAPissues?
  56. [FW MOD] ms2extra 3.2.1 beta gslender v2
  57. MS1 to MS3X Upgrade Writeup?
  58. Which MegeSquirt is right for my build?
  59. Just Built a Jim Stim
  60. problem getting my megasquirt running (wont start)
  61. Megasquirt pooped. Suggestions?
  62. MAP never reach 100
  63. question on building my ms3 board
  64. IAC and other misc problems 1.8 swap, using 90-93 megasquirt PNP
  65. DIYautotune's CAS replacement wheel
  66. splicing ms piggy
  67. anyone in the bay area?
  68. MS2 upgrade, Key-on pop returns...?
  69. COP...will these work?
  70. MTX-L spiking rich in TS but gauge fine
  71. Where/Who can I get a MSII basemap (97 miata)?
  72. Definition of "Fuel Load"
  73. ait stuck @ 21* r4 r7 resistors maybe?
  74. Ms3 alternator control!
  75. MSPNP2 - Discuss:
  76. MS1v3.0 issues switching from 450cc to 680cc injectors.
  77. MS3 Pre Assembled still require a Jim Stim?
  78. 1990 miata with 96 motor, tps with megasquirt?
  79. is my msq right
  80. Does this board have the Voltage circuit Built In?
  81. ms2extra 3.2.0 alpha gslender v1
  82. Changing from baseline tables - how many to import
  83. Upgrade from MS1 to MS2 FAIL.
  84. AE - Why are you such a pain in the ass?
  85. How to Difference two msqs?
  86. Link to a high res photo of a V3.0 board?
  87. Why is there a 5K rpm limit on my system?
  88. MS2 vs MS3X idle duty
  89. RPM/MAP based accel enrichments. What do these numbers mean?
  90. Whoops - Low-Z Injector grounded
  91. LC1 wiring
  92. MS3 first start - please review files
  93. 97NA MS1 Parallel Install - How can I stabilize my tune for temperature changes?
  94. 1990 Miata DIYPNP hard to start cold.
  95. Voltage discrepancy on 12V+ to Megasquirt, is this a problem?
  96. How to read an input port? For A/C control
  97. New setup. Car runs for 20 seconds then dies
  98. MS3 setting dead time howto
  99. Is MLV worth buying?
  100. Please review my msq.
  101. Yank's brick with MS3X (Noob tuner FTL)
  102. The "Why is fuel being pulled from my top end" Thread
  103. MAC boost valve parameters/setup?
  104. Credit where credit is due. Reverant, you rock.
  105. Megasquirt + IAT/AIT sensor query
  106. Running 650CC EV14's? Let's see your MSQ!
  107. VVT angle oscillates at idle
  108. MS3 no-sync 60-2 wheel + cam sensor
  109. Need a base map...
  110. Good AFR target table?
  111. 2001 pinout, is this correct?
  112. MegaSquirting on your Android...
  113. Alternator dosen't excite until 1500 rpm, any fixes?
  114. MS2 idle control must be standalone?
  115. Control EGR?
  116. upgrading ms1 to ms2
  117. Car will not start(fuel pump does not turn on)
  118. Looking for 01-05 ecu pinouts
  119. Please Look Over MSQ
  120. nb turbo ms2 pnp. ALRIGHT, who has a similar setup and has "tuned" their start up??!!
  121. A little Confused
  122. IAC not responding the way I want with MS3x
  123. IAC doesn't work. what did i eff up?
  124. Rev Matching
  125. tunerstudio vac/boost gauge for ms2?
  126. Share coolant temp and sensors MS3x?
  127. map\emap
  128. MegaSquirting on your iPhone
  129. Map shows 122 kpa when the engine is off
  130. flooding when hot
  131. Unable to get tach sync - MS3 - Jimstim
  132. MegaSquirtSanta - Custom Modifications / Firmware
  133. 2000 NB turbo MS DIYPNP- car starts up kinda retarded, how do you adjust this?
  134. Got a free MS2, C16 is roasted...
  135. DIYPNP on stock 93, need help.
  136. Who was waiting for MS3 source code to be released?
  137. running rich, required fuel way off
  138. Need help figuring out what i have.
  139. typicall newb ms2 only one coil is firing help please
  140. Running a little lean with cold temps
  141. DIYPNP/MTX-L O2 readings
  142. MS3 Injection Timing and injector offset
  143. check my msq have i missed something?
  144. Changing injectors
  145. HELP AGAIN! MSII DIYPNP is a piece and shoot me. Problems inside
  146. MS3X no IAC - problem solved!
  147. never mind
  148. MS3 PnP build
  149. Mspnp, 36-1, sporadic misfire
  150. MSII runs with stock AFM, not with IAT sensor
  151. Launch control - misfire under load
  152. DIYPNP + Low Impedance Inj
  153. setting 550's in mspnp 9093
  154. NOOB needs help - Kick me into shape please.
  155. Sooooo close, but I need YOUR help! Please?
  156. MS2 Ignition problems
  157. Critique my first tune
  158. Anyone from SF bayarea can help with MS-II SMD PCB3.57 installation??
  159. MS2 AC Idle Up Code
  160. Help me start my diypnp
  161. Help! FM2 Turbo Won't Start in Dallas!
  162. MSIII v3.57 No CAS or CAM
  163. MS3 VSS speed signal
  164. DIYPNP false rev limiter/speed limiter
  165. Tuner studioMs not seeing wideband
  166. No Start, MS3 MS Gurus please look inside
  167. Serial Test Port FAILED!!!!
  168. Tach doesn't work w/MS & Cops, did 1k resistor trick already
  169. boost control mod kit no 1n4002 wtftodo?
  170. I need tuning help!
  171. Maybe I am blind, 1.6 sequential injection ?
  172. Arizona Megasquirt?
  173. Turned pots R11 and R32 too many times. Now What???
  174. Tablet running ms gauges
  175. Looking for a N/A tune for my EUDM 10AE
  176. MS circuit help required
  177. Ubuntu: install tunerstudio & megalog viewer noob guide
  178. Help with Map and Baro settings (TunerStudio with MS1v3 on hr11d firmware)?
  179. DIYPNP not seeing wideband
  180. HELP 2000 MX5 DIYPNP cannot figure out settings on tunerstudio
  181. Improved Spark out, bias resistor value 01-05 clt
  182. barometer
  183. Intermittent disconnection problem Megasquirt 2.
  184. MSPNP intermittently cutting out on initial install
  185. Random drop outs and misfires
  186. ms2 cas pull in
  187. Misfire/Hickup when lightly pushing throttle - 99/00 MSII DIYPNP
  188. tachometer discrepancy?
  189. IAT heat-soak in IC end tank - Help me understand this.
  190. Dwell - MS I vs. MS II
  191. COP trigger problems
  192. Found a great tuner in Central Florida
  193. idle perfect, then suddenly full rich on afr
  194. Purchased a second hand MS kit, what bits are missing :-(
  195. HELP ASAP! MS2 DIYPNP installed and car cranks but does not start up
  196. 1.6 Diypnp Fan control Circuit
  197. Almost there with the MSPNP II
  198. Coolant corrected air density: Because I'm dense.
  199. MSPNP with no spark
  200. About to build MS3
  201. MSPNP9697 ignition upgrade
  202. No start w/ new brainy MS2, no spark
  203. Rasberry Pi for datalogging?
  204. my diypnp mainboard is now assembled
  205. MS3 & JimStim - Power Issue in Assembly
  206. MS1/MSPNP Closed-Loop EBC -- Works Well on my Car -- Details
  207. Cranking RPM and the process of starting
  208. msq and mlv files, advice aappreciated.
  209. Increasing boost and injectors
  210. overboost protecion settings help
  211. Random rpm dip
  212. The first of many stupid questions
  213. key on, pressure spike
  214. D10 blown, I need help
  215. Knock-window...it is time
  216. acceleration problems
  217. MS1 Starts but no connection/response!
  218. tach drops under boost but not in TS: diypnp tach output problem?
  219. MSII Extra from Stratified response
  220. I updated to TS1.14 and I have errors
  221. Tuning with VE Analyze--H2O Injection ON or OFF
  222. MegaSquirt Tuner in the North East?
  223. EBC Not Working
  224. HELP! electrical malfunction
  225. Megasquirt rough running
  226. MS1 + Fuel pump Question
  227. DIYPNP Setup - planning jumper route
  228. what is the stock idle control? 94
  229. Help needed with DIYPNP setup
  230. Updated MS DIYPNP to 3.1.1 firmware...now no start!
  231. Modifying Brainy MS board for vTPS - think I have locations wrong
  232. DIYPNP/MTX-L Signal voltage
  233. clutch switch
  234. Help, I don't want to miss the discount
  235. Engine cutting out under load/boost
  236. MSM and Megasquirt
  237. Very Strange Iat reading - faulty sensor?
  238. Thinking about Megasquirt, which unit?
  239. MS no communication issue
  240. Boost controller
  241. DIYPNP first start, low AFR bad idle
  242. Someone to tune DIYPNP/help figure out my wideband
  243. Ms1/lc1 AND narrowband errors. Please help
  244. MS crank signal help please...
  245. help 01-05 coils msII sharing sensors
  246. 25% discount @ DIYAutoTune.com
  247. Troubleshooting wideband
  248. GM AIT going bad?
  249. Use Narrowband sensor with ms?
  250. DIYPNP no start