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  1. Retune boost PID after turbo swap?
  2. idle issues with A/C
  3. tuner studio errors on netbook
  4. How to convert MS2 to stand alone
  5. blew highside driver no st sign.
  6. Can my mspnp control water/meth?
  7. Budget MS build questions.
  8. no power until 5200rpm
  9. Boost target table - how does yours look...?
  10. Critique my tune
  11. DIYPNP Coolant Temp Problem
  12. MS1 losing CAS signal
  13. Weird alternator circuit issue
  14. Ms1 v3.57 has no tach imput,ms shows that there is no rpm but all other sensors work
  15. Need help finalizing my MS2 jumper harness.
  16. Cutting power to the Megasquirt
  17. Megasquirt on ebay?
  18. Light throttle stalling/stumbling
  19. Extreme hesitation under load
  20. Noob tuning troubles
  21. Critique my tune please :)
  22. stalling and VE table question
  23. MS3 no start, have spark, fuel, not sure about timing
  24. 1997 tps to MS1 w/relay board question
  25. Reverant MS unit - no tach / rpm
  26. Microsquirt help.
  27. Strange Boost control / AFR problem
  28. Need help, freshly built DIYPNP crank but no fire (edit : Working now!)
  29. DIY PNP Wideband Voltage issue.
  30. Question(s) for those logging EGT with MegaSquirt
  31. N00b Needs AFR help...
  32. fuel pump realy problems 92 mspnp
  33. Can't lower idle, Help
  34. Issues under load. Diagnose my log!
  35. Base map 00 miata id1000cc injectors?
  36. MAP problem?
  37. DIYPNP deleting 1.6L CAS
  38. rpm gauge oscillate after ms 2 installation
  39. MS3 knock module updates
  40. MS1: idle after hot restart fixed!
  41. Why is my afr steady sometimes and unsteady at others?
  42. Idle Help
  43. Spike in VEtable at ~5000rpm 10Psi - normal? Fuel pump?
  44. 99-00 DIYPNP box. Thing to do before plugging it in? Megatune question?
  45. Does this look right to you? Fuel table
  46. MSpnp no power
  47. 99 DIYPNP - Starting Failure
  48. Who does MS tuning in NJ/NY area
  49. DIYPNP TPS Calibration Problems
  50. Cooling fan always on? Wtf?
  51. DIYPNP DB15 Connections
  52. MS3+MS3x, 99-00 loosing sync at 4500rpm - SOLVED!
  53. AFR spikes lean - mild misfire?
  54. GM IAT installed, but now car wont start
  55. Looking for MS1 Settings for 36-1 Trigger
  56. 5ms dwell at idle, 3ms above 2k
  57. No fast idle on 90-93 MSI
  58. Can't rev over 6k
  59. DIYPNP Spark advance basemap for boost
  60. MS for 1.6. What version do I have?
  61. 99 shanghai cutting out above 4k
  62. Where can I find MS2 with afm basemap?
  63. My Megasquirt plans check and feedback pls.
  64. Accel Enrichment / Stall issues (90-93 DIYPnP)
  65. Using EasyTherm5 with the hr_10g
  66. DIYPNP MS1 and the fuel pump
  67. Ms3 MS3x on a MSM
  68. 2000 Miata MS question
  69. mspnp connection issues
  70. lost sync 31 & 32
  71. MS3X users - go to 1.1.1
  72. Got the car to start... but sounds like it's not running on all cylinders
  73. Cylinder 2 Plug Shows Hot
  74. Changing injectors and ve table?
  75. Looking for help
  76. Map sensor reading high at idle
  77. Should my temperatures be spiking like this when I dont have my DIYPNP hooked up?
  78. Wtf did I do? I reconnected the connector in front I throttle body. Car won't start.
  79. MPX4250AP or MapDaddy?
  80. MS3, MS3x, 1ZZ COP, Sequential Fuel and Spark
  81. Not pulling over 6000rpm
  82. Another connecting problem
  83. 99 miata need some help.
  84. Can someone take a look at these msq?
  85. Car cuts at high boost.
  86. First Drive With MS3, Tune/Turbo Trouble
  87. 460cc RX-7 injectors dead time
  88. Trigger offset angle issues
  89. ms3/x loses power when injector fuse is pulled
  90. MS + Injector wiring
  91. Stock ECU VE table
  92. AEM UEGO 6 in 1 = AEM Linear AEM-30-42xx
  93. MS1 to MS3, no spark
  94. What is this stumble?
  95. DIYPNP - Starts but can't idle 93 Miata
  96. Idle viiiiiibration!
  97. Mspnp, 10g hi-res, tooth & trigger problems
  98. some wire identification need to get the mega squirt sparking
  99. regular AE or accel pump style AE?
  100. gen2
  101. Updating firmware
  102. cant get a spark with my mega squirt help
  103. MS2 and LS2 coils
  104. How would you ste these injectors up?
  105. Upgrade MS1 to MS2 CPU
  106. registering tuner studio
  107. Street Tuning on a Narrowband and a sanity check
  108. When do you go open loop? Plus VEAL questions
  109. stock bp timing map
  110. Stock base map.
  111. gslender v22b2 issues!
  112. DIYPNP - Cannot calibrate TPS
  113. Noob question: MSPNP for 1.8 on a 1.6?
  114. MSPNP2 install... noob edition
  115. Confirmation: DB37 pin/ harness wire orientation (spark issues) -MS1e/1997
  116. MS2 squeal on startup
  117. NA to Boosted Megasquirt Settings
  118. Can I run with a bad o2 sensor tomorrow?
  119. Does MS and a RR-FPR play well together?
  120. Started my MS3X build this week, questions to follow
  121. MS Rpm Drop issue
  122. change AFR to lambda
  123. ITT: MS3X VVT settings and tuning
  124. Can Megasquirt run two separate sets of injectors?
  125. Help me fix my fail. VE tables and AFR target tables. MSPNP MM9495 w/maf
  126. Updating firmware in-situ: safe practice
  127. Easytherm Settings
  128. Are my coolant temps normal (MS3/X)?
  129. Where to ground WB for 99 MS install ASAP
  130. MS-II connection issue
  131. Crazy Map reading. Help!!
  132. diypnp looses signal at above 3/4 throttle.
  133. Setting base timing in a '99
  134. Is my MS1e soldering/set-up correct?
  135. Need idiots guide to installing MS in a '99
  136. How hard is to to go Megasquirt?
  137. Ignition Fail on Dyno!!! Help Please.
  138. please hold my hand.. afr target
  139. new computer, fresh install, MegaTune comm problem
  140. 99 Miata turbo not starting
  141. Timing Light Recommendation?
  142. Erratic AFR / Mapdot, Noise issue?
  143. Dyno sheet Rotrex 15-60 SC & MS DIYPNP tables
  144. mspnp95 base timing set, idle still bad, change fuel table?
  145. Tunerstudio autotune without wideband?
  146. Interesting news about noise on TPS MS V3 board
  147. Upgraded to MS3X. Losing sync on cranking
  148. MAF data
  149. Knock control on the MS2
  150. Idle fuel setting wants to be really rich
  151. WHY NO REVLIMITER??? because [email protected]$3(@! but srsly 8500+lol...
  152. Picked up two MS Units, what mods have been done?
  153. AFR's changing, no changes to fuel map
  154. 1.6 to 1.8 swap
  155. TS and MLV licenses
  156. Parts needed to upgrade MS1 to MS3x?
  157. MS3X full PnP, build me one.
  158. General MS help please
  159. Idling's a BRAINY
  160. Cold start - have to push throttle a bit to start - what MSQ change?
  161. Fried my MSPNP tonight... Can it be fixed??
  162. Check my MSQ (no start)
  163. MS-1 Idle Issues
  164. 1.6 fuel pump mod /***fixed-bad new tip125***
  165. Tuning suggestions for idle VE table
  166. Pre Built MS3/ MS3x; wiring and general questions
  167. cant get a stable timing indication
  168. hot lean restarts
  169. Boost, Stumbling, No Power
  170. Check my Tables Please
  171. 5psi actuator hitting 10psi-GREDDY
  172. MS2 settings help
  173. A Couple Quick Questions Before I build my DIYPNP
  174. MS3, Turbo, and Timing
  175. Wild Idle After Sequential Upgrade
  176. MS3 idle voltage correction
  177. SOLVED: Idle Valve Gone Wild!
  178. So let's pretend I did something dumb and changed my idle screw.
  179. Turbo install, wont start now
  180. MS2 - how do i reduce my idle rpm
  181. Two timing marks 01+ engine
  182. diypnp base map?
  183. Probably a stupid question
  184. VEAL pulling to much fuel?
  185. Ms2 diy maps?
  186. Another aem wideband reading off from tunerstudio
  187. Unstable TPS signal, Brain MS2, so cannot setup boost control.
  188. negative trigger angle?
  189. Cam and crank sensor setup with VVt
  190. Buying Used MS3
  191. MSPNP test cars we're looking for
  192. MS Wont Start (Pics Inside)
  193. DIYPNP, falls on its face between gears, what to adjust first?
  194. Not a question, But a Megasquirt Tuning Experience...
  195. Megasquirt Startup Settings
  196. Big noob cant get car started with MS2
  197. How to rewire to get sequential fuel injection??
  198. MS2 goes lean on acceleration
  199. Just used shadow logger MS for the first time!
  200. MS Assembly Help
  201. A/C stuck on
  202. Inventory blowout on Miata ECU connectors!
  203. Adding second map sensor on V3 board - (like Abe did)
  204. MS3 & MS3X - 99% Ready to install. Help me ensure I don't screw up.
  205. MS tuners local to socal
  206. Alternator control in future firmware for MS3
  207. I don't mean to be alarmist...
  208. secondary AFR table
  209. location of 12v in engine bay?
  210. ms3x CAS Sync issues. No Start
  211. set timing using different maps?
  212. My MS3x build questions... it's alive on the stim.
  213. Do you need resistance on MS CLT and IAT sensor leads?
  214. Installing MS2 on 99
  215. Ms2 connection issues
  216. MY noob MS questions
  217. What exactly do I need?
  218. DLP-TXRX-G internal USB adapter with DIYPNP
  219. I want/need to buy a megasquirt
  220. AFR fluctuates wildly
  221. MS2 Closed Loop Idle Issues
  222. high idle after boost
  223. Brain built MS, Added VTPs, No Signal in TS
  224. 96 NA Base Map?
  225. Electronics are clearly NOT my specialty. MS was worky, now no worky.
  226. meth and DIYPNP
  227. DIYPNP NA6 unsolved issue
  228. AFRs Suddenly Lean on Restart
  229. idle, cold starts and battery
  230. Vtps Help?
  231. Random misses/cutouts helps me
  232. Gen 2 MSPNPs are ready to ship!
  233. ms2 maf
  234. IAT values jumping. Car running lean.
  235. I messed it up
  236. Knocklite to MS to pull timing. It works!
  237. tune boost without tps
  238. logging/autotune/comm issue
  239. BMW VTPS 6pin problem
  240. quick noob diypnp wiring question: EBC and TACHOUT
  241. Ms3 knock control hardware!
  242. MSPNP Gen 2 website is up!
  243. TPSdot threshold for EAE and AE
  244. Rear Defogger Circuit Question
  245. I get bored easily.
  246. D14 and D16 always on
  247. Diypnp tps idle issue.
  248. diypnp screwed wont start
  249. which firm ware firmware for diypnp
  250. EBC Configuration Error