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  1. Tunerstudio not recognizing WB signal
  2. MS2 advanced user near central indiana
  3. a/c idle table switch mspnp2
  4. NA Crank Trigger Wheel Setup
  5. mspnp1 turbo basemap, HELP
  6. Question about MSPNP2 for 1.6
  7. MSPNP2 3.3.0 fw upgrade (99-00) correct firmware?
  8. Need help with wideband wiring Ms2 pnp
  9. please help noob set up ALPHA-N Fueling algo, and the table values
  10. 1991 Miata MSPNP2 90-93 & AFR Innovate MTX inaccuracy in TS (Software Glitch?)
  11. MSPNP2 for 96/97 not seeing car RPMs
  12. MSPNP9093 use on 1.8 swap
  13. MSPNP2 - Updated to 3.3.0 open the basemap .msq
  14. mspnp2 failure from diyautotune?
  15. MSPNP Gen. 1 Compatability
  16. Link (94-95) to MSPNP2 (94-95 in a 96) help a noob
  17. Need help with megasquirt setup
  18. CL EBC Method to the Madness?
  19. Output on MSPNP2 for VICS control
  20. LC-1 and MS readings are way off...wired right?
  21. Car runs lean, barely idle, rpm bounces -MSPNP2
  22. Funny IAT readings
  23. Where the hell is the MAT correction table???
  24. 99 MS3 Basic - rev Built. Car slower than when on Stock ecu
  25. 92' mspnp2 A/C issues
  26. 91 AFM catapult.....MS options?
  27. DIYPNP into a 91 w/ SEQ injection & map daddy
  28. Really strange power issue with MTX-L
  29. MSPNP2 1994 BEGI S3 ISSUES!
  30. another HALP request
  31. MSPNP1 on 95 with 99 engine Questions and Map Request
  32. 97' 1.8L with GT2871R @10psi. Been running for 2,500 miles. Fuel and spark maps okay?
  33. Has anyone done a comparison report on all the various tuner options?
  34. Differences between a MS2 94/95 DIYPNP vs MS2 96/97 DIYPNP
  35. MSPNP1 Serial Cable DIN Pinout. Need Help.
  36. New MS2 installation - so far, so good
  37. MS1 with no gauge cluster won't start.
  38. Wayyy too rich. Running out of ideas.
  39. MS2PNP Assistance
  40. Tuning Help Required
  41. megasquirt runs terable regarless of ve or afr maps
  42. MSPNP not reading AEM failsafe WB
  43. Mspnp is runs:) like crap:(
  44. Help me get my car running! (MSPNP2)
  45. MAP Out?
  46. Mspnp beep no communication
  47. boost cut?
  48. MSPNP GEN1 Connection Problem
  49. AEM AFR gauge readings different from TS gauge. Which one to use?
  50. closed loop idle ineffective/random droops
  51. Just swapped over to MSPNP and car is having trouble starting/idling. Pics inside.
  52. closed loop idle suddenly screwing up?
  53. my car died while driving down the highway mspnp gen 2 in a 92 1.6
  54. Use dash CEL as a mod warning light with DIYPNP
  55. Ego switch point .. Help
  56. MSPNP9093 and Front Coolant Switch
  57. Need help with making a map
  58. installing new injectors
  59. Begi S4 MSPNP2 need map!!!
  60. Sequential, is it worth it?
  61. Open Loop Boost
  62. Vtps mspnp2
  63. MAP input sensor question
  64. Need Help setting up PNP2 on my 95
  65. LC1 issue
  66. Pulling hair out over cold start!!!
  67. Error code initializing VE analyze live
  68. MM9093 Daughter Board Schematic
  69. MSPNP Gen 2 COPS
  70. Coolant Fan not turning on
  71. Black exhaust
  72. int comunication troubles.....
  73. Need help with MSPNP first gen 1.8 turbo map
  74. Best MSPNP location for M2
  75. Braineack mspnp question
  76. ID1000 Base Map
  77. MSPNP 1.6 new setup help
  78. rescaling ve table?
  79. Tach not working MSPNP GEN1
  80. MSPNP Fried?
  81. MSPNP gen1 A/C control
  82. MSNPNP 9495 with NB high compression race engine. HELP!
  83. Launch Control Not Working In Gear With Clutch Depressed
  84. intake temperature
  85. 9093MSPNP starts then dies
  86. 9093MSPNP Tach output
  87. MS PNP on 1.6 SC miata - no start
  88. Megasquirt, 1990 1.6 with1.8L. Wiring. Swap 1.6 coils, TB, ISV, TPS vs 1.8 parts.
  89. MSPNP GEN 2 setup
  90. Megatune 9495 without maf won't open
  91. Will these things work together?
  92. Retune after upgrading 029y3to to HR10e
  93. MSPNP questions
  94. mspnp start-up problem 1993 NA
  95. need help with hardware mod for running tps on ms pnp 9093
  96. 90-93 MS II won't recognize MTX-L wideband
  97. tunerstudio giving me two warnings
  98. Stumble help please
  99. AFR and RPMs fluctuate
  100. Megasquirt idle surge and failed emissions
  101. Adjusting AFR targets but making no difference, also AEM targets in volts
  102. MSPNP w/ 560cc Evo 9 injectors??
  103. AFR wrong in TS, but Correct in MegaTune.
  104. Fast Idle how to configure?
  105. 90-93 MSPNP not working
  106. Tune was just working... Now runs rich
  107. Can someone please look at my .msq and help me with my IAT corrected air density calc
  108. Why cant I save my modified msns-extra1.ini????
  109. Can't fing log file in megalogveiwer
  110. HELP! Car only idles after TPS calibration
  111. Fan control with MSPnp
  112. different readings?lc1 gauge and dataloging
  113. Best EBC for MSPNP
  114. try install hr_10g
  115. MSpnp9495 MAP sensor problem
  116. replaced Power Transistor/igniter module - now car wont start, injectors stuck closed
  117. 1990 MsPnp turns but no start
  118. MS DIYPNP not reading rpm's
  119. MSPNP Megalogviewer Map sensor max 210
  120. MSPnP VTPS mod without attaching VTPS
  121. Noobish Boost issue
  122. Think i've killed the ignition driver
  123. Megasquirt I v3. questions
  124. MSPNP 90-93 Miata 600cc injector problems
  125. AIT attachment on 99 Miata help
  126. MAT Table Correction on MSPNP
  127. Vtps installed with issues?
  128. I cannot connect to my MSPNP and I get a message that said this could be serious.
  129. first start+cop=running lean?
  130. Idle AFR fluctuating. Cruise AFR perfect
  131. I think one of my COP's has gone bad. How can I tell if it has/which one?
  132. LC1 wiring -- To ECU or Not to ECU
  133. Differences between AFM and IAT setup with MSPNP
  134. IAT -- Which gauge template in TunerStudio?
  135. MSPNP Flat Shift problem
  136. 96-97 Specific Purge Valve Mod Question
  137. Toyota Cops Fitted And Working But No Instrument Tach signal
  138. retarded noob here... need help with fuel map
  139. Are MSPNP Daughterboard Schematics Available?
  140. 94-95 MSPNP tuners in SW Florida? plus nitrous mod question
  141. Car leans out, loses power and dies
  142. Temp sensors fustration
  143. Fuel Press in Megalogviewer
  144. MSPNP MAP sensor calibration??
  145. Looking for a 2001-2005 1.8 tune for my MSPNP
  146. IAT and wideband problems
  147. Wideband wiring into oem harness
  148. Cold weather warmup troubles
  149. Ms Pnp Cant Connect Please Please Help
  150. mspnp and wideband
  151. Please help, need a map to start out with...
  152. Idle effecting after hitting rev limiter
  153. Problem - running super rich - can't figure it out
  154. DIYPNP in stock NA 1990 will not start
  155. Converting 93 MS to work on a 94
  156. 3.5 to 4 rpm hesitation
  157. LC-1 and DB guage freaking out.
  158. launch control
  159. nOOb question
  160. Launch Control/2step
  161. MS PNP newb list
  162. mspnp resets
  163. MSPNP, won't start with 460cc injectors
  164. Car gets hot on highway and egts are hot too.
  165. TunerStudio, MSPNP, and HiRes 11d
  166. MLV does not recognize saved msq files
  167. how do i get vtps to work on 89 mod?
  168. Is this normal?
  169. Error message when loading mspnp
  170. Still can't get MS and LC-1 DB gauge readings to match
  171. Upgrade to HR_11?
  172. Pulling hair out over accel enrichment...
  173. injectors injectors injectors....
  174. IAT wiring at ECU
  175. Variable TPS installed, now what?
  176. Sometimes running VEAnalyze will lean my car out to the point where it stalls
  177. problems with AEM UEGO
  178. injector settings...
  179. After upgrading to HR_10g AFR table is 8 x 8
  180. Autotune always reads "Out of window" or "0% correction"
  181. Upgraded to 10G, do I need to run easytherm now?
  182. 300k rpm & 416 kPa.... lawl
  183. Running good yesterday, now idles at 21.99 AFR
  184. installed 4 bar in mspnp, car idles, doesnt run under load
  185. MSPNP 96-97 w/o MAF can someone review my msq?
  186. mspnp case leds light up?
  187. Idle problems after inj swap
  188. Important Compatibility Info: MSPNP on 94+ 1.6
  189. Conecting Zeitronix WB to MS PNP
  190. Sacramento area assistance
  191. went from 370's to 550's and car won't start when warm
  192. Already tuned on 305cc Supra injectors, moving to 550cc RX7 injectors: Some questions
  193. Pin 2E and 2F on MSpnp
  194. Turn Fuel Pump On/Off via MSPNP?
  195. WTF, was running good
  196. high idle-tps problem
  197. Tuner Studio - Basic Questions
  198. Adding inputs
  199. MSPNP just installed, car won't idle on basemaps, please help!
  200. How NOT to install your AEM wideband with MSPNP and other suprises
  201. Brains gunna explode
  202. making me want to punch infants
  203. which laptop software is the best?
  204. NO MAF: Novice question
  205. Another dang launch control question
  206. Looking for a good tuner to help me pass smog.
  207. is it normal or high res firmware?
  208. Getting FFS coldside kit and want some reading info on how to tune for boost
  209. how does this sound?
  210. 96 1.8 MSPnP to a 90 1.6???
  211. fuel cut vs. spark cut on MSPNP
  212. Keep MSPNP for engine swap?
  213. Overboost Protection
  214. How happy are you with your MSPNP?
  215. Is there a HOW Do out for modding MSPNP-I to MSPNP-II ?
  216. How to test the MSPNP unit?
  217. Use a PnP as a parallel ECU
  218. Boost Stutter/Hesitation Problem
  219. More cells in VE map
  220. Megasquirt and Dell PDA
  221. Supra twin turbo injectors
  222. MegaTune not opening on PC
  223. air temperature correction
  224. A few question about Launch Control
  225. Idle unstable, what to adjust?
  226. Swapping "new" 1.6 engine (2000) in a 1991 Miata with mspnp
  227. EBC issue
  228. MS likes to lean idle and part throttle cruise out over time.
  229. maps
  230. Adjusting Idle Speed.
  231. Boost Gauge Tee'ed off MSPNP Map sensor
  232. MSPNP, fuel injector limit and slight hesitation...details within
  233. Idle speed problem...
  234. can't set base timing... now what?
  235. delete the AFM
  236. Planning mspnp install
  237. 96+ MSPNP Idle Problem
  238. mshelp
  239. TPS + 90-93 mspnp blues
  240. Rev limiter not working!
  241. TPS calibration problem
  242. AE Stuff
  243. MSPNP Compatibility question
  244. ABS warning light illuminated
  245. Jack's DIY MSPNP Tuning Guide for Dummy's
  246. pnp NA to pnp Turbo ???
  247. Revs drop to 200 on over run
  248. random connectivity MSpnp9093
  249. help with wireing a 99 TPS into my 90 harness-MSPNP
  250. CrankingPW,Accel enrichment+fuel pressure